I Am the Monarch – Chapter 291 – The Past (1)

Roan pointed his ears. It was hard to guess exactly how many years had passed since his death.

‘It was a country we were fighting against viciously when I died…’

The Rinse Kingdom and the Estia Empire were a pair of nations that stood out as one of the most hostile pairs even from the entire Great Warring Period.


After slight hesitation, Pierce let out some words.


Along with the screech of wood, the old door opened heavily and from behind appeared a young soldier in his mid twenties. Saluting to Pierce, he lowered his head.

“I greet the Grand Commander!”

Respect was definitely evident in his voice, but at the same time, there was a sign of despair colouring his voice.

‘So he still is a Grand Commander.’

Hearing that Pierce was still the Grand Commander, Roan felt a strange sense of relief and while he was like that, Pierce turned only his head to look at the soldier.

“What happened to the empire?”

In response to the low questioning voice, the soldier couldn’t even raise his head as he replied.

“The imperial capital had gone over to those guys’ hands. The emperor and the imperial family had lost their necks. The Estia Empire…”

His voice trembled.

“Is finished.”

After his report, the soldier clenched his teeth.

“What?! The empire is finished?”

Roan bellowed in surprise but his voice did not reach anyone else. Staring at the skies through the holes in the roof, Pierce let out a short sigh.

“In the end, even the Estia Empire had fallen.”

With a sullen expression, he waved his right hand. The soldier that had given the report gave another salute before walking outside the shed. A heavy silence fell, as Pierce closed his two eyes and quivered his body.

Seeing all that, Roan clenched his teeth unknowingly.

‘It’s my first time seeing Pierce suffer like this.’

It was something he had never seen in the current life, not to mention from the previous life. Soon, Pierce opened his closed eyes and stared at Katy.


A low calling voice. Katy gave a nod without a sound, and Pierce struggled to continue with a pained expression.

“The humans… no, the Middle World is finished.”

Shocking words left his mouth. He grasped his hand into a tight fist.

“Two days ago, the elves led by Pisces were obliterated and now, even the empire had fallen. The only remaining force is the Middle World Defense Army made by the defeated soldiers of the Rinse Kingdom, the Byron Kingdom and the Diez Kingdom.”

Hot, sorrowful tears fell down Pierce’s cheeks.

“The Defense Army merely has twenty thousand while the enemy exceeds a million in number. We have…”

Words he didn’t want to say even in his death, he had to say.

“Lost the war.”

There was nothing else that could be done but Roan was befuddled.

“Pierce! What do you mean! What exactly happened?!”

But his voice did not reach the ears of Pierce. Then, Katy who had been lying down like she was dead struggled and raised up her body. Hugging Pierce who had been crying sorrowfully into her embrace, she whispered in a small voice.

“Are you going to continue crying like a baby?”

A soft voice.

“Huuk. Huuk. Huuk.”

Pierce tried his hardest to hold his tears back. Holding onto Pierce’s face with her two hands, Katy forced a smile on her face. Although the signs of illness were evident on her face, there was still a beautiful flower-like smile hanging on her lips.

“We still have a chance.”

Power entered her voice and her eyes flickered with light.

“We still have a way left to defeat the Tallian Church.”

An unexpected word came out.

‘The Tallian Church? It’s the Tallian Church that crushes the Middle World?’


It felt like something had smacked at his head.

‘Not the Devesis Church, but the Tallian Church?’

He couldn’t believe it.

Goosebumps appeared in his skin, as his thoughts became tangled and complicated.

<The Past (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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