I Am the Monarch – Chapter 275 – Monster of Purrand (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 275: Monster of Purrand (2)

“Look at this guy’s size, man.”
“Is he human?”
“Isn’t he half-monster or something?”

The mercenaries that had contracted with Lard’s travel merchants watched Urbank and clicked their tongues. They were stupefied by the massive size, but they weren’t scared.

“Size isn’t everything, kukh.”

With scoffs, they lined up in front of Urbank – they didn’t even take Roan Lancephil into account.

“If I can’t have it, then I can’t hand it over to anyone else either.”

Lard faced his vicious two eyes at Roan and Urbank. He had judged that it was impossible to capture or make Urbank submit from the start. Rather, he didn’t have such thoughts due to his pride.

“Kill them all!”

He bellowed with all his heart.


The mercenaries took large swords and axes out with cruel smiles hanging on their lips.


Urbank stepped back with an extremely scared expression. He had superb build and strength, but was still only a fainthearted coward.

“Kukuku! Die, you monster!”

They laughed hideously and kicked off the ground.


With his two arms, Urbank guarded his face and shrank down. In that instant, Roan who had been watching over the situation lightly waved his hand.



Along with a large sound made by metal, their swords and axes were broken apart.


Seeing their empty hands made the mercenaries gulp, with their eyes naturally pointing towards Roan. Roan waved his hand with a smile as their eyes met, and on his face, there was a tender expression that seemed out of place.


The mercenaries became anxious and faces turned rigid. Lard was no different.

“Wh, wh, what…”

He couldn’t even form a proper sentence.

‘I, it just flashed once…’

That was all he saw.

During all that turmoil, Roan that had been standing still turned towards Urbank.

“Mr. Urbank.”

He made a surprised expression at the low voice calling his name.

“H, how did you know my na…”

Surprise was evident on his innocent face. Without caring about that, Roan continued his words with a calm voice and expression.

“You are now free, no-one’s slave. You can do whatever you want, however…”

Roan stared directly at his two eyes.

“You must now protect your own life and freedom yourself. Well, at least you should try to.”

He pointed at Lard and the mercenaries.

“If you give up without trying, then your freedom will be taken once again and you will become a slave. If you’re always sitting back waiting for someone to help, then that means you don’t have the qualifications to be free.”

There was now power entering his voice.

“Are you fine with spending more miserable days as a slave? Kneel before them again, and be treated inhumanely as an object?”
“Th, that’s…”

Urbank’s two eyes fluttered greatly as they faced Roan and the mercenaries.

“Mr. Urbank is not an object.”

Roan made a tight fist.

“Show it to them – that you are a proud human and the same existence as all of us.”

Gulp. Urbank swallowed his nervousness inside, and opening his shrunk back, he looked at Lard and the mercenaries.

‘I, I am a proud human as well…’

Roan’s words filled his head, but then.

“W, what stupidity! Slaves are not humans! They are objects! How can a monster like that be human?!”

Lard gave a large shout to which the mercenaries agreed with a nod.

“Right, to say we’re the same as the likes of slaves…”
“Once a slave, forever a slave.”

In that instant where sarcastic comments flew around,


The silent Urbank broke into a roar. That almost resembled the screams of an ogre and their skin trembled in response.

“T, this crazy bastard! What ‘no’!”

One of the mercenaries standing at the front shouted and ran towards Urbank. Instead of the broken axe, there was a little dagger hanging on his hand. The man thought, no matter how ogre-like he was, he was still a human.

‘Made of skin and blood!’

He was planning to stab at the vitals in one flash, but…

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