I Am the Monarch – Chapter 270 – The Beginning (6)

He received the royal command with the royal seal in tears.

It seemed like a dream. He who had been dying away as a lowly spearman which didn’t even fit him, had become a Great General commanding fifty thousand men.

‘If his majesty hadn’t found me and given me a bow back then…’

Harrison would’ve been limited to a spearman in the various wars and died without knowing the cause.

‘He is a benefactor, a benefactor of my entire life.’

He could sacrifice his life if it’s for Roan. Harrison lowered his head once again before returning to his position.

The ceremony continued.

Brian Miles had been allocated the position of Central Commander with his actions also being acknowledged as special grade, he was given the position of a count.

Despite his family stopping him, Brian had left the Viscount Miles’ family and had followed Roan, who had merely been a regional baron at the time, with all his heart. As a result, the violent mana that had been threatening his life had become stable and along with a cool title of a Berserk Knight, he had become a count of the new Amaranth Kingdom.

‘Father, my choice was indeed not wrong.’

Brian made a strong fist.

The Miles family that had just been one of the many viscount families had jumped to a count family thanks to Brian who they had disdained.


Roan’s words continued. Next, was Walter who had pointed his sword to his father for faith and justice.

“I assign thou as the Leader of the Tale Corps along with the title of Commander of 20000 men.”

Tale Corps Leader was a level above other Leaders and was classified as a Commander of 20000 men.

“Acknowledging thy efforts as the first-grade accomplishments in founding, thou shall receive the title of viscount along with the Castle of Newells.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Walter lowered his head while supporting the ground with one hand. Replacing the Owells castle which he himself had discarded, he had received a castle of Newells.

“You have endured well and have fought well.”

Roan bit his lips as his eyes reflected Walter’s loose left arm. Walter returned to his seat in tears.


Next was Baron Bernard Landingham’s turn. He was the one who had been under Io Lancephil and fought till the bitter end against Count Chase with the Lancephil Guardian Army he created.

“I assign thou as the Special Corps, Lancephil’s Leader as well as the Commander of 20000 men. Acknowledging thy efforts as second-grade accomplishments, I give thou the status of a viscount, a land north of the previous Count Lancephil’s land and Landingham area as the land.”
“I thank Your Majesty.”

Bernard lowered his head.

Although he couldn’t make much achievements throughout the war, due to his bitter fights with his life on the line, the war with the count had taken longer which Roan had used to rise onto the seat of a count.

Bernard could be called as a person who had created the opportunity for Roan to rise to a higher place. Baron Andre Mold who had formed the Lancephil Defenders with him had been given the Leader position of Special corps, Grain, along with the title of Commander of 20000 men.

His position likewise was raised one step and was assigned a viscount along with a huge responsibility of subduing and watching over the monsters of Grain Mountain Range.

Things continued.


The security officer of Castle Mediasis who was busy without even the time to blink, Pichio had attended today’s ceremony. He was kneeling in front of the throne.

“Thou shall be the Leader of the Defending Army of the Capital City protecting Castle Mediasis and the surrounding area, a Commander of 30000 men. Also acknowledging thy efforts as a first-grade, thou shall be a viscount with Castle Ropol under your name.

Pichio was different to other generals.

He had to be wronged as a traitor as he went into the opposing army and had to endure for a long time without complaint.

Roan acknowledged that greatly.

“Thank you.”

Pichio barely answered in his teary voice. He couldn’t believe it – he who had been a scorned soldier guarding the gates of Kingdom Istel had become a general protecting his nation’s capital.


In response, Pichio returned while Glenn walked forward.

“Thou shall be the Leader of Amaranth Trainees with 20000 men under your command. Acknowledging thy efforts as second-grade, thou shall be given a viscount position and the Castle Boil.”
“It, it is my honour.”

Glenn lowered his head and trembled his body. Roan looked over him kindly and whispered.

“Thanks to you trying your hardest at the backlines, we were able to fight at the front without worries.”

A soft and warm voice.

His words were true.

Thanks to Glenn taking care of new soldiers as the one in charge of Amaranth Trainees, they were able to fight on and on without worries.

Roan’s warm thanks had broken Glenn into tears.

Roan lifted his head and gazed at the generals standing aside. His eyes reflected bright light.


To his low voice, Pierce who had been standing straight walked up and kneeled on one knee.

‘I would love to raise him up greatly but…’

He let out a small sigh inside. Pierce’s actions towards the end of the war was great without a doubt, but his addition was extremely late in comparison so it was impossible to give him the same compensations as others.

Besides there was something else he had asked Pierce to do.

“I assign thou as the Leader of the Rinse Corps and a Commander of 10000.”

Rinse Corps was a special corps in charge of the Rinse Special District with Castle Mill in the middle. Of course, Castle Mill itself was under the Central Army’s area so in times of caution or war, they would be placed at the front lines.

‘Leader of the Rinse Corps should be able to let you stay next to Katy Rinse.’

He made a small smile.

“Acknowledging thy efforts as second-grade, I shall give thee a viscount status as well as Castle Newman.”

Newman was a castle given to Pierce during his previous life. Roan gave the same castle to him.

“Pierce. There will be more things to do in the future.”

His voice was calm but his gaze was hot.

“I need your help.”

Roan highly valuing Pierce was made evident.

“I will be a spear fitting Your Majesty.”

Pierce lowered his head and spoke with sincerity. It was only thanks to Roan’s consideration and help that he was able to become a disciple of Viscount Rail Baker to learn and train on the best spearmanship. It was now time to use that for Roan.

Roan gave a light smile and nodded his head.

He believed in it.

No, he knew it.

He knew that Pierce would have great achievements in the upcoming war and battle.

Afterwards, along with Elva Dionell and Sith Wiggins, the compensations for the 12 Hatchlings who had helped Roan, and Higgs Porter with his great achievements during the war with Rinse Kingdom continued.

Thanks to the persuasions of Roan and many officials, Elva and Sith who had been planning to retire to their hometowns were both placed as the Leaders of the Kingdom’s Knight squads.

Other than that, the Hatchlings that had survived were also named Leaders and Deputy Leaders of various knights squads according to their achievements.

Viscount Higgs Porter was given the original Porter land along with some land on the South and were given the title of Deputy Commander of the East Army. To the new Great Strategist position Ian Phillips was assigned as per everyone’s expectations with his rank equaling a Leader’s, with 10000 men under.

In addition, Argens’ Director Chris, and the Troop Commander of Tenebra, Keep each received a castle called Taylor and Lander. The Castle Taylor allocated to Chris was the same as the one he had been given in his previous life, and Castle Land given to Keep was the name of a warrior who had went down in the battle against Orc Warrioness Violin, Lander, a long-time friend of Keep.

Chris and Keep were both acknowledged as first-grade contributors, receiving the treatment of a Commander of 30000 men above a Leader.

Evicion that had originally been founded and personally controlled by Ian was still placed under the direct command of the Strategist.

Lastly, the Leader of Amaranth Navy was given to Daiv who had been together since the founding. He too was acknowledged as a first-grade contributor, receiving the title of viscount along with Castle Perr. Perr was also the name of Daiv’s hometown by the seashore.

After the end of the compensations of the military officials, it was now the turn for the government officials. The Amaranth Kingdom had also greatly changed the government system similar to the military organisation.

The kingdom’s system was largely divided into the Administration and the Legislation with each guarding against the other. The Administration would manage most of the tasks regarding the administration of the kingdom with dedicated teams of human resources, education, skills, magic, compensation, supervising, business, justice, foreign affairs, etc under it.

In regards to the hierarchical positions, there was the total supervisor of the Administration, the Administrator, with directors below that, and state officers and officers at the bottom.

The Legislation was literally creating and managing the laws with it being divided into the Nobles Conference and the Citizens Conference. The Nobles Conference consisted of landed nobles within the kingdom, and the Citizens Conference had citizens that had been chosen from each district by the people.

Firstly, the right to send in bills was only given to the Nobles Conference but the Citizens Conference had the right to thoroughly consider this and deny.

Naturally, the final decision was in the monarch, Roan’s hands.

But if a bill was fully agreed on by both the Nobles and the Citizens Conferences, then even Roan wasn’t allowed to casually refuse it.

The surprising thing was that both the military reorganisation announced earlier and the administrative system change all relied on the numerous books left by Clay. Clay himself had died brutally due to his worthless greed but the legacy left behind had become the foundation for the Amaranth Kingdom.

“I assign Swift to the position of Administrator.”

Everyone nodded to Roan’s words, as he was the government official with the most eye-catching achievements throughout the war.

“I acknowledge thy first-grade contributions and give thee viscount position and the Castle Clock as a reward.”
“I will continue to support the kingdom with all my heart.”

Swift softly lowered his back. If compared to the military positions, the administrator position would be slightly lower than a Commander but above a Leader, similar to a Commander of 30000 men.

Following that was the Legislator in charge of the Legislations. The people’s eyes gathered. Depending on the perspective, it could be said that the department with the most authority in the kingdom is the Legislations.

Roan smiled lightly and opened his mouth with a calm voice.

“The first Legislator will be…”


They looked on.


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