I Am the Monarch – Chapter 290 – Dragons (7)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 290: Dragons (7)

“Is this all true?”

Glancing through the thick documents, a young man made a frown and the middle-aged man standing nearby kept his rigid expression while bowing his head.

“Some parts are my assumptions.”

Those were words that could be understood differently depending on the way one took it.

‘It’s mostly true huh, or rather, believed to be true…’

The youth touched his lower lips with the end of his finger. It was a small habit that appeared when he was deep in contemplation and soon,

“I got it. I’ll think about it.”

In response to the young man’s words, the middle-aged man made a slightly startled expression and deep in his eyes was bewilderment.

“You will think about it? We must send an official investigation squad immediately.”

The man’s voice enlarged slightly.

“If you don’t have room to consider due to stabilising the country, please leave it to me. I will definitely find where the missing citizens are, Prince Reitas.”

Reitas – the youth was none other than Reitas Persion who had grabbed onto the command over the Persion Kingdom after chasing Manus Persion away.

“Baron Vance Vonte.”

Putting the slab of documents into the drawer, Reitas looked at the middle-aged man, Vance Vonte. His face was calm but his eyes and voice were sunk deep and in front of that, Vance trembled unknowingly.

“Is it you who gives orders, or me?”

The question was short, and so was the reply.

“It’s Sir Prince.”

Vance quickly lowered his head, to which Reitas replied with a casual wave of his right hand.

“Be careful.”
“Yes. I will take it into account.”

Raising his head back up, Vance left the office. Reitas only moved his eyes slightly to stare at the back of the leaving noble.

‘Baron Vance Vonte, the noble that had supported Manus till the very end…’

Of course, he was currently one of the nobles following him and Reitas did not discriminate or isolate them intentionally. However, because Reitas himself had escaped from exile and had gained authority with a measure that might be thought of as a rebellion, it was natural to gather the cautionary hostility from the original nobles.

‘The ones that had betrayed once might betray again.’

He must never repeat the same mistake that Manus had committed. Reitas carefully re-opened the drawer where he had placed the documents in. From his eyes fell a cold aura.

“Is this your doing?”

A low voice. It was incomprehensible as Reitas was definitely the only one inside the office. But it was then, that a space near the corner of the office blurred before someone with black robes hanging down from his head showed himself. With his slender fingers he pulled the end of the robe down and naturally the face hidden beneath was revealed.

Light-brownish hair with a faint hint of green, grey skin slightly darker than the hair, a beautiful appearance and sharp ears… the existence wearing the black robe was a dark elf.

“And if it was?”

A casual question, and Reitas made a cold smile in response.

“Is that the thing you mentioned would receive as the cost of letting me escape Teloi Island?”

The dark elf gave a casual nod.

“I see.”

Reitas was the same. If that was the case, there was nothing he could add and once again, he pushed the drawer to a close. Silently gazing at that, the dark elf warned in a stiff voice.

“Vance Vonte was it? Observe it well so that he doesn’t do anything strange. If he tries to interrupt with our work, we will have no choice but to erase him.”

Although they did give a lot of help, it was still an attitude too rude in the face of a prince of a nation, but even then, Reitas just gave a nod without any notable response. Seeing that, the dark elf soon disappeared back into the dark corner.

Without even giving a glance, Reitas diligently checked the several documents stacked around. He seemed to be totally focused on his work no matter how one saw it.

After who knows how long,

The end of the pen that had been moving softly came to a sudden stop.

“Rude bastard.”

Reitas clenched his teeth with a stiff expression.


The pen in his hands easily snapped in two.

“I’ll show you clearly what kind of person this Reitas is.”

He was a person with surprising ambition that had even planned to kill his own younger brother. Although he had received the help of the dark elves to get ahold of the authority, he was not planning on sharing his possessions even a single bit.


Heaving out a deep breath, Reitas calmed himself. Bringing the broken pen to one side, he took out another pen, and the ink on the tip of his pen danced above the paper.

[Vance Vonte]

The words were so small that it was hard to read the words.

For some time, the pen danced without a stop.



Roan Lancephil was turned stiff like a statue and his eyeballs quivered left and right. He didn’t understand what he had meant at the start but soon, there was a name filling his head.


Roan stared directly at the young man before him. He could tell that the youth that had appeared with Pierce was abnormal from his outward appearance.

The man’s hair, eyebrows and irises were all red in colour. His appearance was more beautiful than most women and the build appeared thin yet gave off a tough feel. The smile hanging on his lips were humourous but the red eyes were deep and calm.

Overall, he let out a strange aura.


Roan felt cold sweat running down his spine. An existence red throughout who also knew of Kalian’s Tears.

‘A dragon.’

It was certain. He was certain. His heart raced and gulped unconsciously. Even counting his previous life, it was the first time he was meeting a dragon.

‘No, even if I had met one before, I wouldn’t have noticed it.’

He had been a mere spearman in his previous life after all.

Silence filled the place and it was then,

“Hmm I see. It would be quite uncomfortable to chat in a place like this.”

With a grin, the red-haired youth glanced around and suddenly, he reached his hand out to Roan.

“Let’s change place.”

A still humoured tone. It was a clear maltreatment but there was no-one who found that odd.


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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait, what the hell? Is the reason why he seems like a natural leader at the start? I need answers!

    Thank you for your hard work

  2. Nicolas Gauthier

    I second that. I need more information. Roan becoming a monarch for the 2nd time. That’s a twist. Pierce, if Roan was named Bruce Wayne instead, you would have been Robin.

  3. NP-3228

    2nd time being a monarch. So maybe its his third run. 1st timeline he became a monarch and with the baton brought pierce back cause the kingdom fell. 2nd roan is ordinary cause pierce wants him to survive and not die as a monarch and doesnt have memories of his past life? But it still ends so he uses it on roan. 3rd time is the current timeline.

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