I Am the Monarch – Chapter 270 – The Beginning (6)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 270: The Beginning (6)

Innovative announcements continued.

First, the old fashioned, and somewhat casually done military organisations throughout the war had been reorganised. Organisations that had been complicated with several groups mixed in were made clear and straightforward.

The military was largely divided into the Central Army and the Provincial Armies, with the latter consisting of the North, East, West and South Armies. Up to here was not much different to Rinse Kingdom’s but the responsibility and authority of each army was greatly increased.

Each Provincial Army consisted of 5 divisions, and each division had 10 regiments under it. There were roughly 1000 in one regiment with each regiment commander receiving the titles of Deputy Leader and the Commander of 1000 men. Likewise, division leaders received the titles of Leaders along with Commanders of 10000 men, and starting from Commanders of 10000 men, they were allowed to refer to themselves as Generals.

The commander of a Provincial Army received the title of Commander and were allowed to refer to themself as a Great General.

The Central Army in charge of the Capital Castle of Mediasis, along with the previous Count Lancephil’s land and Miller Castle area in the north had the same reorganisation as the Provincial Armies.

Thus, the Amaranth Kingdom had formed a thorough military organisation. With units ranging from 50000 to 10 with the Commanders, Leaders and Deputy Leaders looking over them.

Of course, these weren’t the only armies. Apart from 1 Central Army and 4 Provincial Armies, there were Special Corps namely, Lancephil Corps, the Tale Corps, Rinse Corps, as well as others including the Amaranth Navy which had been reorganised into the size of a corps.

Also excluding the special regiments, soldiers for border security and direct soldiers, the normal soldiers of Central and Provincial Armies had been organised to be of different sizes during the times of norm, danger, and war through the difference in commands.

The slaves that had taken part in the war for the throne had been raised up to normal citizens and those who were willing to fight for the kingdom in the future had been promised freedom. The owners of the slaves were also promised some rewards should that happen.

In fact, Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom had planned to gradually reduce or get rid of slavery with their policies. There was human rights as well but more than anything, it was because it would lead to more profits.

If slaves were to earn freedom, it would aid in an increase in tax and military numbers.

Other than the normal soldiers, the knights, Taemusas, mages, druids and the likes of these elite forces had been organised into troops and were rightfully located into their fitting places within the Central and Provincial Armies.

And on top of this, the Great Strategist position supporting the entirety of the kingdom’s forces with tricks and strategies had been created.


In response to Roan’s call, Austin who had been in charge of proceeding the ceremony replied in a loud voice. He quickly approached the front of the throne and kneeled on one knee, as Roan looked straight into his eyes.

“Austin, I assign thou to the seat of Commander of 50000 men and the Commander of the North Army.”
“Y, your majesty!”

He lowered his head with a flush. A worthless low-end soldier had finally risen to the position of a commander, but that wasn’t the end.

“Acknowledging thou as one with special-grade accomplishments in founding the country, thou will be a Count over the castle of Fides.”

Austin let out a small shout. He then screamed his guts out with an expression that could burst into tears at any given time.

“I shall give my utmost loyalty!”

The voice filled the throne room. Roan continued by giving Austin the land previously owned by Duke Webster.
Next was Semi.

“Semi. I assign thee as the South Army’s Commander as the Commander of 50000 men.”

Of course, that wasn’t the end for Semi either.

“Acknowledging thou as one with special-grade accomplishments in the founding of the country, I give thou the position of a Count along with the Castle of Impasse.”
“I shall give my utmost loyalty!”

Semi likewise swore his loyalty with a scream. He who was a deputy of the Tale district which was a land of exile of the Rinse Kingdom had now become a Count and a Great General. It was truly a baffling situation.

The allocation of nobility and compensations continued. The East Army would continue to be ruled by Baron Arron Tate, the original commander. He had been acknowledged as a third grade performer in founding the nation, and his previous baron status had been increased to viscount with an increase in land.

Harrison was allocated as the Commander of the Western Army and being named a special-grade achiever in the founding of the nation, he was given a Count position along with some land and the Castle of Inpec.

“Kukh, t, thank you very much.”

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