I Am the Monarch – Chapter 289 – Dragons (6)

The advancing speed of Roan, Aily, the elven warriors and the soldiers of the Western Army was relatively slow. It was because the number of injured soldiers were too many that he didn’t dare to raise the speed too much, and to make sure the soldiers didn’t feel uncomfortable, Roan intentionally acted leisurous.

As if he was on a stroll, he watched the scenery and walked before resting and repeated that process. At the same time, he shared many conversations with Aily and talked about the things that had happened during the times they had been separated, spending happy and joyous days.

Of course, Roan didn’t forget about teaching Beryn several things and having her train in the midst of all that.

Shriieeek! Bam!

After a screeching noise, a heavy piercing sound followed. One arrow pierced through a branch the size of an arm and landed on a beautiful tree behind it.


As if it was still overflowing with power, the arrow quivered its end strongly.

“Well done.”

Roan showed his thumb at Beryn, and with a blank expression she gave a nod.

‘The power of mana is really amazing…’

Right now, she was training on how to use the Amaranth Laws of mana to shoot an arrow. By relying on mana, it was possible to send the arrow to a faraway distance that was impossible with just the muscles. Of course, the further away it was, the harder it would be to hit the target accurately.

‘I need to train more, more, and more.’

Beryn didn’t find her skills satisfactory. It felt like the ends of her arrows were strangely being tilted. Once again, she pulled the strings back and seeing that from the side, Roan was quite baffled inside.

‘Amazing. I knew she had the talents but to think it was to this level…’

Unlike Beryn who was dissatisfied by her skills, Roan was in admiration of her talents and passion over and over again.

‘When she first started using mana to shoot arrows, it was all over the place.’

There was not a single arrow that had hit the target, but that mess had only continued for half a day.

‘It definitely was embarrassing to see in the morning and yet…’

Around the time of sunset, she was skilled enough to hit 8 out of 10 arrows on the target. It was something definitely impossible for normal people.

‘Talents are scary indeed.’

With a faint smile, Roan stepped back, planning on leaving to have Beryn focus solely on the training, but it was then,


A strange feeling touched his sharp senses.


He hastily raised her left hand and bellowed in a low voice.

“Align yourselves! A group is approaching!”

In that instant,


The elven warriors as well as the soldiers of the Western Army moved quickly to stand in lines and Aily, who had been caring for the injured, quickly took her weapon before approaching Roan.

“Is it an enemy?”

With a serious expression, Roan shook his head.

“I don’t know yet, but their pressure and aura are astounding.”

Closing his eyes slightly, he pulled out all the mana within his body. It was hard to tell the exact numbers of the group that was approaching at a rapid speed, but they were giving off an aura enough to prick at the skins.

‘This much of a force and pressure would mean it’s at least above a corps in size.’

Opening his two eyes, Roan bit on his lower lips.

It was strange.

‘Despite the aura and pressure, the sound, smell and vibrations are extremely weak.’

It was an extremely difficult situation to understand and his face turned rigid. Seeing such a Roan, Aily also made a slightly tense expression and also felt the suppressive feeling slightly later. Their eyes pointed at the dense forests in front of them and soon from the dark forests appeared a group.


Along with low murmurs, Roan and Aily gave frowns and in their eyes were signs of puzzlement. That couldn’t be helped because what had appeared was not a large group.

‘Just two people?’

The group which he thought was more than at least a corps from the pressure and aura was merely two men, and besides, one of the two men was someone he knew very well.


Roan’s voice was carried by the wind over to the forest. One of the men that had appeared from the forest was none other than Pierce.

“Your Majesty!”

Bellowing from his heart, Pierce kicked off the ground.


At an immense speed, he shortened the distance running towards Roan and seeing that, the other youth broke out into laughter. After running like that, Pierce hugged Roan with a teary expression.

“Pierce, why are you here? Or more like, what’s going on?”

Watching Pierce hugging himself and his jumping shoulders, Roan tilted his head and it was apparent that Aily who was nearby was also at a loss. It was then that Pierce raised his head slightly to stare directly at Roan.

“Your Majesty.”

His voice was wet, and with a teary expression, he barely continued his words.

“You must live longer than me this time at least.”

Strange words came out. The people around him including Aily all wore frowns and shrugged their shoulders, clueless to what Pierce was saying, but Roan made a startled expression with circular eyes.

“Pierce, you, you, you, don’t tell me…”

He couldn’t continue his words easily but Pierce replied instead with a nod. Then,

“We have finally met.”

A humoured voice etched into the ears, and the youth that had appeared with Pierce was right before them before anyone realised.


Aily who had casually turned her head over to the youth let out a low murmur. Power left her body immediately, and collapsing down, she lowered her head.

‘W, why am I like this…?’

Even she had no idea what was happening to herself.

“Aily are you alright?”

Roan reached his hand out with worry, and gazing over that, the youth made a bright smile.

“Oi, Roan Lancephil.”

It was a voice daring to casually call the monarch of a country, but there was no-one who stopped that or broke out into a rage – they couldn’t. His appearance in doing that was all too natural.

Roan turned his head over to face the youth, and the youth made a brighter smile and said as he pointed at his own eyes.

“How is it? Are my tears useful?”

His voice was still casual.

<Dragons (6)> End.

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Proofreader: Deathwing

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