I Am the Monarch – Chapter 278 – The Child of Tallian (3)

“Whoa! A beggar! A beggar!”
“He’s poorer than us!”
“Isn’t he dead?”

Kids around ten years of age created a fuss. In the area they were pointing at, there was a young man who seemed to have collapsed onto the ground, but actually, he was lying down. Wearing a big luggage, he laid on the ground showing no signs of movement.

His face was dirty and his yellowish clothes had become extremely dirty towards the end. It was no different to a beggar, but surprisingly, he was Roan.

“Maybe he’s really dead.”
“He’s not moving an inch.”

Two boys who had the most courage stepped towards Roan with care. It was then,

“This old man is not dead.”

Roan flashed his eyes open and raised his upper body.


Surprised into screaming, the kids then fell onto the ground on their bums.


Roan was similarly surprised by the kids’ screams and shouted slightly. Roan and the kids – they looked into each other with widened eyes of shock.


“U, u, uu, uu…”

The smallest kid started making a teary expression and trembled his shoulders. It was the preparation stage before breaking out into a cry.

“Uh, uh, uh… don’t cry…”

Roan quickly waved his two hands in surprise but it was already too late.


A loud cry entered his ears.


And following suit, the other kids started crying after that one kid. At this point, Roan was at a loss.

“Guys. D, don’t cry and look at me. I’ll give you a sweet lolly.”

Due to not having the experience of lulling a child from crying, Roan’s words and actions were very unnatural. The kids’ cries continued without an end. At least that was how it appeared, until,

Dudung! Dudung! Dudung!

Sounds of drums came from somewhere, and in that instant,

“Uaaa… uhup!”

The kids all clenched down and stopped crying. Hiding the drops of tears from their eyes, they collected their unsettled breaths. It was a very intriguing and strange scene.

Roan gave a frown.

‘The kids stopped crying the moment they heard the drums.’

An incomprehensible situation.

Dudung! Dudung! Dudung!

The drums sounded slightly louder. His gaze followed the direction of the sound and found a large group going through the untidy roads, with the drums being played at the front of that group.

And following that,

Bababababam! Babam! Babam! Bababam!

A strange music was carried by the wind and filled the streets.

‘This is…’

Roan still had a frown.

‘I heard this from somewhere…’

His head started to spin fiercely. Going through the mountains of memories, he struggled to find the one that fit. And,


A short mutter escaped his lips.

<The Child of Tallian (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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