I Am the Monarch – Chapter 269 – The Beginning (5)

The youth with superb looks and aura, he was Reitas himself. He had a hut as his house as he lived through his exile.

His life as an exile was really hopeless and cruel. The hut placed next to the cliff by the ocean would have drops of water leaking inside when it rained – an old shabby shack.

But he couldn’t repair it either, as the Persion Kingdom’s soldier who guarded the way into the cliff as well as the one and only port didn’t allow it.

When it rained, he would be soaked, and when it snowed, he would be covered – a repetition of such was his life. But Reitas didn’t make a single complaint. Instead, he appeared to have become fond of the beautiful terrain of Teloi Island.

“Even then, I still get nostalgic of the Capital Castle of Altus sometimes.”

A laughter left via the window. His two eyes were still glued to the rough waves of the Norton Seas, with the smile still hanging on his face.

And yet, his atmosphere had changed. He naturally crossed his arms before giving out a small sigh.

“A guest after so long, I don’t even know how to react.”

It wasn’t clear who he was talking to. Within the shabby hut, there was only Reitas present, no, that was how it appeared.


“Your mana should’ve been sealed but your senses are still as sharp as blades.”

A low, heavy voice echoed from the shadows. Reitas lightly replied with his eyes still gazing outside.

“Might’ve lost his claws, but a tiger is still a tiger.”
“Really? You’re still a tiger? In my eyes, I think there’s only a cat though?”

The low voice became clearer, and at the same time, a man appeared from a corner of the cabin with a black robe covering his face. It was hard to tell his identity.

Only now, did Reitas turn his head to stare at the black-robed man.

“Afraid to show his identity in front of a cat, does that mean you’re a little rat?”

They were slow but sharp words. But the black-robed man replied in a calm voice as if he didn’t care at all.

“If thou art still a tiger…”

His fingers pointed outside, more specifically, to the south.

“Do you have the confidence to run wild once again?”

Reitas made a smile in response.

“That, you can check later with your own eyes. But more importantly…”

His eyes sunk deeply.

“Do you have the confidence to take me outside the cage?”

Power was etched into his voice. The black-robed man who had been staring quietly at Reitas slowly pulled his robe down.


The hood was pulled back as the man’s appearance was laid bare, and Reitas’ eyes trembled slightly.

“You weren’t human, huh.”

It was something he hadn’t expected. The man in black robes replied with an apathetic expression.

“We shall take you across to the other side of the ocean.”

As soon as his words had finished, a group of men in black robes appeared from behind him. Reitas made a strange smile as he looked at them.

“If it’s you, perhaps it’ll be possible.”

A surprisingly calm voice. He stared directly at the man in black robes standing before him with eyes filled with curiosity. Silence had filled the room.


Reitas soon waved his hand.

“Let me apologise if it made you displeased. It’s my first time seeing so even now, I’m finding it hard to believe.”

The smile on his lips deepened further.

“To think there are dark elves in front of me…”

Men in black robes.

Their identity was the ones who had hid themselves behind the dark shadows a long time ago, the dark elves.

<The Beginning (5)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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