I Am the Monarch – Chapter 281 – The Dark Elves (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 281: The Dark Elves (3)

They were literally black. The uninvited guests were wearing black masks and travel clothes from the head to the bottom.

“W, what?”

Beryn stuttered with a dumbfounded expression but Roan was extremely calm and collected. These uninvited people were ones he had seen before.

‘The Black Moon Guild.’

The ones that had appeared through the grass uninvited were the assassins of the Black Moon Guild.

“We’ve finally got you.”

From the group of assassins, the man in the lead murmured and a cold killing intent escaped from between his mask.

‘Did you think you’ll be safe after touching our Black Moon Guild? Hmph’

An undisguisable sense of pride filled him up to his throat. The night would come after day and if there are sunny areas, there were also shades. Although the world’s history only recorded the bright side, there were a lot more dark stories that were not known to the public.

No, it was not an overstatement to say that the ones writing history were actually the ones acting in the shadows. At least Colbee, one of the deputy guild masters of the Black Moon Guild thought so.

‘Historically it wasn’t just one or two that had received our help to rise to the thrones of kingdoms and empires.’

Ones that had received the help of the assassins to reach the top. It was only thanks to them that they were able to leave their names in history.

Because of that, the fights for authority beneath the surface had spread down to even the assassin guilds of the continent and were never ending. And during that, dozens of large and small guilds had been destroyed, while the ones in authority carried large-scale subjugations answering the havoc they wreaked.

In that situation which would have resulted in the destruction of assassin guilds, the guild masters of 10 assassin guilds decided to stop their wars of attrition and combine their guilds to one.

‘Which was the birth of the Black Moon Guild.’

Let alone the strongest of the continent, they were also the strongest assassin guild in history and naturally, their pride was enormous. Their skills were on par with their pride as well, as they had nothing to be reluctant on, and nothing to fear.

Therefore, even when they had received a request to kill Latio of the Tallian Church, they had not been worried at all.

‘But there was the identity of the one making the request to consider as well as the possibility to be interrupted by believers of the Tallian Church so…’

They had been prepared in full.

Almost 300 assassins had been put to the request and although 200 of those were newbies that were taking their first quests since entering the guild, it was a quest that was impossible to fail.


‘Close to 300 assassins had all lost their lives.’

Colbee clenched hard.

It was a completely unexpected result.

‘We had first doubted the guardians of the Tallian Church.’

However, after investigating, they found out that all of those following Latio had died with only 2 priests remaining. Besides, those two were hiding in Castle Mediasis of the Amaranth Kingdom that was currently known to be the hardest location to lay their hands.


‘The Kaja perfume that the one in charge, Delk had sprayed was found at a completely different location.’

Kaja perfume was something made by the Black Moon Guild using the Kaja leaves that grew from remote areas to the south of the continent to use for pursuit. It was a liquid without odour, colour or flavour, but people that consumed Kaja leaves for a long time could smell that unique smell.

The Black Moon Guild relied on this to create professional chasers and used them.

“It’s that guy. I can smell Kaja from that man.”

A vicious-looking chaser flared his nostrils and pointed at Roan. Squinting his eyes, Colbee stared at Roan.

‘That beggar-looking guy killed close to 300 assassins by himself?’

It made no sense but there was a reason that made him unable to think otherwise.

‘Almost all the assassins including Delk had the same wound on their bodies.’

That meant that it was done by one person. Colbee waved his left index finger left and right.


Dozens of assassins formed a circle with Roan in the centre, and Beryn who had been nearby was surrounded as well.

‘I don’t know who you are but this time it’ll be different.’

He clenched hard. The dozens of assassins surrounding Roan and Beryn were those that were considered elites even from their guild. And besides,

‘They aren’t the only ones here.’

Close to 200 assassins were hiding nearby behind the shadows, with each of them being highly skilled as well.

‘I’ll definitely kill.’

To keep the fame of the Black Moon Guild, they had to kill him and that was also the reason why a guild master had personally stepped into this mission. Colbee stared directly at Roan.

“You must already know who we are?”

To the low questioning voice, Roan replied with a nod instead but the one confused was Beryn.

“Who? What? What’s happening?”

Realising that the one the uninvited guests were searching for was Roan and not herself, she made a frown. However, she could not get any replies as the assassins had already kicked off the ground.

Roan quickly stood in front of Beryn.

“I’ll take care of these guys so Miss Beryn can stay inside the hut…”

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