I Am the Monarch – Chapter 274 – Monster of Purrand (1)

‘Damn a mere countryside old man…’

He quickly understood the old man’s thoughts.

‘This is all because of that wandering merchant. I have to use more money because of him.’

Lard turned around at Urbank. The more he looked, the more appealing he appeared, and his sharp intuition screamed at him.

[Buy! Buy! Buy!]

His body screamed.

‘This is a must buy’

Lard collected his breath and stared at Tian. His previous unhappy expression was changed to a bright smile.

“How much do you want for this?”
“Well that’s something you should be offering…”

Tian rolled his eyes and made a strange expression. He didn’t live through all those years for nothing. Lard had a bitter smile inside and whispered.

“I’ll give you 2 gold.”

Normally, a male slave with a good build would cost around 1 gold.

‘A price unthinkable for a wandering merchant.’

He was planning to kill Roan’s momentum from the get-go. Lard thought this price would be enough to have him walk away.

‘And yet why…’

With a glance towards Roan, he could see an extremely calm and relaxed expression, as if 2 gold was nothing. It somehow made him anxious.


On the other hand, Tian showed a slight smile and nodded his head. It was a satisfying price and he would’ve accepted it immediately if it was any other day. However, today was different. There was still another merchant.

He turned over towards Roan.

“Are you also interested in this guy?”

Roan replied with a bright smile and nodded.

“Of course.”

As soon as his words finished, Tian and Lard’ expression both greatly changed. Tian’s face was filled with a bright light, while Lard’s expression was full of discontent.

Tian waved his hands with a wide smile.

“How much do you think this thing is worth?”

His voice was filled with expectation. Lard glared sharply at Roan while even Urbank who had avoided eye contact slightly raised his head.

But Roan shook his head.

“I’m not trying to buy a thing.”

Tian had a frown and tilted his head.

“Didn’t you say you were interested in this guy just then?”

Roan gave a light nod.

“Indeed? Are you trying to mess around with me? You have interest but won’t buy…”

When Tian was up to that point, Roan gazed at Urbank and continued his next words with power.

“I’m not interested in a thing but I am in that person.”

Not an object,
But a person.

Roan had wanted to properly convey that point, not to Tian nor Lard, but to Urbank.

‘I don’t think of you as a thing.’

The slavery within the kingdom minimising and policies intending to end slavery was due to this way of thinking. Roan turned over towards Tian.

“I will buy that person’s freedom.”

A brave and clear voice.

Tian asked carefully while feeling slightly strange.

“H, how much are you planning to buy it at?”

Roan stared quietly at him before giving a short reply.

“5 gold.”

In that instant.

“5, 5, 5 gold?!”
“5 gold!”

Tian and Lard screamed with their eyes wide open. Even Urbank who had been glancing sideways at Roan made a surprised expression.

“5 gold for one slave. It seems you’re not sane. No, in the first place I question whether a wandering merchant like yourself could readily take out such a sum. Don’t tell me you’re lying?”

Lard faced his doubtful eyes at Roan with a glare. Tian also nodded his head with exaggerated movements and agreed.

“If you’re trying to make fun of me please stop.”

5 gold was a price enough for five able male slaves and was an amount that even a farmer of a huge farm couldn’t use without a second thought. More than anything, it was too large of an amount for a shabby-looking wandering merchant to have.

But Roan shrugged his shoulders with a bright smile.

“It is not a lie, nor am I planning to make fun of anyone.”

He searched for something from within his clothes and soon took out a leather pouch. Untying the string at the very top, he put his fingers into the pouch and soon, a few clean gold coins came out.

It was exactly five.


Tian let out a cry at a trance. His two hands trembled.

‘I’m in luck! Great luck!’

It felt like his life that had previously been in the dirt was now in the open winds. Tian’s rushed expression faced back at Lard. His eyes questioning whether there would be more negotiations were transparent.


Lard turned his hands into large fists and stared at Roan.

“Roel was it?”
“Yes indeed.”

Roan made a light smile and nodded his head, to which Lard replied with a scowl.

“Will be impossible for you to become a good merchant. 5 gold for a slave. That’s not how you should be doing things.”

His low voice dug through the eardrums. Roan gave another smile and whispered in an even softer voice.

“Rather than a good merchant…”

The smile deepened.

“I want to be a good person.”

The wind carried his calm voice across.

“How dare this…”

Lard was angered into spewing profanities but soon closed his mouth. Then, he glared straight at Roan before stepping back.

“I’ll see you later.”

Lard decided to give up on the trade. His sharp instincts still screamed that he must buy Urbank but his pride as a merchant did not allow it. He did not want to dispute with a mere wandering merchant.

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