I Am the Monarch – Chapter 279 – The Dark Elves (1)

In response, the lady, Beryn asked in a whisper that was extremely low.

“I heard the devils had come. Where did they go off to?”

The men frowned as soon as she finished but Roan sparkled his eyes and immediately chimed in.

“Devils? I heard they were slave merchants not devils?”

A somewhat light and excited voice. In response, Beryn stared directly at Roan’s two eyes before scowling.

“Slave merchants? Hmph, did the cowardly old men there say that?”

Placing her left hand on top of the scabbard, she stood up straight and a cold glare filled her eyes.

“They are not something like slave merchants. They are true devils.”

As soon as she was over,

“Beryn! Just stop! How long are you going to spread those wrong rumours around for?”
“Because of you, the strange rumour is all around the village.”

The men started reprimanding her but Beryn turned around and stared directly at the men. Within her deep eyes, an unhideable killing intent surfaced.

“I have definitely seen it.”

From her lips, a cold voice escaped.

“W, what did you see?”

Roan purposely acted frightened and asked carefully. Beryn turned back to him and stared directly before whispering in a soft, soft voice.

“I saw them kidnapping the kids…”

Her next words were truly horrible.

“And drawing out their blood.”

<The Dark Elves (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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