I Am the Monarch – Chapter 285 – Dragons (2)


The heavy arm fell on the ground with a heavy sound.


Keakes let out a pained roar, but without caring about that, Pierce kicked off the ground again and waved his spear with a jump. The spear cleanly dug into Keakes’ neck.


Keakes blinked its large eye once before soon tilting to the side.


The cleanly cut head fell on the ground before the body did, and soon, the massive body followed suit powerlessly.


Together with the heavy, blunt sound, the mountain of treasures collapsed. Regaining his balance in midair, Pierce dropped down and landed on Keakes’ chest.


Heaving out a deep breath, he stared at Kalian Spear.

‘It’s a great spear.’

Keakes’ bone which he had to cut dozens of times to barely dissect had been cut without a single issue. Besides, just holding onto the spear had allowed a fast recuperation speed of the mana inside his body.

“Amazing. Despite using my spear, you were able to solo the guardian of a dragon’s lair.”

Kalian’s voice was heard, as he approached Pierce while clapping.

“Good. I like you. I’ll give you the Kalian Spear.”
“Sorry? Ah… Thank you.”

Pierce lowered his head with great joy. It is said that masters do not blame their equipment but that was not a reason to refuse good equipment. Kalian however, wore a strange smile and brightened his two eyes.

“However, I have a request.”
“A request?”

Pierce asked back carefully.

“Ah! It’s definitely not a strange request.”

Kalian smiled and continued his words.

“Find someone for me.”

It was a completely unexpected request.

<Dragons (2)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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