I Am the Monarch – Chapter 273 – Incognito (3)


“Finally, I have arrived.”

Standing on top of a hill, Roan gazed down on the village located right under. It was a fairly large village with fences and watchtowers.

‘Purrand Village.’

Except for the fact that it was quite large for a countryside village, there was nothing else special about it. But there was a reason why Roan was still able to clearly remember about Purrand Village.

‘Because of the Monster of Purrand.’

Roan thought back on his previous life and made a hazy smile. The giant that had reigned over the battlefields with his two body-sized axes.

‘He is right here.’

He was one of the personnel that he wanted to recruit first.

“Then shall I go meet…”

When his words reached that point.


Roan made a small frown and looked towards the east of the village. Thanks to Kalian’s Tears, the faraway scenery appeared clearly as if it was right before him.

“Was I a little late…”

A regretting voice and expression. Roan breathed in deeply and kicked off.


A strand of light from above the hills went down.

<Incognito (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Hmm… I wonder how is Roan gonna react the moment hears the news about Manus. And it seems like Amaranth kingdom wont get any rest right before the Crusade…

    Thank you for your hard work.

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