I Am the Monarch – Chapter 276 – The Child of Tallian (1)

“I’m a wandering merchant so I usually carry a lot of food. There’s more than this so you do not need to be reserved.”
“Is that so?”

The young man carefully asked back and nodded his head.

“Thank you very much for the food.”

He still had an extremely polite voice, and attitude.

“Yes, eat as much as you want.”

Roan gave a big nod and picked up a large piece of bread himself to eat. To tell them that they didn’t need to hold back, he showed an example as he started biting large bits from it.

The young man nodded slightly to the surrounding members, who then carefully carried their hands over to the food before eating. Among them, the old man and the old lady slightly bowed at Roan before taking some food and giving it over to the ones in armours.

While that was happening, Roan wore a big smile for them to see.

‘I’m sure they’re all hungry but…’

There was no-one guzzling the food. They all took off bits from the food and carefully chewed on them showing lots of care for each piece.


“We were in so much of a hurry and didn’t even introduce ourselves yet. My name is…”

Once again giving a soft smile, the young man covered his right chest with his left hand.




A low whisper escaped unconsciously from Roan. The young man, Latio smiled a little while tilting his head.

“Is there anything wrong?”
“N, no. Something just went down the wrong pipe.”

With a bright smile, Roan waved his hand.

“My name is Roel – a wandering merchant.”

His two eyes sparkled brightly as they pointed straight at Latio’s face.

‘Latio, Latio of the Tallian Church…’

A name he couldn’t forget – but a name he didn’t care too much for as of yet. No, rather, it was a name that he thought wouldn’t matter yet during this time.

‘Why are you here?’

Currently, he should’ve been in the Aimas Union.

‘You are supposed to become the leader of the Tallian Church at Aimas Union…’

No, it wasn’t a problem of becoming a leader. After becoming the leader of the Tallian Church, he focused his all into expanding the religion, and that wasn’t the end.

‘As a result, he went up onto the seat of a pope after expanding the Tallian Church.’

Instead of the corrupted Devesis Church, they cared for the people’s lives, and until he suddenly died during his youth, he was revered greatly to the point of being called the Child of Tallian.

‘If you are here…’

Roan gulped.

‘Then what will happen to the future?’

His eyes sunk deep.


“We have broken through the siege!”
“We have broken through!”

The knights with rugged expressions shouted greatly from their throats. Exhaustion was written all over their faces but their eyes sparkled brightly in a clear light.

“We run straight like this.”

A low voice was carried by the wind. The young man kicking the horse forward at the lead was Manus Pershion with his originally silver armour covered in black blood marks.


Loud echoes of horse hooves followed from behind. There were less than a hundred knights and soldiers following Manus from behind.


“Let us go with you!”
“We have broken through as well!”
“We will follow you to the end!”

Wherever he went, groups of soldiers and knights flocked together. They all wore rugged expressions and some had lost their arms or legs. However, despite their tragic situations, none of their spirits had been broken and their clear eyes faced directly at Manus. A strong will that they would follow behind Manus till their lives came to an end could be felt.

Still facing forward, Manus shouted in a large voice.

“Everyone, I’m sorry!”

The voice clearly entered everyone’s ears. Viscount Ander Splus shook his head with a resentful expression.

“You do not have to apologise! It is not your fault, Prince!”

A burst of emotions followed and Romils Hotten nodded his head.

“That is right! It is not your fault. The enemies were too vicious, cruel and shameless.”

He made a fist and spewed his anger out.

Manus bit his lips.

‘Brother Reitas…’

As soon as Manus had arrived at the territory of Viscount Splus, he had prepared for a retaliation army. Half of the nobles had gone over to Reitas Pershion but the force supporting Manus was still nothing to scoff at.

In particular, the citizens’ support was amazing. Manus, as well as his subjects, had the confidence to suppress Reitas’ rebellion.

However, when Reitas himself took control of over thirty thousand soldiers and attacked Viscount Splus, everything had changed.

Mere 4 days. In merely 4 days, the fifty thousand-strong army under Manus had been completely defeated.

The reason was simple.

Reitas had made the soldiers he had drafted from the citizens to be at the front. In addition, he made them advance without armours nor headpiece, with hoes and ploughs in their hands.

Looking at the soldiers, no, the citizens attacking without any preparations, Manus had no other choice but to order a full retreat and just couldn’t attack them. Just like that, Manus and the nobles under him had repeated losses after another, and after 4 days, the Viscount Splus territory had been taken away.

The reason why Reias had been certain of his victory against Manus, was because he had fully understood Manus’ weak and kind personality.

‘Was I not fit to be a king in the first place…’

Manus had learned a lot from this incident.

‘I ordered for a retreat because I couldn’t attack the citizens. However, because of that, the ones following me had lost their lives instead.’

It was stupid. The place of a monarch wasn’t something that could be protected with kind words and virtuous decisions. Sometimes, to protect the kingdom and the people, they had to be able to give cruel, cold-hearted commands.

Unfortunately, Manus lacked these things.


Suddenly, screams were heard.

“The enemy pursuit has reached us!”

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