I Am the Monarch – Chapter 290 – Dragons (7)

When his words reached there,

“The name of that gem is Tempestas.”

Kalian chimed in with a smile and Roan gave a nod.

“Right, that’s what it said in the book as well.”

Indeed, because of the news of Elton’s rebellion, he wasn’t able to finish reading the book but when he checked it later, it said that the name of the gem was Tempestas. In the end, Roan had to get rid of the theory he had come up with and the reason for his time travel had once again fallen back to mystery.

“Unexpected. Very unexpected.”

Kalian rolled his lips to a circle and on his face surfaced a slight surprise.

“You knew a lot more than I had thought.”

Raising his thumb up, Kalian made a bright smile and in response, Roan faced back with a curious face. Crossing his index fingers, Kalian made a strange expression.

“Although the Astrum is called the metal of the gods, it is nothing more than stone once you actually mine it out. It needs to go through several polishings for it to show off its beauty and ability.”

His voice was small, but powerful.

“Of course, because it is called the metal of the gods, normal humans and elves will never be able to process it. Even from the skilled dwarves, only three or four are able to do it.”

His eyes sparkled and reflected light.

“But our lord, Europas made a strange object with that metal. Well, it wasn’t like he was aiming for it but… in any case, after personally processing Astrum, he had overflowed it with the might of gods and peculiarity of dragons to make a gem the size of a fist. And that gem was called…”

Kalian’s face was filled with mischievousness.


Roan let out a low mutter. The object made by processing the metal of the gods, Astrum was none other than that gem embedded on the Baton of the Grand Commander, Tempestas. With slight excitement evident on his face, Roan asked.

“Then the reason for me travelling back in time was indeed because of Tempestas?”

Instead of a reply, Kalian gave a nod, and unable to stop himself, Roan followed suit with more questions.

“But how is that possible? How could it possibly send a dead person over to the past?”
“That’s simple.”

With a grin, Kalian shrugged his shoulders.

“Nothing’s free in this world. To buy something, one has to pay the necessary amount.”

It was an obvious fact.

“Life is the same. To revive a dead person, one has to pay a matching price.”
“A price matching a life…?”

Roan murmured unconsciously and Kalian gave a nod.

“A price matching a life…”

The smile hanging on his lips became deeper.

“Is none other than life.”

In that instant, Roan’s two eyes widened.

“Y, you mean…?”

Roan was unable to continue but Kalian was still extremely calm and nonchalant.

“The reason for you travelling back in time without dying – that is because the owner of the Tempestas had sacrificed his own life to revive you.”

Roan let out a long breath. It was completely unexpected, and he fiercely shook the head overflowing with complicated thoughts.

“Who was it? Who, who sacrificed his own life to revive…”

After saying that much, Roan closed his mouth. There was one spark of thought that had shown itself from within the hazy thoughts.

‘The owner of Tempestas, Grand Commander’s Baton in the previous life…’

His face reddened, and eyes turned hot.

“Don’t tell me…?”

The end of his sentence trembled greater than his eyes did. Kalian made a smile and gave a nod.

“Right. You’re right Roan. The person that had sacrificed his own life to save you… is Pierce.”

Roan let out a long mutter. His gaze turned blurry and his head was painted white.

“But why, why for someone like me…”

The same question fell repeatedly and Kalian replied with the same smile.

“I have no way of knowing what kind of life you had lived through but I think I’ll be able to answer that question just then. It is directly linked to the Tempestas after all.”

Trying his hardest to collect his breath, Roan stared back at Kalian and while enjoying that heated gaze, Kalian lightly waved his right hand. In that instant, the space before them blurred before a long stick showed itself.

“Grand Commander’s Baton?”

Roan gave a frown. The Grand Commander’s Baton had appeared from the thin air, breaking through space. The Tempestas on the end of the baton glowed from the light.

“Right. This is that Grand Commander’s Baton.”

Snatching it from the air with his right hand, Kalian stared directly at Tempestas.

“This Tempestas has the incredible power of being able to go through time and space on its own will. Therefore…”

In that instant, Tempestas showed off its bright brilliance.

“Inside this Tempestas, all the related memories are embedded inside without regard to the flow of time. The things that Tempestas had seen, heard etc….”


The light coming out from Tempestas disappeared and Kalian stared directly at Roan.

“I looked into the memories of Tempestas.”

His lips curled up.

“Inside, the reason for Pierce reviving you even with the cost of his life was there.”


Roan gulped as Kalian’s gaze turned fiery.


Standing still, Roan met Kalian’s gaze directly. Seeing that expression full of determination, the smile hanging on Kalian’s lips deepened.

“You, becoming a monarch…”

His soft voice flowed by the wind.

“This is the second time.”

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<Dragons (7)> End.

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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait, what the hell? Is the reason why he seems like a natural leader at the start? I need answers!

    Thank you for your hard work

  2. Nicolas Gauthier

    I second that. I need more information. Roan becoming a monarch for the 2nd time. That’s a twist. Pierce, if Roan was named Bruce Wayne instead, you would have been Robin.

  3. NP-3228

    2nd time being a monarch. So maybe its his third run. 1st timeline he became a monarch and with the baton brought pierce back cause the kingdom fell. 2nd roan is ordinary cause pierce wants him to survive and not die as a monarch and doesnt have memories of his past life? But it still ends so he uses it on roan. 3rd time is the current timeline.

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