I Am the Monarch – Chapter 290 – Dragons (7)

“Your Majesty. This is…”
“It’s alright. I know.”

When Pierce was about to talk about the identity of the youth, Roan shook his head with a faint smile. Turning his gaze over slightly, he faced Aily.

“Aily. Wait for me at the headquarters of the Western Army.”

Those were sudden words but Aily nodded her head without being confused. She felt that this was not the time to beg or pester him with anything.

Roan turned towards Pierce.


Pierce immediately read Roan’s wish.

“Do not worry. I shall guard her from the sides.”

He paced over and stood behind Aily. Making a faint smile, Roan turned again towards the elven warriors and the soldiers of the Western Army.

“You guys follow the plan and return to the headquarters as well.”

Unlike usual, it was a stern, rigid command and due to that, the elves and soldiers did not dare ask anything back and lowered their heads. Beryn was the same – she who was originally fast at reading the mood knew that the situation was not normal.

Making a faint smile, Roan turned his head back and grabbed onto the hand of the red-haired youth. At the same time,


A white pillar of light surrounded the two and rose high up.


The soldiers of the Western Army opened their eyes wide while muttering. They were in awe of the incredible situation but on the other hand, the expressions of the elves including Aily were closer to astonishment.


It was something impossible for even the elders of the elves.

‘An existence that could use this level of magic carefreely is…’

Suddenly, an existence that had been long forgotten appeared in her brain. Her hair stood on end,


The pillar of light disappeared from the earth and naturally, the youth and Roan had disappeared along with it. It was the most perfect teleportation magic which she had never seen before.

Biting her lower lips, Aily thought,

‘How did a great being appear in the world?’

It was something completely impossible from her knowledge.

‘Those great beings should be in the depths of the Grain Mountain Range though?’

During her childhood, the stories she had heard from the three dragons that taught her was vividly etched into her brain. The dragons weren’t in a situation where they could move freely, and because of that, it had not occurred to her previously that that youth was a dragon.

‘Don’t tell me, did something happen?’

An unpleasant feeling pricked her back, and her heart became extremely restless.



Roan immediately felt severe dizziness, which was the aftereffect of teleportation magic.

“If you’re going to throw up, do it outside.”

The red-haired youth waved his hand like a joke but with a bitter smile, Roan shook his head.

“I am fine.”

Massaging his chest, Roan heaved out a deep breath.


It was a startling experience and the scenery before him had been completely different.

“Calm huh. Definitely different from Pierce.”

With a smile, the red-haired youth sat himself down on a chair that had been placed to a side. His red eyeballs rested on Roan.

“Do you know who I am?”

A casual question, to which Roan gave a slow nod.

“It is an honour to meet the great being.”

As soon as he finished, the red-haired youth made a frown.

“Great being… both the monarch and the official are saying the same thing.”

He soon waved his right hand.

“Don’t say such embarrassing things and just call me Kalian.”

Casual words. The identity of the red-haired youth was indeed, none other than the red dragon, Kalian.

“Do you know the reason for me visiting you?”

Towards Kalian’s question, Roan forced the calmest expression he could make and nodded his head.

“Because of my big secret I would assume.”

Kalian gave a nod in reply.

“Right. A dead person was brought back to life and on top of that had travelled back in time.”

It was precisely accurate. Kalian clearly saw through everything and with a smile, he reached out his right hand.

“Shall we hear about your story first?”
“My story is it?”

Roan asked back lightly and Kalian gave a nod in response.

“Right. How you lived before dying – let’s hear about that a bit.”

Roan made a bitter smile.

“It would be a bit long and boring.”
“It’s alright. The time felt by dragons and humans are different.”

Waving his hand, Kalian gestured to start quickly.


After heaving out a short breath, Roan started talking about everything that had happened in his previous life. The story from leaving the mountainside village to becoming the lowest spearman and spending dozens of years in the battlefields were relayed calmly. Within those, the story of Pierce who had become the duke and overall commander of the Rinse Kingdom was included.

“And on that year when I was turning 38, I had lost my life to the steel blade of an enemy soldier.”

A horrible, and painful memory. With his right hand, Roan patted his chest – the place where that blade had pierced through.

“That was the death and the end of the 38 year-old lowest spearman, Roan.”

His chest ached. The pain from back then – the pain of death was vivid in his brain.

“And when I reopened my eyes, I was 18, and had returned to that day when I was assigned to the Rose Troop after leaving the barracks. It was the start of the second life I am living right now.”

For a second, he stared silently at Kalian.

“As for the reason why I died and had returned to the past, I am not sure.”

It was something he had always been curious of throughout his second life. Thinking back on the memories of the sorcerers, Roan added more words.

“I heard there was a sorcery that allowed control over time and space, but that was said to require Astrum, the metal of the gods. It is also known that Astrum is only available from the lair of the Gold Dragon Lord, Sir Europas.”

Thanks to the mental sorcery of the sorcerers, his memories were clear and like he was reading off a book, he pulled out all the memories in his head.

“At the start, I thought that perhaps the gem on the Rinse Kingdom’s Baton of the Grand Commander was Astrum. According to the books I had read at the kingdom’s library, the gem on the baton was a gift from Sir Europas but…”

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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait, what the hell? Is the reason why he seems like a natural leader at the start? I need answers!

    Thank you for your hard work

  2. Nicolas Gauthier

    I second that. I need more information. Roan becoming a monarch for the 2nd time. That’s a twist. Pierce, if Roan was named Bruce Wayne instead, you would have been Robin.

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    2nd time being a monarch. So maybe its his third run. 1st timeline he became a monarch and with the baton brought pierce back cause the kingdom fell. 2nd roan is ordinary cause pierce wants him to survive and not die as a monarch and doesnt have memories of his past life? But it still ends so he uses it on roan. 3rd time is the current timeline.

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