I Am the Monarch – Chapter 276 – The Child of Tallian (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 276: The Child of Tallian (1)

[Roan, are you really going to sleep here?]

Flying across the sunset, Kinis chattered. Her reddish, purple coloured skin had become slightly darker.

[It is somewhat romantic sleeping on the ground but…]

Kinis clicked her fingers on the sky, and suddenly


A purple flame appeared on her fingertips. Making the flame bigger and smaller freely, she moved it around the air. She appeared to be enjoying it very much but it was an extremely surprising scene as she was a spirit of water freely manipulating fire.

Roan broke into a grin from that scene.

“You now became a spirit that can’t be stopped with both fire and water.”
[This is all thanks to you.]

She replied with a pout. Kinis was no longer a normal spirit of water, and was the only spirit that could control both fire and water. Although she had been confused at the beginning, now she had accepted it and was in fact satisfied by it.

[Because I am me.]

Kinis flew high up into the skies with a bright smile, and Roan gave a similar smile as he gazed at that scene


Seeing her bright appearance also made him feel good. And besides, it was possible to have an outlook at a new possibility through Kinis.

‘Reid and Biate, the powers of fire and water could be added to one.’

A not-so-easy level, but if he could achieve it, then he would reach an unprecedented level that no other humans had ever laid their eyes upon.

‘I’ll try it at least.’

Kinis had been able to do it, so it should be possible for him as well and such confidence had filled him up.


[Roan! You felt it as well?]

Kinis gave a frown, and Roan replied instead with a nod. His five senses turned sharper.

‘Someone’s approaching.’

And it wasn’t just one or two.

‘At least 10.’

His sharp, sensitive ears even picked up the sound of steel rustling past steel – it was the sound of armours moving around.

[I’ll be returning then.]

Making an expression that showed her disinterest in troublesome things, she waved her hand. Roan gave a bitter smile and nodded.


As soon as she disappeared, a group of men appeared from behind the dark hills in the distance.


Roan’s two eyes flickered with light. The members of the group appeared quite strange while the young white-skinned man in the lead appeared impressive. The clothes on his body appeared baggy and it seemed that it was because he was extremely skinny.

Behind him were an old man entering his later years, an old lady, a young man and two young women following his lead. They all wore brown-coloured, clean uniforms and lastly, there was the group of 5 men in armours appearing from further behind.

‘A variety of them in the mix.’

There was no common aspect within them. No, perhaps the fact that all of them were wearing brown uniforms could be called a common feature. Even the armoured men had brown dyes added to the ends of their headpiece and breastplate.

“There was someone here before us.”

The young man in the lead found Roan and lowered his head as he placed his left hand on his right chest. Following that, the men following from behind all greeted in the same posture. It seemed like a posture without any special meaning, but Roan who had observed that was extremely surprised inwardly.

‘These people…’

A meeting that he hadn’t been expecting.

‘Are believers of the Tallian Church.’

The greetings done by these people was the unique greeting method of the Tallian Church, and besides, brown was also a symbolic colour that represented the Tallian Church. Roan made a wide smile and lowered his head.

“I have also just arrived.”

He stabbed at the firewood. Currently, Roan was resting at a place surrounded by large trees and rocks that helped one avoid the rains and the storms. It was a fantastic place for a rest or some sleep.

‘From here to the closest village takes more than half a day.’

It was also a very small village at that and was, therefore, the reason why Roan chose to sleep outside without pushing himself too much. Perhaps that was also why this mixed crowd including the young man had found this area for comfort.


“If it doesn’t trouble you, can we rest here for a bit before setting off?”

Giving off a soft smile, the young man asked very politely. Roan gave a bright smile and a nod.

“Of course.”

As soon as his words ended, the young man and the group in brown clothes immediately gathered around the firewood with only the men in armours observing the surroundings from afar. An awkward air surrounded the space around the fire.



An embarrassing sound was picked up by the ears. Roan who had been getting warmed up by the fire made a surprised expression and faced the young man and his group. He could see their eyes facing him.

Their eyes were stuck on Roan… no more precisely, on Roan’s feet. Following their gazes, he lowered his eyes onto the ground near his feet.


A low murmur escaped. Next to his feet were various kinds of food that he had taken out from his bag.

‘They seem to be hungry.’

Roan pushed the food forward.

“Meeting like this a kind of fate, so why don’t we eat together?”

The youth gave an awkward smile and couldn’t casually respond, while the others all looked at the young man for his decision.

‘Indeed, he is the leader of this group.’

Roan deepened his smile further and suggested one more time.

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