I Am the Monarch – Chapter 277 – The Child of Tallian (2)

Staring at the distancing backs, Roan fell into a deep contemplation. It was a situation completely different from his previous life.

‘Do I help here?’

Can the Tallian Church expand even then?

‘Or do I leave them be?’

If he did, it was highly likely that Latio’s early death would happen in this life as well. While Roan was unable to decide what to do, the group of believers including Latio had disappeared off into the hills.

Who knew how long had passed since then,


The thoughts filling Roan’s head and disappeared cleanly. It was because his sharp senses had picked up an unpleasant scent.

‘This is…’

His thoughts didn’t continue for long.


As soon as he kicked off the ground, Roan had vanished. He had once again become the strand of light separating the darkness.



The scream continued knowing no end.

“Uhuk, uhuuuk, uhuk.”

A pitiful cry similar to a death cry. The old man entering his later ages crouched down next to the bed and poured out his hot tears. Behind him, there were people staring at that scene with sympathetic expressions.


The old man screamed with his neck bending back. His wrinkled eyelids were torn apart as red blood flowed. The tears of blood travelled down his cheeks.

“Kuhk, kuhk, kuhk.”

He grasped his chest with his right hand seemingly short of breath.

“S, sir Duke!”
“Please calm down!”

Being unable to stand back anymore, they approached and helped the old man. However, the old man waved his two arms with a red face.

“Move! Move! Don’t touch me!”

Pushing everyone away, he approached the bed once again. On the bed, there laid a girl, silent like asleep. She appeared to be in her late teens with a white skin, and was an extremely beautiful girl.

“Feryl, Feryl! Feryl! Please open your eyes, Feryl!”

Not even daring to touch her body, he screamed.

“My beloved Feryl! My beloved daughter! Please, please, please…”

He could no longer handle it and collapsed.


Along with that sound, he had fallen down.

“S, sir Duke!”

The people approached and carried him up.

“Oh no!”

The middle-aged man that had been the first to approach gave a frown. It was because there was a strand of red blood following the old man’s wrinkles on his forehead. He had hit his head on the side of the bed as he collapsed.

“A, a priest! No! A doctor, call a doctor!”
“Ye, yes! I understand!”

A few young men left with urgent expressions.

“Sir Duke… look at you…”

The middle-aged man broke out in a teary voice as he stared at the old man’s face.

“One of the four dukes of the Rinse Kingdom and the head of the renowned Voisa family… Kuuk!”

He could no longer continue his words and bit down on his lower lips. The old man that had lost his consciousness, the old man that had been bleeding tears of blood just then – he was none other than Edwin Voisa, a duke of the Rinse Kingdom who had been seeking asylum at the Estia Empire.

“Duke, please regain yourself.”

He murmured in a low voice.

“You must regain yourself and avenge.”

A deep killing intent fell down from his eyes.

“The damn Inquisition bastards! They dare to put the blame of a heretic on our pretty and kind Miss Feryl!”

Rage filled him to the tip of his tongue.


His teeth were clenched hard.


Edwin who had lost his consciousness came to himself.

“Feryl, Feryl, Feryl.”

Without even opening his eyes, he repeated the name of his dead daughter.


A strand of red tear flowed past his tightly sealed eyes and from the tiny gap of his lips, vicious words escaped.

“I’ll kill you all.”

A small but clear voice. From Edwin’s opening eyes, a cold aura began to expand out. As if laying a curse, he put power into every single word and formed a sentence.

“I’ll kill all the bastards of the church.”

His hot vengeance could be directly felt.

“If need be, let alone the pope Beldrica…”

Edwin formed two tight fists.

“I’ll kill even the God Devesis.”

An intense killing intent left from his entire body. The situation had started to flow in a direction that no-one had been able to predict, in a new route free from all control.

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