I Am the Monarch – Chapter 284 – Dragons (1)

Nathan approached and lowered his head. They had taken care of the remains of the altar and cutting off the trees nearby, they had formed a simple yet solid grave. Taking out a few simple foods from his luggage, Roan placed them down and lowered his head. Beryn and the other Taemusas saw that and copied as silence surrounded the area.

‘I was lacking and couldn’t protect you all.’

He said that he would make a good country where everyone could live happily but the reality was different.


His hands formed fists and his teeth were clenched.

‘I’ll try harder. No in fact…’

Words and vows like ‘try harder’ were now insufficient.

‘I’ll do it well.’

He realised that it was important to not just try but to perform a lot better than right now. Even right now, the citizens were probably living through dangerous days with their lives on the line and telling them, ‘I’ll try hard so please wait’ was no different from a cruel order that asked them to wait with the resolve to lose their lives.


Roan let out a deep breath. Looking at Nathan and the several Amaranth Taemusas, he ordered in a low voice.

“We’ll go to Castle Longfort.”
“Yes, sir.”

Their replies were short, and actions were faster than anything. Roan, Beryn, and the Amaranth Taemusas left the Grain Mountain Range and headed south towards the Inpec area. And two days after their departure,

“It seems that he had definitely been in this place.”

Together with a familiar voice, a red-haired beautiful young man showed himself. He, Kalian, made a strange smile when he saw the graves made by the Amaranth Taemusas.

“He seems to have buried the remains of the altar. Quite a good bloke that Roan or whatever.”

In response, Pierce lowered his head from nearby.

“That is right. O great being.”

Ever since he found out that Kalian was a red dragon, he had been using extremely formal words but Kalian did not find that to his liking.

“I told you to get rid of that ‘great being’ thing.”
“But how can I possibly do that to sir dragon…”

Kalian had an expression that he could take it no more and whispered softly.

“Do you want me to run amok a little?”

Seeing Pierce unable to find any words, Kalian made a little grin.

“Just call me Sir Kalian.”
“Yes I understand. Gre… Sir Kalian.”

Pierce made an awkward smile while Kalian stared back at the empty plot of land with a content expression.


A low mutter escaped.

‘It’s a lot worse than we thought.’

The situation was a lot worse than they had presumed.

‘This is why the seal is getting weaker even with all our efforts.’

His mouth felt bitter. Then, Kalian’s two eyes were painted deep scarlet as the scene before him changed. Within the red waves, blurry shadows moved around busily.

‘Due to a lot of time having passed, the memories of the location have blurred out a lot.’

The only things that could be seen clearly were the shadows of Roan, Beryn and the Amaranth Taemusas who had been recently there.

It was then,


Kalian gave a frown. It was because he had seen a trace of something he did not want to see from amongst the blurry shadows.


Heaving out a short sigh, he stared at Pierce.

“Yes, Sir Kalian.”

Pierce who had been looking around at his surroundings came closer and with a little smile, Kalian continued his words.

“There’s a place to visit before we go find Roan Lancephil.”
“Where could that be?”

Carefully, Pierce asked but only a smile came back from Kalian as he reached out his right hand silently. Pierce grabbed onto that hand with an awkward smile and,


A pillar of light reached into the skies – once again, the teleport magic had been used.


With his eyes shut tight, Pierce let out a short moan. He had experienced teleport magic once already but it was still hard to get used to that feeling; his head turned and vomit threatened to escape.

“You can open your eyes now.”

He heard Kalian’s voice coming from the side and pressing hard on his aching temples, Pierce slowly opened his closed eyes.


In that instant, a short mutter escaped. There were no more signs of the humid, frustrating scenery of the mountain and instead, an extremely large and wide space was before him. However, the reason for his bewilderment was not just the size of the place.

‘J, jewels? Gold? Treasures?’

It wasn’t easy to put anything into words. Only his two eyes moved around busily and wherever they pointed to, there were all sorts of treasures.


In response to Kalian’s question, Pierce could only nod his head. And when he was about to move his foot without any thought,


Along with a pleasant sound, the treasures all fell and the mountain of treasures collapsed. Pierce stared at Kalian.

“C, could it be that this place is…?”

He couldn’t end his words but Kalian still gave a nod.

“Right. This is a dragon’s lair.”

Kalian opened his arms wide.

“It is probably the first time after centuries that a human had entered a dragon’s lair.”


Pierce swallowed deep and glancing around the lair, he carefully asked.

“Then is this Sir Kalian’s lair?”

In response, Kalian smiled bitterly and shook his head. Staring at the place where the owner should have been in, he whispered softly.

“No. The owner of this place is a different being. I thought he was hibernating but that wasn’t it.”

It was the instant that his bad premonitions had been on the mark.

Pierce asked once again carefully.

“Then who’s lair could this be?”

Kalian replied nonchalantly.

“Black Dragon Lunark.”

As soon as he finished, Pierce opened his eyes wide and screamed. His astonished voice filled the entire place.

“The Mad Dragon!”

<Dragons (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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