I Am the Monarch – Chapter 274 – Monster of Purrand (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 274: Monster of Purrand (1)

The Great Warring Period.

It referred to the period of a great war with all of the nations of the continent involved. But in truth, there was no-one who clearly remembered the start of the period.

The most convincing theory was that it was due to an increase of recruitments of personnel from the royal families, nobles, the rich and the ones with powers, as well as the consecutive successions of kings and emperors of many countries happening at the same time.

In the previous life, the Great Warring Period knew no end and continued endlessly. A horrible period without an end. But paradoxically, the civilisation of humans had greatly developed at an amazing speed during the Great Warring Period.

It was because countless talents had appeared.

Roan Lancephil stared at the giant in front and made a light smile. The man had a height two times larger than his own with a build resembling an ogre. His head was similarly massive but had an unfittingly innocent countenance. Large eyes, a nose the size of a fist and the enormous mouth made one think of a cow’s face.

This young man was the Monster of Purrand called the executioner of the battlefields. He was one of the talents that had shone brightly during the Great Warring Period.

As soon as the youth’s eyes met Roan’s he quickly lowered his head. It was a shy appearance, unlike his body.

‘Is this young man really the Monster of Purrand, no Urbank…’

It was his first time seeing Urbank like this and the one in his memories was a tyrant roaring through the war.

But he wasn’t surprised.

‘I did hear that he was very obedient and shy during his slavery…’

It was because he had heard several rumours during his previous life already. While Roan was thinking of this and that, an elderly man suddenly approached and tilted his head.


He was the owner of Urbank who was still a slave, Tian.

“I’m a wandering merchant, called Roel.”

Roan quickly lowered his head with an amiable smile.


Tian made a slightly surprised expression and soon looked behind him. A middle-aged man standing next to Urbank walked up with a frown.

“A wandering merchant so wouldn’t be under any Merchant Guilds.”

He had a guarded expression and voice, and suddenly put his right hand out.

“Lard of Siera Merchants.”

While making a wide smile, Roan grabbed onto Lard’s hand. Even from the light handshake, he could tell Lard’s alertness from within.

‘This man is the future leader of Siera Merchants.’

Roan knew him well.

He had to.

In the previous life, Lard was the leader of Siera Merchants as well as a noble, and a general who had led many battles to victory as the owner of Urbank.


‘The problem is that he is not from the Rinse Kingdom and is from the Byron Kingdom.’


Lard was a merchant of Byron Kingdom and Siera Merchants as well as was a guild under the Byron Kingdom. He was only a leader of a small travelling group within the guild right now but was someone that would later be a leader of the guild.

He led his group between the Byron and Rinse Kingdom as he sold various items, during which he had coincidentally discovered Urbank in Purrand Village and had taken him to Byron Kingdom.

After arriving at the Byron Kingdom, Urbank was trained as a fighting slave, before eventually following Lard into various battles and becoming known as the executioner of battlefields.

The executioner of battlefields, Monster of Purrand, Urbank was from the Rinse Kingdom but had become famous as a general of Byron Kingdom.

‘To the allies he was like a nightmare…’

Roan shook his head as he stared at Urbank who was facing down. In this life, he didn’t want to have him taken.


“You seemed to have an interest in my belongings.”

Lard had an unamused expression as he stared at Roan. Being a merchant, he was a person with great intuition and knew that Roan was interested in Urbank as soon as he had appeared.

“Your belonging?”

Roan made a curious expression that didn’t seem to follow and looked around as if in search of an object. Lard scoffed and pointed at Urbank.

“I have already purchased this.”

A bold expression and voice.

But as soon as he finished those words.

“Hmm, what do you mean? I don’t remember selling yet?”

Tian made a light cough and interjected.

‘Oho. This wandering merchant seems to be interested in the monster too?’

He made a cunning smile.

‘If there’s a fight between merchants, I should be able to sell it at a higher price.’

His thoughts ran wild. The person who had become urgent due to the unexpected situation was Lard.

“Sir what do you mean by that? Did you not just agree to sell this to me?”

Lard argued in a loud voice but Tian widened his eyes and shook his head.

“Hah, please. I was just negotiating the price. I only said that I would sell anytime if it was a suitable price.”
“But just now you definitely said…”
“Hey look. I have not received a single penny. Look.”

Tian threw his arms wide open and spun around in his spot.


Lard bit down on his lips.

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