I Am the Monarch – Chapter 287 – Dragons (4)


Kicking off the ground, Gorg ran in towards Roan and following him, the crazy gust stormed in sharply. Roan too kicked off the ground as soon as he saw that.


Fierce reddish-black flames reached the skies following the Travias Spear. The two of them jumped into the air facing each other and right before the final clash, Gorg let out the loudest scream he could afford.

“Turn to dust!”

On the other hand, Roan’s voice was very soft and quiet.

“I’ll bisect you along with that storm.”

And finally, the Travias Spear clashed with Pistuca.


Thunderous sound exploded as a tornado of reddish-black flames reached up with the two in the vortex.


The rocks and stones that had flown up with the crazy gusts melted before the reddish-black flames.

“Grab onto the ones around you!”
“Cross your arms together!”

Lowering his body as much as could, Hedley shouted and the soldiers followed by quickly sticking close to the ones around them and lowering their heads. They were in a situation where they could get burned by the severely hot wind anytime.


The reddish-black tornado devoured the mountainside. As if trying to create a hole in the sky, it fiercely, frighteningly and insanely shot up. It was then,


Intense light escaped from the reddish-black tornado. At the same time, the fierce tornado that threatened to grind the heavens and the earths disappeared like an illusion, as if it had not been there in the first place…


The soldiers of the Western Army including Hedley did not dare to raise their heads. A strange silence fell until,

“Uwah! What’s all this about!”

A sharp voice of a woman interjected.

One of the soldiers peeked up at the direction where the voice was heard from, and found an impressive woman with short hair and thick eyebrows to be the owner of the voice. Beryn had just arrived at the battle.

Beryn’s gaze rested at the place where Roan and Gorg’s great battle had been at, and only then did the soldiers of the Western Army peek up at the place where the reddish-black tornado had been raging on. Hedley was one of them.


In that instant, short murmurs escaped – mutters of relief and delight. At the end of the soldiers’ gazes, there was only one person guarding the spot standing. He had a black spear in his hand as his reddish-black hair fluttered in the wind.

It was Roan Lancephil.

“Kuuk. Kuk. I, impossible… I, this General of Great Strength Gorg, to a mere human… kuuk.”

At the ground in front of his feet was Gorg, collapsed and in great tatters. The only thing remaining was his upper body; under his waist it had all been completely torn apart as the large Pistuca had been dissolved into thousands of pieces.

Roan pointed the Travias Spear at his forehead.

“Reveal your identity.”

He wasn’t telling him to say ‘general of great strength of the dark regiments’ or something, but,


Suddenly letting out a laugh, Gorg soon opened his eyes wide.

“Without me saying it myself, you’ll get to know it soon!”

That was the end. After smiling brightly showing even his teeth, he raised his head in a flash.


He had stabbed his own head into the spearhead of the Travias Spear. Tilting the spear, Roan pulled out his spear.

‘Although he was about to die anyway, he ended his life without a single hesitation…’

He still did not know exactly what the dark regiments were, but it was clear that they were not an easy foe.

“Roan Lancephil! Roan Lancephil!”
“Amaranth! Amaranth!”

He could hear cheers and cries from the soldiers in the distance. With a faint smile, he retrieved the Travias Spear, and then, his body started to ache.

‘How many of these strong guys are there inside the dark regiments…’

When his thoughts reached that point.


Something touched his sensitive senses.

‘A group of something is approaching very quickly.’

It was hard to tell exactly what they were, but it was a fairly large amount. Roan quickly gestured to the soldiers of the Western Army.

“Align yourselves!”
“Align! Align!”

The soldiers that had been cheering with their arms thrown into the skies quickly aligned themselves when they saw Roan’s gestures. Beryn who had been slightly further away quickly ran in and joined the lines as well.

Focusing all his five senses, Roan slowly turned his body towards the Southwest. It was once again towards the Grain Mountain Range.


The soldiers of the Western Army gulped. They were worried that a monster like Gorg would appear again and that was the same for Roan.

‘My mana is almost at the very bottom.’

It was hard to guarantee a proper fight and it was then.


Over the mountainside, the group showed themselves and at the same time, Roan’s face that had been stiff surfaced a bright smile. It was that of a great joy and happiness that others had never seen before. Seeing the group running towards them, Roan shouted from the depths of his heart.


<Dragons (4)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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