I Am the Monarch – Chapter 270 – The Beginning (6)

At an instant, everyone turned in search for Onil. He who was the director of human relations in Amaranth Kingdom, who showed off his superb skills and personality, had perhaps thought today’s compensations and rewards would have no connection to him – he had been sitting at a corner of the room.

He quickly came to things after receiving the falling gazes of countless people.


Along with a low murmur, he quickly paced himself and stood before the throne.

“Y, your Majesty. Legislator is a position too big for someone like me.”

He carefully gave his opinion on one knee, but Roan made a smile as he shook his head.

“There’s no-one more fitting than you.”

A certain voice.

“Onil. Acknowledging thy first-grade contribution, I give thee the position of a viscount and Castle Cliford.”

He let out a quiet shriek and trembled his body. Roan still wore a smile as he gazed at him.

“Onil. As the first Legislator, I wish you could try your best and give our kingdom a rigid structure to develop on.”

Onil couldn’t even raise his head but raised his voice in reply.

“I will only give my bestest!”

He couldn’t believe it. Originally, he had just been a steward taking care of the visitors coming to Roan’s mansion, and yet now he had become the leader of a large department that could become the blood and bones of a kingdom.


Clap clap clap.

Rounds of applause escaped from the surroundings. Onil looked around with some surprise evident on his face.

The clapping people were all ones that had received compensations in this session of rewards no matter large or small. Or rather, they were all those who had risen to their positions thanks to Onil’s selections and recommendations.

They believed in Onil’s capabilities.

If it’s him, he would be able to carefully examine both the nobles and citizens and complete his duties as a Legislator without fail. They themselves were the living proofs. After all, they were officials who had received Onil’s recommendations to rise and make great contributions.

“Thank you everyone.”

Onil returned to his seat with a thrilled expression.

Roan who had been overlooking that soon resumed the rewards. The large and small compensations continued for three straight days. It was made with care after care to make it as fair and just.

Finally with state officials marking the end, the compensations had ended.

Roan stood up from his throne and gazed around. The people all had signs of flushes on their faces. They were facing a new beginning for themselves – new names, titles, positions and land… That meant a life different from their previous.

That was the same for Roan.

‘It’s yet another beginning.’

Finally, it was time for the first step as a king of a nation, a monarch of the Amaranth Kingdom.

It was the beginning of a great walk.

<The Beginning (6)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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