I Am the Monarch – Chapter 278 – The Child of Tallian (3)

The assassins including Delk all clenched their teeths hard. They were filled with pride and confidence in their Black Moon guild.


Along with his shout, the synchronised attack began, but Roan lightly rolled his feet and moved his right hand in response. A longsword that had been carried by an assassin lying on the ground had been pulled up into his hands, and strands of light that were sharper, and longer than before bisected the dimension.


A ruthless sound rang once. The light passed through the assassins’ bodies but no other sound was ever heard.


Even the assassins themselves had no idea what had exactly happened to them.

Tuk! Tutuk!

The arms carrying their weapons fell powerlessly onto the grounds.

Chang! Chang!

And soon later, sounds of metal could be heard. Staring at the cleanly dismembered arms, the assassins opened their eyes wide.

“I, impossible…”
“To think there’s someone with this level of skill…”

They could not continue their words any further as they had literally lost the ability to.


Their faces hidden by the black masks started being tilted off to one side before dropping onto the grounds. The only one still left standing was Delk alone.

“T, this is not in the realms of a human…”

His two eyes opened wide and he bellowed as his head and his body started to become crooked. Staring at that scene, Roan whispered in a small voice.

“I have heard that several times as well.”

A low and calm voice.

“That my skills are more like a ghost’s than a human’s.”

Those were the last words Delk had heard before his death. Within his eyes that were gradually losing its light, astonishment and admiration flashed by.

[Roan Lancephil!]

His eyes had definitely been screaming that out.

Breathing in deeply, Roan stabbed the longsword directly onto the ground.


The blade entered the ground deep. There were no more screams and sounds of steel that had been heard for a while now, and a weird quietness had covered the area.

Turning his head, Roan stared at Latio. He who had been standing behind the old man and the old lady smiled a little and lowered his head giving the unique greeting of the Tallian Church.

“Thanks for helping.”

A still polite, and elegant attitude. Smiling a little hazily, Roan scratched his right cheek.

“I heard the Tallian Church repays a favour no matter what happens?”
“Yes, that’s right. Was there anything you had wanted me to do?”

Latio asked back with a bright smile and Roan lightly gave a nod.

“It’s quite a hard request but would you like to hear it?”
“Please. As long as it doesn’t bring harm or danger to others, I will definitely accomplish it.”

He responded with a calm voice. Those were words that anyone could say, but it sounded more trustworthy when it came from him. Roan gave a bright smile that showed off his teeth.

“Let’s make a good world together.”

A proud and calm voice.

“A good world… is that something a wandering merchant and a wandering believer can do?”

Latio asked back with a soft smile. His two eyes flickered with light as if they could gaze through Roan’s disguise at his real identity. Roan lightly covered his face with his right hand from the top to the bottom.

“I’m not a wandering merchant…”

In an instant, his soft innocent countenance had disappeared as a manly face replaced it. It was Roan Lancephil’s original face.

“I’m the Amaranth Kingdom’s Roan Lancephil.”

He stared directly at Latio’s eyes.

“I’ll help you.”

With a voice full of certainty.

Carrying a small smile, Latio calmly met Roan’s gaze. Roan moved his feet until he was standing right before Latio and with a small, yet powerful voice, he whispered.

“And you, please become the pope of the Tallian Church.”


“The compensations that were meant to go to the citizens of the Plant district in the Northwest region of the kingdom were stolen by a prominent figure of the area Weiss Canom. He has quite the relationship with Baron Greg Plant, and Baron Plant knew about the embezzlement but had turned a blind eye on it. It seems that it needs some handling as well.”

Hainz, the official under the administration, and an aide of the Administrator Swift Clock, gave a report while going through several letters. Swift, who had been examining thick documents, asked in a careful voice.

“Was this one also from his majesty?”

In response, Hainz nodded his head with a face that said, of course.

“Yes indeed. Also, the several cases – Gordon area’s prominent figure illegally having the citizens be his servants, the fallen noble in the Woods area taking the citizens’ land without permission as well as the redevelopment of the Gladden area are taking more time than we initially thought…”

When his words had reached around that point, Swift clicked his tongue and waved his hand.

“His majesty is really amazing. How could he move so diligently…”

Wearing a happy grin, he called three officials.

“Set the tasks under each department following the regulations.”
“Yes, sir.”

Organising the several letters that were there, the officials soon left the room. However, Hainz, who had given the report before, had left behind.

“Are there more reports?”

Swift, who was about to return back to the pile of thick documents, asked with a curious tone and Hainz replied with a small nod before handing him a letter.

“I think sir Administrator should check this personally and take care of it. It’s a letter from Minister Chris Taylor of the Argens.”

Along with a low murmur, Swift received the letter. It was extremely rare for Chris to directly write him a letter. And when he did, they were usually tasks that could be checked and handled by the officials.

The letter was opened giving off the sound unique to papers. Words filling it from the top to the bottom were seen.


Swift let out a small sigh – the words written on the letter were outrageous.

“Have you read it as well?”
“No. There was a strict order to not open the letter by the Minister Chris Taylor.”

Hearing that, Swift lightly nodded his head as his hand waved. Hainz left after a little bow as the farewell, leaving Swift alone to re-read the letter in detail once again before closing his eyes in thought.


He heaved a long sigh.

It was a completely unexpected situation.

“I must contact his majesty.”

This was not a decision he could make, thought Swift as he grabbed a writing tool. Black letters soon placed themselves on top of the white paper.

[Your majesty, we have received contact from Duke Voisa]

That was the first line of the letter.


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