I Am the Monarch – Chapter 275 – Monster of Purrand (2)

“It can’t be helped. I must move personally.”
“By personally, you mean…?”

With surprised expressions, the cardinals slurred the ends of their words and Beldrica replied in a whisper with a small smile.

“I’ll open the Inquisition Office.”
“I, Inquisition Office!”

The cardinals opened their eyes wide with expressions that showed astonishments larger than before. The Inquisition Office was a subsidiary department under the Church that only operated during special situations.

Including the Head Officer in charge, it was an elite squad with only 30 people in the department. They would receive complete authority in dealing with heretics from the pope, and had the duty to guard the Devesis Church.

‘In other words, they would blame the royal families and nobles that are opposing the church as heretics and persecute them…’
‘With one mistake, it might end up as a large war between the Church and the Empire.’
‘These periods of reading the atmosphere are pretty much finished now.’

The cardinals shook their heads with pale expressions. As soon as the Inquisition began, a full scale fight would begin.

“As the Head Officer of this Inquisition Office, I’ll assign it to Great Priest Vaint who is currently active in the South region of the Empire.”

In that instant, small murmurs left the cardinals’ lips.

‘Great Priest Vaint…’
‘The holy pope is planning to completely cut down the empire’s opposition with this chance.’
‘That devil-like Vaint is becoming the Head Officer of the Inquisition…’
‘A storm of blood will go through the Capital, no, the entire Empire…’

Loads of worries filled their bodies, but that didn’t mean they could go against Beldrica’s wishes. They all rapidly lowered their heads.

“We shall follow the holy pope’s words.”

In response, Beldrica made a satisfied expression and nodded.


A bizarre laughter filled the audience room. On that day, the Inquisition Office was opened under the pope Beldrica’s name. To the sudden announcement, not only the Estia Empire but also the Church had become extremely rowdy. And on that very night, coincidentally the three young knights that had been opposing the Church had been named heretics and had their heads cut off with their hearts divided.

Several nobles that had been on the opposing side of the Church immediately broke out into a rebuttal. However, the other nobles that were together with the Church said there were no problems and in fact showed their agreements to the Inquisition.

The Estia Empire had become separated into two with the Church and the Inquisition Office forming one side. It was the beginning of a full-scale battle of authority.

And that had given birth to a completely unexpected incident.

<Monster of Purrand (2)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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