I Am the Monarch – Chapter 273 – Incognito (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 273: Incognito (3)

The fierce flames painted the mountains red.


Moans of pain flowed out from all sides as people collapsed onto the ground.

“Kuuk. W, who the hell are you guys!”

A middle-aged man kneeled and bellowed. His face revealed by the red flames showed he was Gave, the leader of the Gave Thieves.

‘W, why is this happening!’

He was full of anger. At the same time, a sense of powerlessness and fear had suppressed his shoulders. He had bad luck the entire day.

‘During the day we went trying to steal from Urth village and got massacred by some insane bastard.’

The only saving grace was that he had been able to survive it. However, when he was about to have some rest after returning to his main base in the mountains, some uninvited guests arrived.

Hundreds of men with black robes. They used their ghost-like movements to massacre through the Gave Thieves’ main base.

A complete annihilation. Most of his subordinates had been killed and only a dozen or so had survived. Even that dozen was one step away from losing their lives.

‘M, monsters…’

Gave stared at the black-robed men surrounding the main base. Them standing straight with arms crossed gave off a powerful pressure.

‘I, I can’t die like this.’

He felt a sense of emergency.

‘T, there’s no other way.’

Biting down hard, he decided to rely on his last resort. He forced his body up and scolded in a large voice.

“You bastards! Do you know who I am?!”

An edgy voice echoed through the entire mountain.

“I am the younger brother of this land’s lord, Baron Gates Borg! In other words, a noble of the Amaranth Kingdom! If you kill me, Roan, His Great Majesty will not let you off! Do you get it? You scums!”

It was a surprising truth. The leader of the thieves that had been assaulting Baron Borg’s lands was actually the baron’s younger brother.

‘Kukukuk. They must’ve been surprised.’

Gave wore a confident expression.

‘No-one knew I had the blood of Baron Borg flowing inside.’

Baron Borg.

The current family leader, Gates Borg had received the evaluation that he had no particular skills, but was fast at reading the situation and good at dealing with people. According to Argens, when Gates surrendered to the Amaranth Kingdom, he had emptied his storage to give the people all the goods and food which was most probably an act that had taken Roan in mind.

At the start, Baron Borg had supported the first prince Simon, during the war for the throne. Later they went with North Rinse Kingdom but when the war started to tilt away from their favour, they immediately changed to Roan’s faction.

Thanks to that, they had been acknowledged as fifth-grade contributors during the compensations and were allowed to keep their previous land and position.

‘Brother pretended to be a good noble and had emptied his possessions but those weren’t his true thoughts…’

Gates was in fact a very greedy person. If it wasn’t for Roan, he would’ve set a heavy tax onto the citizens and taken lots from them.

‘That’s why I’m taking things from the citizens instead of my brother.’

Before, Gates and Gave didn’t have a good relationship. Gates was born from the main wife while Gave was a child of a maid.

In other words, they were step-brothers.

The greedy Gates had never liked his step-brother who he might have to share the family’s authority and goods with. In the end, Gave had no other choice but to leave the baron family before even reaching adulthood.

The name ‘Gave’ was also something he had given himself. His real name had been Rodem, a name he had long forgotten.

But thanks to being from a noble family, he was able to read and write while also being able to control mana to some extent so he had gotten some fame under his belt as a mercenary. He had fought in countless battles and had contributed quite greatly during the war for the throne and the founding of the Amaranth Kingdom so he had risen to a seat of a centurion back then.

After the war, he had brought in all the soldiers that had fought with him to form the Gave Mercenary Squad. It was then, that he had received a letter from his step-brother, Gates.

‘He said if I snatched the goods off of his own citizens, he would give me my own share.’

To allow Gave to act without any disturbances, Gates had intentionally moved the army to a different place. The patrol squad in charge of the area was also given false alarms and complex orders to keep them busy. Thanks to that, the Gave Thieves had been able to steal without a worry in the world.

The older brother would take care of the younger and the younger one would steal for his older brother, and thus, their brotherhood was deepened.

Like father, like son, except with brothers.

“I’m saying it one more time, but I am the younger brother of Baron Borg. I have the blood of a baron flowing in me!”

His words gradually carried more strength.

“If you kill me, our majesty wont’ stand still!”

Gave continued to mention Roan. It was to scare the opponents away with the name Roan. It was then.


Along with a calm voice, a young man appeared. It was Roan with his soft, innocent face and yellowish travel clothes.

“Y, you are?!”

Gave widened his eyes and screamed. He had an expression of disbelief.

“Did you think you could run away?”

Roan made a light smile.



The hundreds of black-robed men all got down onto one knee and lowered their heads. It was extremely uniform, giving off an intense aura.

“Hi, hiik.”

Gave swallowed in empty air and fell on his bum. Roan slowly paced towards him before eventually standing in front of Gave.

“The lord and the thieves were in cahoots, huh?”

A sharpness resembling a blade was etched into the voice.

“Should I hear more of that story?”

A cold light was carried by the gaze. He was planning on pulling out all the rotten roots starting from today, and Gates and Gave was the starting point.


“Urgent news! Baron Bonte has defected as well!”

The urgent voice of the messenger filled the tent.


A young general stood up from his seat and started spitting out profanities. The generals seating there all had frowns.

“Betraying as if they had been waiting for it…”
“Waste-like scums.”

Their eyes gathered to the centre. At the end of their gazes was a young man in deep thoughts. He was Pershion Kingdom’s second prince and the only one with the right for succession, Manus Pershion.

‘Half of the nobles had gone to the other side…’

His lips hung a bitter smile.

He had believed that the country was being managed properly.

He had believed that he had earned the trust of the nobles.

He had thought that everyone became one under the flag of Pershion like what Manus himself had believed in.

But as soon as Reitas Pershion had escaped Teloi Island and entered the Capital Castle of Altus, everything had changed. The nobles he thought had trusted him all betrayed Manus and had defected over to Reitas’ side.

Especially the old noble families with long histories all supported Reitas with only a few generals and new rising nobles on Manus’ side.

“Sir Prince. At this rate we won’t be able to do anything.”

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