I Am the Monarch – Chapter 279 – The Dark Elves (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 279: The Dark Elves (1)

‘That music, is not a music from my memories.’

Roan Lancephil gave a frown. The feeling that he had heard of that music being played by the strange group was a mistake. However, it was not something he did not know either.

‘It’s something in the memories of the sorcerers, not my own.’

He bit his lower lips. Although he had never heard it himself, he could still remember.

‘The sorcerers that had attacked me but ended up dying and having their memories stolen…’

It was a song from their memories.

‘It’s slightly different but this is definitely…’

His face turned rigid.

‘The dark elves’ music.’

Unfortunately, that was the end of what the sorcerers had known about this. During all that, the group passed through the messy streets and slowly approached closer. The kids that had been making a fuss until just then were now lowering their heads onto the ground quietly.

It was not something that young children should do. Quickly copying them, Roan lowered his head and pulled up his five senses to the max.

The group was strange. In the lead, there was a musical group with black cloths covering their faces, with three extremely massive carriages in the middle and dozens of middle-aged men wearing black horses following them from the very back.

Raising his head slightly, Roan was thinking of closely examining the members of the group. But then,

“Mr Beggar don’t raise your head.”
“You’ll be taken if you do.”

The kids murmured in a whisper and their voices trembled slightly. It was evident that they were frightened and Roan who was about to raise his head had lowered it back down.

Babababababam! Babam! Babam! Bababam!

During all that, the group left behind only the strange and loud music and travelled further. Only then did the kids raise their heads with deep breaths.

“Fuu… we were safe today as well.”
“Just like what mum and dad said, it is the best to just lie down on the ground when you hear the sounds of the drum.”

They heaved sighs of relief. Consciously forming a scared expression, Roan asked in a small voice.

“What was that group just then? Is it like a prominent person in this area?”

The kids tilted their heads in response.

“Prominent? Prominent?”
“What’s that?”

In the first place, they did not even know the meaning of that word. From amongst the children, the one with the thickest head spoke with a tense expression.

“That’s a group of devils. They’re not from our village.”

Roan had a frown, while the kids shook their bodies.

“They’re the devils that descended down from the west mountains. After the devils visit the village, there’s always…”

Around there,

“Gretta! Come back quickly!”
“Gilbert! Where are you! Come back quick!”

Urgent voices sprang forth from all sides.

‘They’re the mothers I assume.’

And surely enough,

“I’m here!”
“I’m going now!”
“Uaaang mommy!”
“It was scary! Scary!”

Perhaps they had become relaxed hearing their mothers’ voices, the kids broke out into another cry and separated into several directions back into their houses. Roan chased their appearance from the back with a slight smile. There was no scene more beautiful than a kid following their mother’s back, but at the same time,


The words left behind by the kids were stuck in his head.

‘I should go check it.’

This Burrantee Village was located on the west most area of the Blackburn district that was located in the Northwest region of the kingdom. Turning his head, Roan stared towards the west.

‘The west mountain is referring to the Grain Mountain Range, huh…’

It didn’t give off a good feeling. Carrying the luggage, Roan slowly carried his feet. He was planning to visit a bar that was in the middle of the village or something.

But before that,


A low voice.

“Yes, your majesty.”

Without even showing up, the deputy leader of the Amaranth Taemusas, Nathan, replied in a whisper. With an extremely low voice, Roan gave a secret order.

“Chase after that group from before. If you deem it risky, then fall back immediately.”
“Yes sir, your will is our command.”

Together with the reply, Nathan’s presence vanished. At the same time, the presence of the Amaranth Taemusas that had been heavily surrounding the entire village had disappeared. Only around 10 Taemusas stayed behind to protect Roan from the sides.

After giving his orders, Roan slowly headed off towards a bar. Opening the firmly shut wooden doors and stepping inside, a fierce-looking owner glared back. Roan made the most amiable smile he could and waved his right hand, but what returned was a cold scolding.


The violent owner came in large strides and pushed Roan’s shoulder with his right hand.

“Beggars are not allowed in our bar.”

In response, Roan made a wronged expression.

“Aigo, I’m not a beggar. I’m a merchant, a wandering merchant.”

As soon as his words ended, the owner repeated another reprimand.

“Our store…”

His gaze was vicious.

“Does not welcome soliciting merchants either!”

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