I Am the Monarch – Chapter 282 – The Dark Elves (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 282: The Dark Elves (4)

Roan Lancephil was calm, collected and his eyes reflected light brightly.

‘They’ve finally come.’

His calm yet sharp gaze scanned through the sudden guests that had appeared late. Greenish brown hair, light grey skin, beautiful appearance and tall postures – and more than anything, those eyes that shone from within the darkness were ice blue.

There was only one race in the world with that appearance, and unable to hold back, Colbee raised a scream.

“Dark elves!”


The last guests that had appeared instead of the assassins of the Black Moon Guild – they were the dark elves. The assassins including Colbee all stepped back instinctively.

‘D, dark elves are different from normal elves.’

Being the guardians of forest and nature, elves loved peace and hated fights, destruction and killing while those were the primary instincts of the dark elves. Instead of the elves, they wet their hands with blood and due to that, they were called the guardians of the darkness, or the guides of death by the humans.

‘To us, they’re like the legends themselves.’

It was because historically, the most famous assassins were mostly from the dark elves.


Colbee felt cold sweat leaving his body.

‘200 of our brothers must have lost their lives to the dark elves.’

It was easily predictable from the current situation.

‘We must run away.’

A choice made by their instincts – Colbee believed in it and made a gesture.


Close to 40 assassins kicked off the ground at the same time. However,


As if they had been waiting, together with the sharp sounds, dozens of arrows flew through the curtains of the darkness. And, those sharp tips pierced through the necks of the assassins.


The only survivor from the assassins was Colbee. Thanks to his amazing skills, he had barely twisted his body and avoided the arrows.

“I, impossible.”

He once again said the same words he had said to Roan. Collapsing on his bum, he glanced at the surroundings. It was to find the owners of the arrows that had killed his brothers, the assassins of the guild.


Soon, the grass divided and showed close to 10 dark elves from within. Without even a single armour piece, with casual travel clothes, they carried fancy black bows that were much larger than their bodies.

“M, mere 10 had massacred more than 40 of our assassins?!”

Unbelievable things happened consecutively. In response, one of the dark elves that had appeared later murmured in a bored expression.

“You’re surprised over nothing. It didn’t even take that long to take care of the 200 or so hiding inside the forests…”

Colbee let out a sigh as it was just as he had predicted.

He clenched his teeth.

‘It’s impossible to run.’

He had realised that it was impossible to escape from the hands of the dark elves. However,


A sound escaped from his clenched teeth. It was impossible to survive from this but that wasn’t enough to kill his pride.

‘I am the deputy guild master of the strongest, Black Moon Guild. Even if I were to die, I will cut their necks off for sure.’

Making a firm resolve, he tightened his fists and putting force into his trembling legs, he stood up straight.



Right when he did stand up, dozens of dark elves pointed their bows towards Roan, Beryn and Colbee.

It was a desperate, helpless situation.

“These bastards!”

He screamed and kicked off the ground.

Pibing! Pibibibing!

Sharp sounds pierced through the dimension together with the arrows. Countless arrows all headed towards the head, neck and chests of Roan, Beryn and Colbee.


Colbee swung his sword with a scream.


He showed off his skills by cutting a few arrows in halves but that was the limit.


Three arrows respectively found his head, neck and chest – a show of perfect skills.


Colbee fell forward along with the sound of blood boiling – it was a meaningless death. The dark elves made strange content smiles but soon, those smiles had been wiped off.


It was because an extremely large noise had escaped from where Roan and Beryn were standing.


The dark elves that had imagined the two to also be in the same shape as Colbee who looked like an echidna, frowned at the sudden turn of events.

Tududuk! Tuduk.

Following the massive noise, the ground in front of Roan and Beryn was raised up as the thick dirt and stones blocked the fierce arrows.


After another heavy noise, the ground had collapsed down showing Roan and Beryn once again. Roan was still smiling with a calm face while the always-relaxed Beryn was quite surprised by that and had her eyes wide open.

“Shooting arrows immediately, no manners at all.”

Roan smiled and talked relaxedly.

“Who are you?”

The dark elf standing at the very front asked with a cold rigid expression.


When he was about to introduce himself with an amiable voice,

“No, there’s no need to even say it. You’ll be dying here anyway.”

A cold voice interjected.

‘They’ve made a mess around the altar so we definitely can’t let them live.’

Rakul, someone who was quite old even amongst the dark elves made a small smile. It was troubling if the location of the altar was to be known to the world – in fact, the existence itself of the altar must not be announced to the world.

He scoffed at the corpses of the assassins.

‘Hmph, to lay their feet in the areas of the dark elves. Stupid.’

They actually hadn’t known of Roan and Beryn entering the mountains. The location of the hunters’ hut was peculiar and they hadn’t made too much of a fuss either. However, the appearance of more than 200 assassins as well as their secretive movements were things they could definitely sense, due to the sheer number and them digging through the forests.

‘Thanks to them we were able to find out that there was a hut in this kind of place.’

It was a good thing in the end. Rakul lightly waved his right hand.


Dozens of dark elves surrounded Roan and Beryn as Rakul’s eyes headed towards Roan.

‘He’s using some strange skills but is a human in the end.’

His hand moved once again.


Dozens of dark elves pulled their strings back at the same time.


Biting down on her lower lips, Beryn raised her bow up but it was pointless. At this rate, becoming echidnas was unavoidable.

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  1. Nicolas Gauthier

    I was all ready for Aily rescuing Roan. Well not as if he really needed it in the first place. The arrival of Amaranth Taemusas might be the saving grace for the Dark Elves. If they forced Roan into a do or die battle they would definitively die and one of them seems more reasonnable than Rakul, so there might be peace negociation.

  2. Code name GNetNe

    I always knew that the Taemusas we’re powerful, but not to this extent, they managed to tail, the dark elves that has skills leagues above that top assasin guild, undetected.

    Thanks for your hard work.

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