I Am the Monarch – Chapter 278 – The Child of Tallian (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 278: The Child of Tallian (3)

‘Is this guy crazy?’

Staring at Roan Lancephil, Delk gave a scoff.

‘He’ll take care of all of us?’

He found it outrageous.

‘There’s roughly 70 here and around the area there were more than 200…’

When his thoughts reached there,

‘Uh?! Now that I think of it…’

Delk felt his face turn rigid. A chill ran down his spine and cold sweat fell down his cheeks.

‘Our brothers should’ve been completely surrounding this area…?’

No-one should’ve been allowed to approach without his orders as approximately 200 assassins had been completely surrounding this area, enough to not even allow an ant escape.

‘Then how…?’

Delk had a frown as a puzzled expression floated up. Staring at that, Roan made a bitter smile.

“There were a few bothering me along the way.”

With a light wave of his right hand, a black mask fell down onto the ground – it was the same mask as the one Delk was wearing.


Roan let out a sigh inwardly.

‘I was delayed dealing with those guys.’

In fact, it was because of a strange skill that hid people’s auras put up by the 200 assassins that he had been delayed in his pursuit. The ones taking care of them directly were the Amaranth Taemusas.

‘The ones that didn’t have to die have died.’

It was all because of that skill that hid people’s auras and presences.

‘I have heard rumours that there was a skill like that back then.’

A well-known rumour back in his previous life.

‘The Black Moon Guild.’

It was a massive assassin guild with the entire continent as its stage, but in fact, it was closer to a union of assassin guilds. They were extremely skilled assassins that were well-known especially because of a strange skill that forcibly controlled mana to cut off people’s presences.

Of course, humans controlling the natural mana was not an easy task so there were tiny leaks in between for short amounts of time. Roan hadn’t let that escape, and that was how the pursuit had carried on.

However, he was indeed late.

‘The Black Moon Guild. They had done a lot during the Great Warring Period, or rather, it was assumed that they had.’

They mostly did not leave any tracks behind and hid their identities so exactly who had been assassinated and taken care of by them were not clearly known.

People just assumed.

‘The first pope of the Tallian Church, Latio. There were rumours that he too had been assassinated by the Black Moon Guild…’

That too was yet another theory. Roan raised his head and stared at Delk.

‘From what happened today, that theory must’ve been right.’

Although the time and the method were different, the Black Moon Guild had aimed their fangs at Latio both in the previous and the current life.

‘We don’t know who requested for the assassination but…’

It was easy to deduce.

‘The Church.’

Roan gave a bitter smile and glared at Delk. He thought that perhaps he should catch him to find out who the one behind it was but soon shook his head.

‘An assassin of the Black Moon Guild wouldn’t open their mouths that easily.’

And torturing wasn’t to his personality either.

“Y, you bastard, don’t tell me our brothers…?”

Delk made a fist. With no words, Roan just replied with a nod. His soft, innocent face gave off a relaxed feeling.

“This son of a bitch!”

Spewing out profanities, Delk kicked off the ground. At the same time, more than 70 assassins that had been surrounding Roan and Latio kicked off the ground as well.

Pabat! Pababat!

The sounds of wind had dug into their ears as the old man and the old lady in front of Latio closed their eyes tight. On the other hand, Latio looked calmly at Roan, with eyes that seemed to know what was going to happen.



Roan’s two feet danced confusingly. His body blurred and strands of light escaped in all directions.

Slash! Swing!

The light strands penetrated the assassins that painted the surroundings dark, and their shadows were divided by white light.


Along with horrendous sounds, the flying dark shadows had all lost their powers and collapsed.

Kukung. Kung. Kukukung.

A cloud of dust rose up as the sound fell. Hopeless. The assassins of the Black Moon that had ran in with a fierce aura had all lost their lives without even attacking a single time. There were only around 20 including Delk remaining alive.

“Y, y, y, you…”

Trembling his body, Delk forced out some words.

“You bastard, what in the heck are you!”

Words that barely left his throat, and Roan replied instead with a wide smile. He in fact didn’t like the Black Moon Guild and other assassins too much. Instead, he hated them a lot.

‘Because of these bastards, too many innocents had lost their lives.’

The reason why the Great Warring Period had been lengthened and become complex was largely due to the Black Moon Guild. These guys killed lots of nobles and members of the royal family without regard to allies and enemies, resulting in frustrations and hatred between kingdoms, empires, and even between races.

‘I can agree to the Mercenary Guild and the Thieves Guild but you lot I can never allow.’

He would not allow assassins to wreak havoc in the Amaranth Kingdom.

“Damn! Open the formation! Fight with the resolve to die!”

Delk raised his voice and his two arms. The 20 surviving assassins ignored Latio’s group and surrounded Roan in a new formation.

‘T, that just then was because we were looking down on him.’
‘It was because we ran in too blindly.’
‘With the Black Moon’s formation, we can capture this guy.’

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