I Am the Monarch – Chapter 276 – The Child of Tallian (1)

Romils shouted in an urgent voice and Manus bit down hard on his lips.

‘If I were to be caught instead, then everyone else would live…’

When his thoughts reached that point,

“Don’t think of useless stuff.”

Ander, who had been nearby, spoke with a rigid expression. He too had understood Manus’ personality quite well and knew that he was someone that would sacrifice himself for others.

“Sir Reitas is different from Prince. Even if you surrender, there’s no way that he would let us, who had been following the Prince till the end, go.”

His voice was calm.

“Stay alive – stay alive till the end. If you give up here, then everything will be over.”

Manus replied with a bitter smile.

“But the Pershion Kingdom has already gone into Brother Reitas’ hands. There’s no longer a place to escape to.”

He looked at the faces of various nobles nearby.

“You all look for your ways to survive. I’ll go meet Brother Reitas…”

Romils, as well as other nobles, bellowed with reddened faces.

“We will follow the Prince to our last breath!”
“If Prince is to go to hell, then we will follow you to hell!”

They were ones that had stayed behind through all the life and death situations, and all of them had superb loyalties. Manus couldn’t continue his words and had an overwhelmed expression until Ander opened his mouth with a low but strong voice.

“Just as Prince has said, there is no longer a place to run to within the kingdom.”

Their faces turned dark in response, but Ander didn’t stop.

“Let’s leave the country.”


All of them had expressions that appeared as if someone had smacked them on the back of their heads. In the midst of that, Manus asked with a calm expression.


Ander replied with a short nod. The knights, nobles and the soldiers all looked towards Ander, as he faced towards South West.

“Let’s go over to the Amaranth Kingdom.”

In that instant, Manus’ two eyes trembled a little.

‘The Amaranth Kingdom… Roan Lancephil…’

Did he have to receive Roan’s help once again… he had no face, but,

‘If it’s for them…’

Turning his head, Manus gazed at the rugged and tragic appearances of his subordinates. They had been forced into the death’s grasps due to his insufficient ability and stubbornness. Manus slowly nodded his head.

“Very well.”

Strength entered his voice.

“We will go to the Amaranth Kingdom.”

He stared directly at the eyes of various officials.

“This won’t be an easy road. Will you still follow?”

As soon as he finished,


Along with the sounds of hooves, Romils as well as other nobles surpassed him and took the front.

“We will…”

A hot voice.

“Open the way to the Amaranth Kingdom!”

The escape with their lives on the line had begun. Kicking the horse forward, Manus followed, with his heart feeling like it was being squeezed tight.

‘If we survive this, and arrive at the Amaranth Kingdom safely…’

He held tight onto the reins.

‘I will definitely repay this debt.’


The sounds of horse hooves resonated the earth further, as Manus, the nobles, knights, soldiers and citizens following him all faced towards one direction.

Their destination was the Amaranth Kingdom.

<The Child of Tallian (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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