I Am the Monarch – Chapter 277 – The Child of Tallian (2)


Chang! Chachang! Chang!

The sounds of steel echoed.

“Dirty assassins!”

Knights with brown dyes on the headpiece and the breastplate who had been protecting Latio were fighting against the black-clothed assassins with their teeth clenched.

“Sir Latio! Run!”
“We will block them off here!”

The knights bellowed with their hearts, but Latio himself wasn’t in a good spot either.

Paat! Pabat!

Dozens of assassins had appeared from within the space. To deal with the group that had only 11 people, with only 6 of them being knights, a group of over 50 assassins had appeared.

“In the name of god, Heal.”

Laying his hands across, he brought out his divine power.


From the bodies of the knights that had received the attacks from the assassins, bits of white light started to escape, and the deep wounds quickly came to a close.

“Thank you!”

The knight screamed loudly and kicked off the ground. His long sword separated the space and headed towards the assassins, however,


Black balls emerged from the knight’s sides. They were assassins.

Swing! Slash!

Thin blades stabbed into the knight’s body from both the left and the right.

“Kuuk. T, the sinners shall r, receive their punishments…”

That was the end. Unable to continue any further, the knight dropped his neck down. And that was the cue.

Swing! Slash!


The knights all collapsed before the assassins’ attacks. The old man, the old lady, young man and the woman as well as Latio all tried using heals and cures with their divine powers but it was far from being able to sustain against the assassins.

Without anyone realising, the numbers of the assassins had already reached over 70.

“In the name of god, Holy Arrow!”, “In the name of god, Holy Rain!”

The young man and the lady stepped forward and used offensive spells.


On the bodies of the approaching assassins, there appeared holes bigger than fingers. However, it did not stop the other assassins. They stepped on their comrades’ bodies and ran towards the man and the woman, it was as if they had no emotions themselves.

And in the end,


The young man and the lady that had expected death had collapsed just like that. Only the old man, the old lady and Latio were left standing.


With the three in the centre, the assassins formed a circle, and from the midst, a man with a massive build appeared. He was Delk, the one in charge of this mission.

“Latio of the Tallian Church.”

A low and heavy voice.

“I have come to take your head.”

Those were violent words. Latio covered his right chest with his left hand and from within his two eyes fell clear tears. Delk scoffed when he saw that.

“Hmph, crying because you’re scared?”

Latio slowly shook his head in response.

“I’m not crying because I’m scared.”
“Then why? Sad? Or do you feel wronged?”

Delk continued his questions as if he was forcing him into a corner. While hiding his tears with his hands, Latio replied in a small voice.

“I’m crying because you are pitiful.”
“What? Me? Pitiful?”

Delk scowled and Latio gathered his breath before continuing further.

“To you who only knows how to kill, this world is hell.”

His words were powerful.

“There’s a denizen of hell before me so how would I not find that pitiful?”

With warm eyes he stared at Delk, and Delk couldn’t stand those eyes.

“This crazy bastard.”

He raised his long sword and screamed.

“How am I pitiful! The real pitiful are the powerless ones that can’t even retaliate when their heads are being cut off!”

Then, he pointed his long sword at Latio.

“Guys like you!”

He clenched down hard.

“I’ll show you today who the real pitiful one is…”

When his words reached that point,


In front of Latio fell a drop of rain, no, a young man. An innocent looking youth wearing shabby yellowish travel clothes.


“W, what the hell are you?”

Delk raised a shout at Roan who had suddenly appeared, but without taking that into account, Roan turned his head at Latio.

“It must be fate to meet like this again so quickly.”

An out of place sentence, but Latio nodded his head with a slight smile.

“It must be indeed.”

It was yet another out of place reply.

“This bastard! You seem like you want to die with that pitiful bastard!”

Delk scolded with a red face. Only then did Roan turn his face at Delk, and with a wide smile he shook his head.

“I’m sorry but these people here can’t die.”

Delk scoffed with a dumbfounded expression.

“Hmph, why can’t they die?”

Cold killing intent was stuck to his voice, but Roan replied shortly with a bright smile.

“Because I have decided to protect these people.”

<The Child of Tallian (2)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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