I Am the Monarch – Chapter 273 – Incognito (3)

Romils Hotten who had rushed back from the northern coasts suggested with a resolute expression. He stared straight into Manus’ eyes.

“There’s a need to gather all the forces. Let us go to Viscount Splus’ land.”

Viscount Ander Splus was a key supporter of Manus. Even whilst Reitas was expanding his territories with Capital Altus in the centre, he was dedicated in supporting Manus.

Viscount Splus’ territory was located on the South Eastern area of Pershion Kingdom with lots of supplies and munitions available. There was nowhere better to gather the required force and supplies than there.

Manus gave a short sigh.

“Can’t be helped.”

He slowly stood up from his seat and stared at the faces of several generals.

“Relay to everyone. We will head towards Viscount Splus’ territory.”
“Yes. We understand!”

The generals lowered their heads and replied in a powerful voice. Like that, the nobles following Manus all headed towards Viscount Splus’ territory. And exactly two days after that, an army of thirty thousand with Reitas Pershion in the lead had left Castle Altus with dignity.

“Prince Reitas, will it really be okay?”

An old noble, Count Gorman Williams asked carefully. Reitas that had been in the lead made a light smile.

“Are you worried?”

Gorman rapidly nodded his head in response.

“Most of the powerful nobles are on our side but Prince Manus’ forces are nothing to scoff at either. There’s news that it easily exceeds fifty thousand.”

His face had an evident sign of worry, and that was the case for all the surrounding nobles as well. However, Reitas was full of leisure.

“Whether it’s above fifty or hundred thousand doesn’t matter. I will definitely be victorious.”

A voice filled with certainty. He looked towards the South East with a strange expression.

‘Manus, I did warn you that you would one day regret if you kept me alive.’

But Manus had ignored his warnings and had kept him alive.

‘Are you regretting right now?’

Reitas shook his head.

‘No, you most likely wouldn’t… because that is what Manus would do.”

His eyes shone brightly.

‘That’s why, this battle will definitely be my victory.’

Reitas kicked on the horse and it neighed strongly before rushing forward. The countless nobles, generals and soldiers followed behind. And after exactly four days, one news had caused a commotion inside Pershion’s palace.

[Prince Reitas Pershion defeated Prince Manus Pershion!]

Mere 4 days.

It only took 4 days for Reitas to defeat Manus and take the entire kingdom under his control.


Capital Mediasis that had kept its peace since the founding of the Amaranth Kingdom had been roused like a poked beehive.

It was because the Taemusas of the Tale Special Corps under Viscount Walter Owells had assaulted a noble’s mansion within the capital. The agents of Tenebra as well as officials under the supervising department of administration had taken part in the attack.

Due to the sudden event, many nobles, and officials within the capital became nervous.

“Y, you bastards! I am a noble of the kingdom! A noble!”

A middle-aged man screamed as he was pulled outside by the Taemusas. And Walter, who was in red uniform appeared from behind them.

“We are well aware. Baron Gates Borg.”

A calm voice was carried by the wind. The middle-aged man in the hands of the Taemusas was Baron Gates Borg who had been staying behind in the capital to give out bribes.

“Uh?! Y, you are…”

Gates made a nervous expression before Walter. Unlike normal Taemusas, Walter was a noble with a status – a viscount which was a higher position than himself.

“Viscount Owells. W, what is all this about?”

He had an innocent, clueless expression, but Walter replied shortly with a rock-solid expression.

“Rodem, Gave.”

As soon as his words ended, Gates’ two eyes widened themselves.


He lost all the energy in his legs and collapsed onto the floor. Walter glared at Gates for a while and gave a gesture to the Taemusas, having them take Gates outside the mansion.

That day, there was an official announcement made under the name of the Administrator of the Amaranth Kingdom. It explained in detail, the dirty tricks and truths behind Baron Gates Borg and the Gave Thieves.

Gates had been deprived of his position and land under Roan’s name, with his status lowered to slaves and sent to the mines. Gave who had actually participated in killing and stealing from the innocent citizens had his head cut off. In addition, the ones who had received briberies from Gates had lost their titles and positions and were either sent to jail or exiled from the country.

Lightning-fast punishments. And a firm conclusion.

The citizens, nobles and the rich had all fallen into a large shock. People rejoiced in the punishments of nobles that thoughtlessly stole from them, while the rich and the nobles that had still continued doing dishonest transactions behind the backs had once again realised that the world had changed and had to think twice.

It was natural, as the Administrator, Viscount Swift Clock had announced that he would not let go of those that stole from the citizens, or received bribes. To achieve this, the intelligence squad, Tenebra and the small supervising department under administration were merged to form a powerful Department.

It was named Tenebra Supervising Department, with the first Minister being Keep Lander, the previous leader of Tenebra. Their duties were on searching for the evil acts and corruptions of nobles and officials and their punishments.

Of course, it was unannounced to the world, but this measure was only allowed thanks to Roan’s incognito inspection. But that wasn’t the end. The incognito inspection continued, and various things were constantly changing and being developed albeit slowly.

The Amaranth Kingdom was becoming a better nation day by day.

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