I Am the Monarch – Chapter 275 – Monster of Purrand (2)

“Don’t come!”

Urbank swung his right arm with a cry.


The mercenary that had been running with vigor was turned rigid like a statue before the large palm facing his way. And then…


Along with a terrible sound, his body flew up into the sky, and like a piece of feather he flew up before crashing down. The bones in his neck, ribs, arms and legs had all been broken as the orifices on his face turned into shacks of blood.

The mercenary that crashed down did not make a single movement. Dead – the moment he was hit by a palm, his life had come to an end.


To the unexpected result, Urbank was greatly taken aback as he looked at his palm. It was his first time killing a person, and strange, complicated feelings filled him up to his throat.

“T, this crazy…”
“Monstrous bastard.”

The leftover mercenaries glared at Urbank and spewed out profanities. Witnessing Urbank’s herculean strength made their legs turn into statues and Lard couldn’t escape from having the same thing happening to him.

‘Damn, I knew I had to buy it. It was a must-buy item!”

He was still full of dirty and hideous thoughts. Then, Roan, who had been nearby, approached and talked to Urbank.

“Perhaps this was your first time?”

It wasn’t a question on murdering experience. He continued with a smile.

“Fighting against the unreasonable, that is…”

Indeed, it was something to be congratulated for. Turning his head, Roan faced the other mercenaries.


Almost instinctively, their hands reached into their waists, and took out the daggers they carried for emergency situations. But none of them moved carelessly – no, they couldn’t move, as they had been completely suppressed by the pressure Roan gave off.

And then,

“What are you doing!”

Lard who had been slightly further away was the quickest to come into his senses, and screamed.

“Kill! Kill!”

He screamed as if there was a demon inside him.

“Damn it! Whatever!”

The mercenaries that had been trembling away bit down hard and sprinted at Roan in a kamikaze attack. In that instant, Roan’s right hand flashed rapidly.


Strands of light divided the space. And


Moans filled with pain dug into the eardrums. The mercenaries that had no choice but to charge now rolled and filled the ground, and were in situations that wouldn’t be strange if they were to lose their lives immediately.

“I, impossible…”

Lard’s legs lost their strength and he collapsed onto the ground.

‘I, I couldn’t even see it.’

He had no idea why and how they all fell down.


His teeth shivered and hit itselves, as a tremendous sense of powerlessness and fear crawled in.

“P, please let me live.”

Going on the floor, Lard barely had his words form a shout, but Roan replied slowly with a shake of the head.

“Too much greed brings harm.”

It was something Lard had said to Roan.


Lard gave out a low murmur. He raised his head to look at Roan, but saw Roan’s right hand slowly moving.

“N, no! Please…”

His words came to a stop as a flash appeared before him. That was the last thing he saw in this world.


His head fell on the ground. He who had been urged by endless greed had lost his life in that manner. Turning his head, Roan looked at Urbank.

“Are you okay?”

To the casual question, Urbank responded with a dazed look.

“You are now free, is there anywhere you could go?”
“N, no.”

He quickly shook his head. There was neither a place to go, nor anyone he knew. Suddenly, he lowered his head with a kneel.

“Master, no, benefactor, I would like to follow you.”

The loud voice smacked at the ears but Roan shook his head with a disappointed expression.

“Sorry but you can’t. I have lots of other things to do right now. Instead…”

Taking out a small envelope from within, he handed it over.

“If you feel like it, would you like to head over to Castle Mediasis? There’s a place called Amaranth Training Squad there.”

As if he was possessed by something, Urbank readily accepted the envelope. Roan’s words continued on.

“It is a place that is well suited for Mr. Urbank. Give it some thought and if it’s okay, try heading there once.”
“The Amaranth Training Squad…”

He repeated the same word several times in a small voice. Roan looked at that and emphasised once again.

“Do not forget, Mr. Urbank is now a free person. Just because I said it doesn’t mean you must go there. Everything is your choice, okay?”
“Yes? Ah, yes. I understand.”

Urbank slowly nodded his head, but he had already made a decision.

‘Let’s head over to Capital Castle Mediasis.’

He didn’t have anywhere to go, and since he was going to leave the village anyway, he wanted to go to the biggest city of the kingdom. And for some reason, he liked the word Amaranth Training Squad a lot. Roan stared at his resolute two eyes and waved his hand.

“Then shall we part our ways here? I’m heading towards the kingdom’s North-West region.”

Urbank made a surprised expression in response.

“H, how do I contact sir benefactor? I would like to definitely return the favour in the future.”
“If it is meant to be, then we will definitely meet again.”

Roan shrugged his shoulders with a wide smile but Urbank wore a serious expression and nodded.

“I, I’ll be at Castle Mediasis. I’m bigger than others by a lot so I should be visible from afar. If you see me then please shout my name – Urbank of Purrand.”

Roan gave a bright smile and nodded.

“I’ll wave my two hands left and right and shout Urbank of Purrand 5 times.”
“Yes, please, please do so. I’ll be waiting.”

Urbank once again gave a bow. After staring at him for a while, Roan waved his hands a little and carried his feet. Urbank likewise watched that before eventually carrying his own feet across. The two of them faced their own directions and diligently walked on.

It was a short separation.



Beldrica, the pope of Devesis Church sat on top of an ornamented throne and gave out a strange laughter. He was smiling but his two eyes had sunk in deeply, and the cardinals lining up beneath did not dare to raise their heads.

They knew that Beldrica was extremely angered right now.

“Is there still no progress?”

A light, casual question, but none of them could give an answer.

“Tch, tch, tch.”

He stood up from the seat while clicking his tongue, and immediately, young valets approached and held the long ends of the holy gown up. Beldrica carried his feet and stood in front of the men. He then bent his back to stare up at the cardinals’ faces that had been facing the ground.

A cold gaze scanned through their faces.

“I have to call these kinds of guys cardinals and assign tasks to them…”

A warm breath fell on them.

“We have no words, sir, holy pope.”

The cardinals bent their backs further down with their heads still facing down and trembled their bodies. With his wrinkly hands, Beldrica patted the back of several cardinals’ heads.

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