I Am the Monarch – Chapter 277 – The Child of Tallian (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 277: The Child of Tallian (2)

The Great Warring Period was when not one, but multiple wars had broken out.

Estia Empire against the Byron Empire, Byron Empire against the Rinse Kingdom, Rinse Kingdom against the Diez Kingdom, a civil war inside the Aimas Union, Pershion Kingdom against Byron Istel union, Estia Empire against Lucia Empire, the West against the East…

Countless numbers of little and large wars had continued without an end. And amongst those, one of the fiercest battles had been the Holy war – the religious war between the Devesis Church that had the support of almost all the nations of the continent, and the Tallian Church that was rising up like the morning sun.

Back then, the corrupt Devesis Church had the support of royal families, nobles, and the ones with powers, while the Tallian Church was supported by the citizens, and slaves – the powerless and poor.

Devesis Church against the Tallian Church.

The oppressor and the oppressed.

It was inevitable for the war to be violent. At the start, the Tallian Church had been in the lead. With the Aimas Union where their Central Church had been located, they had unified the kingdoms on the eastern side of the Grain Mountain Range to one. The first pope and the one referred to as The Child of Tallian, Latio, had acted as the centripetal figure.

Surprised by the immense vigor shown by them, the Church took up the elite forces of the two empires sitting on the western side of the Grain Mountain Range, Estia Empire and the Lucia Empire in retaliation.

A fierce war had begun.

During this phase, the eastern side’s Byron Kingdom and the Diez Kingdom betrayed the Tallian Church and went under the Devesis Church, and the Diez Kingdom shortly betrayed the Devesis Church again and went back to the Tallian Church’s side.

It was a continuation of a tense struggle but overall, it was true that the Tallian Church had been in the lead. It appeared like a matter of time for the Tallian Church to defeat the Devesis Church.


‘The first pope of the Tallian Church, Latio suddenly dies.’

Roan Lancephil had a bitter smile. Back then, Latio was only of the age 28, and the Tallian Church that had lost its central figure had begun a losing streak.

‘In the end, the victor of the Holy war was the Devesis Church.’

It was both a rather sudden and rapid, development and result. The end of that war however, had brought a fierce storm.

‘Their authority had become more set in stone, and they worsen from the initial corruption into a rotten state.’

The people’s lives had become more miserable and that later turned into the rebellions and protests of the citizens. It was the most brutal and tragic period in the entire period of the Great War.

Roan stared silently at Latio’s face.

‘The sudden death of the previously healthy Latio.’

Back then, there were lots of doubts and questions about it but nothing was made certain. Or rather, even if it was, Roan who was a mere spearman back then, had no way of knowing it.

‘If Latio hadn’t died and was alive…’

Many things probably would’ve been different. Maybe the Great Warring Period would’ve come to an end, with a new period of peace unravelling.

Roan carefully opened his mouth.

“Are you perhaps believers of the Tallian Church?”

As soon as his words ended, Latio’s group all faced their eyes at Roan. There was a sense of nervousness clearly visible. With a big laugh, Roan quickly added more words.

“I’m a wandering merchant so I know quite a few things. That greeting just then and brown uniforms are like the symbols of the Tallian Church.”

The group gave out low mutters but Latio showed no dismay or suprise and nodded his head with a big smile.

“Yes, we are believers of the Tallian Church.”

It was a soft yet powerful, proud voice. Roan gave a surprised look while keeping his wide smile.

“I’ve seen a few believers of the Tallian Church back in the Aimas Union but from here on the Amaranth Kingdom, it is my first time.”

He laid a bait to continue the conversation, and Latio fortunately responded in the way he had imagined.

“We were also originally staying in the Aimas Union. During that, we heard that the Amaranth Kingdom had announced the freedom of religion so we had come with a happy heart.”
“I see.”

Roan slowly nodded his head.

Historically, the one with the worst relationship with the Church was the Aimas Union. However currently, the one opposing the Church the greatest was the Amaranth Kingdom. Because of that, the Amaranth Kingdom couldn’t receive the help from the Devesis Church or their temples, thus resulting in the power of the Devesis Church being weaker there than in other countries.

It wasn’t a good situation. However, from the perspective of the Tallian Church that had been prosecuted greatly by the Church, the Amaranth Kingdom was no different to a paradise on earth.

“Then you’re looking for a place to settle?”

A furtive voice and expression, to which Latio responded with a bitter smile.

“We were planning to.”

He had a somewhat stuffy and regrettable expression. Roan frowned slightly.

“Did something perhaps happen…”

Around there, Latio bowed his head and stood up from his seat.

“Thank you very much for sharing the food and location with us. It seems that we need to move now.”

A sudden farewell. The other members of the group likewise all stood up and lowered their heads. Roan made a confused expression and waved his two hands.

“Aigo, the sun has already gone over the horizon and the nearest village is at least half a day’s walk away. At least rest here comfortably for tonight.”

It was all true. There was the fact that he had wanted to hear more from them, but it was also realistically impossible to move further as well.

“I know, but there’s no other choice it seems.”

With a short sigh, Latio once again greeted in the unique Tallian Church manner.

“Thank you for your consideration and worry. If we are meant to be, then we shall meet again.”

The polite and elegant greeting was a refusal to Roan from continuing.

‘There’s no other choice…’

He found it peculiar and was worried that they might be getting prosecuted within the borders of the Amaranth Kingdom. That was something that Roan as the monarch couldn’t allow.

“Thank you.”
“Thanks for the food.”

Latio’s group all gave words of thanks with polite and tender tones. Roan scratched the back of his head every time that happened.

“Then, may the blessing of God be with you at all times.”

After a word of blessing, Latio slowly carried his feet away as the group followed silently from behind.

‘What should I do?’

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