I Am the Monarch – Chapter 286 – Dragons (3)

Staring at the front, Hedley screamed in angst. A forest that had originally been rich and dense with trees; it had now become a barren land as if hundreds of fireballs had been shot at it.

And in the midst of the ruggedness stood one man. With a build resembling an ogre, he was wearing a strange helmet that seemed to have been made from a tiger’s skull. In each of his hands were hammers the size of a body and the length of the handles themselves were similar to the spears used by normal soldiers.


The man suddenly broke out into a strange laughter and released the hammer in his right hand onto the ground.


The hammer was so heavy, that despite him just dropping it casually, it had dug in deep into the ground following a heavy sound.

Lowering his back, the man grabbed a flagpole that had been placed near his foot. A large flag that required a buff flag-bearer to support it with a strap on their waist to barely hold it up was casually carried.


A flag that had been lying on the ground fluttered in the wind and revealed itself.

[Amaranth Western Army]

It was the provincial flag representing the western armies.

“Kuuk! Damn!”
“Give the flag back!”
“Damn! To receive this kind of disgrace!”

The soldiers of the western armies bellowed with voices filled with frustration.

“Uhahaha! I heard the Amaranth soldiers were the strongest but…”

With a laugh, he placed the flag between his armpits.

“If this was the strongest, then other generals wouldn’t even need to show themselves.”

Raising a corner of his lips up, he put power into the right arm, and as veins appeared in his right arm, a sound echoed.


The tough flag had been broken so easily, and patting across it, he plucked the flag out from the pole.


With their eyes widened, the soldiers of the Western Army spewed out profanities, but without caring a single bit, the man wiped his face and armpit with the flag before throwing it down on the ground. His large foot trampled on the flag, no, it was about to trample on the flag when that happened.


A sharp sound trembled the battlefield.


Showing slight surprise, the man retrieved his foot and fell back a fair bit and,


One black spear smited the place where the man had been standing, and rocks splattered while dust rose up.


A young man landed on the ground amongst the dust of dirt.


The soldiers let out low mutters, as undisguisable traces of delight surfaced on their faces. It was because they had realised the identity of the black spear penetrating the earth.

“T, Travias Spear…”

Someone exclaimed, and at the same time, the dust that had filled the air had been settled and from there, the appearance of a young man showed itself with his bold, masculine face. It was Roan Lancephil after getting rid of his disguise and as he gazed at the large man, he said.

“I am Roan Lancephil of the Amaranth Kingdom.”

A soft but powerful voice resonated the earth.

“Your Majesty!”

After short salutes, the soldiers lowered their heads and their bellows filled the mountains.

A stray of hope from despair, and soldiers trembled their bodies from the sudden change. Taking a step forward, Roan held onto the Travias Spear.

“Reveal your name and affiliation.”

In response, the large man made a strange smile.

“You are that Roan Lancephil, huh.”

Despite knowing his identity, the man was still unperturbed, and carrying the large hammer with his shoulder, he shouted with a roar.

“My name is Gorg!”

With the man, Gorg in the centre, the ground trembled.

“The General of Great Strength of the Dark Regiments!”

As soon as he was done,


The ground around him exploded with a deafening sound.


While the normal soldiers were surprised into covering themselves,

“A grand self-introduction.”

Roan had a faint smile as he spinned the Travias Spear.


The sharp spear spun rapidly and formed a tough and transparent barrier. Rocks that had been thrown as an aftermath of the explosion couldn’t penetrate the barrier and were broken into pieces, thanks to which the soldiers of the Western Army could all stay uninjured.

Grabbing firmly onto the spear, Roan kicked off the ground, and seeing that, Gorg let out a scoff.

“Hmph! Daring to have a go at this Mr. Gorg?!”

He swiftly swung his large hammer.


A shockwave of sound reached the ears, and at the same time, Travias Spear met the large hammer mid-air.


A pillar of dirt appeared along with a deafening uproar.

<Dragons (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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