I Am the Monarch – Chapter 283 – The Dark Elves (5)

A portion of the deputy leaders screamed with widened eyes. The teleport magic was something that could never be used without a magic circle and magic stones.

“Then he’s a magician?”
“Kalian, Kalian, Kalian… I’ve heard it somewhere…”

Lots of comments started coming out of the deputy leaders.

It was then,

“Now’s not the time for this! We must first report to Miss Castellan!”

One of the deputy leaders shouted with an urgent expression and only then did the other deputy leaders realise it. They quickly wrapped up the soldiers’ training and ran towards Castle Miller. Passing through the well-maintained roads rapidly, they reached Katy’s office.

“Miss Castellan!”
“Something big has happened!”
“There’s something to report!”

The urgent reports of the deputy leaders continued for a while.


Hearing the report, Katy gripped hard onto the chair’s armrests without realising.

‘That person has left?’

Her chest felt tightened and her breath turned more frequent. She could already see Pierce’s form in front of her eyes.

“Shouldn’t we immediately send our troops?”
“Shouldn’t we send the report to the capital immediately?”
“This is pretty much an abduction!”

The urgent voices of the deputy leaders dug into her ears but Katy did not respond easily. She was calm – she had to be calm.

“Did you say the young man’s name was Kalian?”

A soft questioning voice.

“Yes. He had definitely said that.”

They quickly nodded their heads. Katy bit her lower lips. For her who had once been a part of the royal family, the name Kalian was something that couldn’t and shouldn’t be forgotten.

‘Red Dragon Kalian. That youth must’ve been a dragon.’

She could be certain. Red hair, eyebrows, irises and outrageous skills…


Remembering the old memories, she heaved out a deep sigh. Then, Katy took out a paper and a pen.

“I’ll prepare the letter to send to the Capital. The deputy leaders, please focus on the training of the soldiers, as well as defending the Rinse Special District.

It was a command.

“But isn’t it better to first find out where Sir Leader has been taken to?”

One of the deputy leaders asked carefully but Katy smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“That’s impossible.”

It was too bold and certain that the deputy leaders frowned.

“That doesn’t mean we can just stand by and do nothing. If something was to happen to Sir Leader…”

Hearing that, Katy replied in a more clear-cut voice filled with certainty.

“That will never happen. Leader Pierce will definitely be safe.”

However, the deputy leaders that were directly under Pierce did not back off easily from her words.

“I think Miss Castellan is thinking too lightly of the situation.”
“That mysterious youth had an awe-inspiring level of skills. With one mistake, Sir Leader might…”

When his words continued till there,


Katy stood up from her seat and screamed with a sharp voice.


The complaining deputy leaders all closed their mouths with surprise and their eyes were evidently filled with befuddlement.


Katy heaved out a deep breath before looking directly at the deputy leaders and continuing.

“Leader Pierce… Will there be anything happening to that person, or won’t that person be in danger… the person who’s worried the most, is me.”

Her voice trembled lightly.

“Miss Castellan…”

Seeing Katy in disorder, the deputy leaders were finally able to relax. Katy laid her right hand on her chest.

“I don’t want to think of anything horrible happening to that person.”

And if the youth’s identity was indeed the Red Dragon Kalian, there was nothing to worry about.

“Trust me. If I say it’s alright, then it is. Because I…”

Her voice trembled a little more.

“Don’t lie when it comes to that person.”

With those words, she sat back down on the chair. Her slightly disheveled appearance was nowhere to be found and had returned to her everyday self. After looking into each others’ faces, the deputy leaders soon bent one knee and kneeled.

“We apologise! Please forgive our rudeness!”

They felt Katy’s heart, and her emotions that were worried about Pierce more than anyone.

‘If such a person is saying it’s fine, then it is.’

It was impossible not to believe and now, they really believed in Katy’s words without a single doubt. While writing the letter that was to be sent to the Capital, Katy gave a nod.

“I’m also sorry for raising my voice.”

A faint smile appeared on her lips.

“Let us wait without a single worry.”

A soft voice.

“Without a single worry, without a single worry, without a single worry…”

She unconsciously repeated the same phrase over and over. Her soft voice soon turned a little lonely.


“Damn it!”
“This monster!”

The dark elves Rakul and Arikan shouted with their knees on the ground.

‘Damn. Kneeling to mere humans!’

Rakul looked around the surroundings. Seventy dark elves that had been following himself and Arikan had all been suppressed. The Amaranth Taemusas that had appeared from everywhere had immense numbers and their own abilities were excellent as well. Due to that, the dark elves were unable to retaliate to the best of their abilities and were all captured within the blink of an eye.

“Damn, to think that God of War Roan Lancephil would appear in the middle of a mountain…”

Rakul clenched as it was extremely unexpected. The Amaranth Kingdom had just been founded, and thus, thinking that the king would leave their palace – their city and travel incognito was something that had never occurred to them.

‘Are you just strange, or…’

He was worried whether they caught wind of something.

It was then,

“Why is the king of the Amaranth Kingdom in these dark mountains?”

Being more straightforward and short-tempered than Rakul, Arikan showed his thoughts immediately. Roan smiled a little and stared directly into Rakul’s two eyes.

“You should know well.”

A flawless act. He was planning to see Arikan’s reaction and indeed, Arikan immediately screamed with a crumpled expression.

“Hmph! I knew it! But you’re already late! The ritual has ended already. And the altar will be des…”

Around that point,

“Arikan! Shut up!”

Rakul was startled and quickly screamed. He was different from Arikan and even if Roan had indeed known of everything, he wouldn’t blabber about anything.


Arikan let out a low mutter as he had just realised his mistake. He stared directly at Roan. Being short-tempered and straightforward, Arikan was also an extremely prideful individual and the fact that he had been played by a mere human made him flush red.

Staring at Arikan, Roan asked in a low voice.

“What ritual are you talking about?”

Now he didn’t bother acting as he realised that the situation had changed due to Rakul.


Instead of a reply, Arikan let out a burst of strange laughter.

“Good. If you’re that curious, I’ll give you an answer.”

Rakul bellowed in surprise, but then.


Arikan bit his molar and twisted it.


Along with a heavy cough, black blood came out from his mouth. He had bitten the poison that was hidden inside the mouth.


Even whilst vomiting out black blood, he did not stop his strange laughter and staring directly at Rona, he spoke with a clear voice.

“If you want to hear, then find me in the afterlife.”

That was the end. Arikan soon lowered his head and died due to the intense poison. However, that was his finish but it was a start for others.


The captured dark elves all twisted their molars and bit it.


There was no sign of hesitation, and all of them soon bled out black before collapsing. It was too fast and secretive that Roan as well as the Taemusas could not stop anyone from doing so.


Even Rakul had already bitten on it. Similar to Arikan, even while spewing out black blood, he did not stop the strange laughter. Staring at Rakul, Roan asked with a low voice.

“For what are you dying?”

He was asking whether it was a worthy death but Rakul’s reply was simple.


Roan frowned.

“What kind of revenge are you talking about?”

Instead of replying, Rakul started speaking of strange things.

“Now that it’s come to this, don’t die and live long.”

He couldn’t understand. Roan silently waited for the next words and using all his strength, Rakul continued with an extremely weak and soft voice.

“In the horrible world of darkness filled with pain…”

That was the end.

Rakul lowered his head and couldn’t continue his words, nor his breath. Staring at the dark elves that had committed suicides, Roan frowned.

‘Live in the horrible world of darkness filled with pain…’

Rakul’s last words lingered around his ears and his heartbeat quickened for some reason. It wasn’t the good kind of blood rush though and was extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant.


<The Dark Elves (5)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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