I Am the Monarch – Chapter 274 – Monster of Purrand (1)

“Old man, too much greed brings harm. Be careful from now.”

Lard looked straight at Tian and growled his words out. ‘Sir’ had become ‘old man’ and his tone resembled a blade.


Tian gave a little cough and avoided his eyes and Lard once again glared at Roan before moving his feet. When Lard went far enough, Tian faced Roan and made a subservient smile.

“Kuhum, then shall we continue…”



Roan cut his words off with a strange voice and expression. Tian couldn’t continue his words and had to stand still staring at Roan. Roan took in a deep breath.

“Do you know of the announcement made by the palace?”
“Announcement? You mean the various things made under his majesty’s name?”

Tian asked back with a questioning expression, to which Roan replied with a nod. Tian felt the tip of his nose tingling and continued his words.

“Well, I did hear about it. I can’t seem to remember it too well but… why that all of a sudden?”

He still had an uncertain expression. Roan replied with a calm voice and a wide smile.

“Among the various announcements was some details regarding slaves.”

Tian asked back and soon nodded his head.

“Right there was that. The slaves that had fought in the war being given the freedom and becoming normal citizens – I think it was something like that?”
“You’re right, but that wasn’t the end.”

Roan scratched his chin and continued.

“People that made an innocent person a slave without proper procedures and people who traded those slaves while knowing that would be punished heavily by the law. It included things like that as well.”

It was a law to stop captives of the war and refugees who had lost their houses from being targeted to slavery.

“W, was there something like that?”

Tian asked while being slightly startled.

Roan slowly nodded his head.

“Indeed there was something like that. Thanks to that there was an increase of people who had used dirty and vile methods to make innocent ones into slaves quickly trying to get rid of those illegal slaves.”

Because of a new law, the original owners of slaves had received large hits. This was something that even Roan and the kingdom had not expected.

Tian murmured with a pale expression and his eyes had nowhere to face. Roan stared quietly at Tian and raised the pouch of coins.

“Will you receive this?”

A calm voice.

Sharp eyes.

Tian looked at both Roan’s face and the coins before eventually lowering his head.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

He couldn’t easily find the next words, but soon, he breathed out a deep sigh and shook his head.

“I, I won’t receive the gold coins.”

His voice trembled towards the end.

Tian picked up the plough that had been on the ground before hurrying back into the village. It was sudden but Roan was not surprised at all and stared at Tian who was getting further away with a bitter smile.

‘At the start, Urbank was not a slave.’

Urbank’s original identity was that of a citizen but when he was 10 years old, his parents had been attacked by monsters and had lost their lives. At this time, Tian who had been close to his parents had picked him up and raised him, but that was not due to pity.

He treated Urbank who had been strong and large since his younger days as a slave, not as his friend’s son, and had made him handle lots of manual labour.

‘He had made an innocent person a slave for over 10 years.’

A friend’s son at that.

During that, Roan’s announcement was made public and he would’ve been nervous before Lard suddenly appeared. This part was different from his previous life but the result was pretty much the same. If Roan had not passed by during this time, Urbank would have followed Lard like the previous life over to the Byron Kingdom and become the executioner of battlefields to have Rinse, no, the Amaranth Kingdom suffer.


Roan breathed out a deep sigh. His eyes turned towards Urbank who had been constantly giving glances. Urbank was startled and quickly lowered his head.

“M, m, my name is Urbank.”

A low, heavy voice just like his body. Roan nodded his head.

“I want to start talking immediately but…”

His eyes glanced over beyond Urbank. On the grassland that became empty after Tian had left, there was now a group of another bunch.

‘I knew it.’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips, as he had predicted this would happen.

‘Lard, you were an extremely greedy person in your previous life as well after all.’

The person that had appeared along with the new bunch was none other than Lard. Large mercenaries appeared and lined up behind Lard.

“Roel, I’ve come to take my belonging back.”

A sharp voice dug through his ears but Roan made a bitter smile and shook his head.

“There’s nothing here that belongs to you.”

Lard frowned in response and scoffed.

“Hmph! Rude bastard! Too much greed brings harm to oneself.”

It was the same sentence that he had said to Tian. Roan looked towards Lard and the mercenaries with a whisper and answered back.

“That phrase…”

His two eyes reflected brightly.

“I’ll return it right back at you.”

<Monster of Purrand (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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