I Am the Monarch – Chapter 284 – Dragons (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 284: Dragons (1)

“We have no words.”

The deputy leader of the Amaranth Taemusas, Nathan slightly lowered his head.

“We should’ve been a little faster…”

His face was filled with regret.

“This is not your fault.”

With a faint smile, Roan shook his head and at the same time, his deeply sunk eyes glanced around the area.

“I can smell something disgusting… sir.”

Beryn who had been standing next to Roan gave a frown due to the disgusting odour touching her nose. Nathan’s report continued.

“We had succeeded in following the mysterious group into the Grain Mountain Range. However, the roads were unmaintained and strange, and for some reason, their appearances and presences had suddenly disappeared. After all the combined efforts of the Taemusas, we had succeeded in finding this altar but as you can see, it was after everything had been destroyed.”

He once again lowered his head and Roan gave a slow nod. As Nathan had mentioned, pieces of rocks and branches were randomly placed with all of them shining greasily in a reddish black colour. That was the cause of the disgusting and horrible smell.

‘Blood. An extremely large amount at that.’

Roan closed his two eyes shut. Something hot filled him up to his throat – that was rage.

‘That dark elf called Arikan talked about altars and rituals.’

Although he didn’t know the exact details, an uncomfortable horrid thought filled his head.

‘Miss Beryn said that she had seen the slave merchants taking out the hearts of the kids…’

All the circumstances connected like cogs. Roan opened his closed eyes from which a deep red light shone.

‘A ritual with humans as sacrifices was held.’

He still couldn’t be completely certain as to what this ritual was for. Pouring mana into his eyes, Roan’s vision was coloured gold.

‘As expected… the flow of mana was manipulated.’

Focusing on Kalian’s tears, he stared deeply at the empty ground and the places where the altars had been. After the altar had been broken the flow of mana in the surroundings were returning to normal so there was a need to hurry a little.

‘They had installed something around this empty plot of land and its entrance.’

Roan moved his feet to a place where the mana didn’t dare to stay and tried to avoid. And then,


A low mutter escaped his lips.

‘Why is there…’

It was an unexpected situation and his face turned slightly stiff.

‘This is definitely a sign of sorcery.’

The reason why the mana in this area had flowed unnaturally was due to the powers of sorcery.

‘I was too lax.’

Roan clenched his teeth.

With the death of Sorcery Master Hestle, he had thought that all the sorcerers around the kingdom had been killed. Even if they were alive, he thought they would’ve been hiding themselves thoroughly or that they would have escaped the country.

‘To think they were committing atrocities deep inside the kingdom.’

He was angered by both the sorcerers and himself. The thing that was more annoying was that even from within his memories of the sorcerers, there were no information on the locations or whereabouts of other sorcerers.

‘I must actively use the Argens and the Evishun.’

Turning his head back over, Roan stared at the altar. It was to look for any other traces that could be there but he couldn’t find any signs of sorcery from around the altar. Instead, there were signs of the magic that was presumably used during the explosion of the altar.

‘The explosion might have erased the signs of sorcery.’

Roan kept several possibilities open.

“There’s not much remaining.”

After a short mutter, he heaved out a deep sigh.


Hearing the low voice, Nathan approached and lowered his head.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Staring at the remains of the altar, Roan ordered in a low voice.

“Organise the altar well and make a grave. I’ll console the spirits of the sacrificed ones.”
“Yes sir. I’ll follow your command.”

Together with his reply, Nathan quickly made gestures and the Amaranth Taemusas quickly neared the altar. During that, Roan walked towards Beryn who was blankly standing alone.

“Miss Beryn. Are you okay?”

To the soft question, Beryn made an extremely surprised expression. Awkwardly she followed what Nathan and the other Taemusas had done by lowering her head.

“Y, your majesty. Please forgive the discourtesy from the past.”

Roan shook his head in response.

“I was the one being discourteous as I had approached hiding my identity.”

He glanced towards the altar.

“It wouldn’t be a pleasant memory, but I hear about the story about that girl called Grace?”

Along with a short cry, Beryn collapsed onto the ground. As she was a hunter herself, she had clearly known what the red marks left on the remains of the altar were. With her head lowered, Beryn slowly opened her mouth.

“There’s nothing much. It’s just I heard that Grace had been sold away to the slave merchants…”

Her story wasn’t very complex or rather, what she had said back in the bar was pretty much everything. After the bastards that pretended to be slave merchants killed Grace and took out her heart, they had disappeared into the deep mountains. Beryn who was familiar with the surrounding areas had quickly started her pursuit but the guys then vanished.

‘It must be due to the sorcery.’

Roan stared silently at Beryn.

“Miss Beryn.”
“Yes your majesty.”

Beryn lowered her head unknowingly. It was because of the tender dignity that warmly embraced her entire body not some kind of pressure. She was lowering her head on her own accord.

“I was amazed by your talents. Will you please use those talents for the Amaranth Kingdom and the citizens within?”
“T, talents? Me?”

She asked back with slight puzzlement. Of course, it was true that she was one of the top hunters of the village but she, who had never left onto a larger stage, did not realise how great of a talent she had.

Roan wordlessly nodded his head as Beryn repeatedly opened and closed her mouth. And soon,

“The bastards that had made that horrible and evil altar are still alive right?”

Roan once again nodded while Beryn formed a tight fist.

“If I go together with your majesty, can I destroy those garbage-like bastards with my two hands?”
“Of course.”

Roan replied shortly. Beryn’s face turned brighter devoid of worries and she nodded her head without hesitation.

“Then you can use my shallow talents however you want. I wish there were no more victims like Grace appearing.”
“Wonderful thinking.”

Roan made a faint smile and stared at Beryn’s two eyes directly.

“Then let’s go with me to Castle Longfort around Inpec.”
“Longfort near Inpec…”

It was more south from the current location and was also the area where Simon and sorcerers had based themselves in, during the war for the throne.

‘And is also the place where the Commander of the Western Armies, Harrison is the lord of.’

Roan was planning to introduce Beryn to Harrison.

‘If it’s Harrison, then he should be able to bring Beryn to another level.’

Harrison didn’t sit back relaxed, while only relying on his talents. He not only practised the methods for training mana, but also did not cease his efforts in attempting reformations and developments of bows and arrows. In addition, adding the several archery skills of different countries into one, he had created his own archery method.

‘I heard he was cooperating with the Magic Tower of Leno in making a magic bow these days.’

Harrison wasn’t just a genius. He was a genius who put in lots of effort, and if it was him, then he would be a great teacher for Beryn.


‘If it’s Miss Beryn, then she would definitely become an archer as skilled as Harrison himself.’

From Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom’s perspectives, they were gaining a skilled general. Several plans were formed in his head.


“Your majesty. All the preparations are ready.”

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