I Am the Monarch – Chapter 292 – The Past (2)


Roan once again received great shock.

‘The only emperor who unified the continent? Great monarch? The First Emperor Roan de Amaranth?’

He felt like his head was being torn into pieces. Of course, he had heard from Kalian that it wasn’t his first time becoming a monarch. However, he had never thought that he would be the first emperor to have unified the continent, and besides,


It was surprising that he had been using the name Amaranth back then as well.

“If it’s the First Emperor, he will be able to block that evil, disgusting guy for sure and save the Middle World. If it’s him…”

When her words reached that point,

“Cough! Cough!”

Another round of coughs began.


Pierce once again tried to flow his mana in but Katy shook her head with a forced smile.

“It’s fine. I’m okay so save your mana.”

She faced her two eyes directly at Pierce.

“You have always talked about him.”

Her voice was so soft and powerless.

“Even when he had lost his life as the lowest spearman in the war, you said he isn’t someone who would die like that, and that he would do greater things for sure.”

Pierce silently nodded his head.

“Right I did. He, Roan, was not a person who should’ve died like that.”

He heaved out a deep sigh.

“If I had cared a bit more about it, he would’ve been able to achieve greater things for sure…”

Katy shook her head in response.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference. Those guys wouldn’t have just watched that person be victorious without doing anything.”

Pierce once again let out a deep sigh. It was impossible to deny those words, as there indeed were too many situations where it had gone different to his own commands and orders.

“When he marched to a strange place different to my orders and carried out tasks at weird places, I just thought it was because of some mistakes in the ordering system but…”

In hindsight, all that must’ve been the work of those bastards.

“Such a thing…”

Even Roan who had been silently listening made an extremely surprised expression. He did think that things were going too rough compared to the efforts he had put in. Every higher-up he met would steal his achievements and with reasons that made no sense, he was either lowered down or sent away.

It could be called a miracle to be able to rise up to the position of a Squad Leader of the Elite Force, the 1st Spear Corps, despite all that.

‘The last battle – that was a command, hard to comprehend as well.’

Thanks to that, he had taken a steel blade to the heart and lost his life.

‘All that had been because of someone playing tricks…’

It was then,


Katy let out a large cough and along with that cough, a black blob of blood came out once again. Her face that had already been pale without even a faint hint of red turned blue. It was finally time for her to bid farewell to the world and Pierce.

“Cough. S, sorry, for leaving first. Leaving you behind in this hell… I’m really sorry.”

Her passionate feelings could be felt.


Pierce held onto Katy’s hand, as if he would never let her go. Katy caressed Pierce’s face once before slowly closing her eyes.

“Wake that person up…”

Her voice was very soft,

“And save…”

And yet there was a deep desire embedded into it.

“The world.”

Those were the last words she left behind in this world.


Shooting his head back, Pierce gave out a roar. He knew she was going to die. He also knew that there was no way to survive after being hit by that curse. For days and dozens of days, he had steeled his heart but in front of Katy’s death, all that preparation had been pointless.


Tears fell and it felt like his soul would do the same. It was so painful that his breath might cease at any time.



The door of the shack was hastily pushed open and the same soldier that had reported the fall of the Estia Empire showed himself.

“Sir Grand Commander! It is them! They have already shown themselves!”

Urgent voice – and from the other side of the entrance appeared large shadows. Pierce clenched his teeth and grasped a fist.


Staring at Katy lying still on the bed top, he nodded his head.

“Your will…”

Pierce held tightly onto the baton of the total commander.

“I’ll definitely see it through to the end.”

He rushed up from his seat and from his two eyes flowed neverending tears. However, every step of his was filled with power and heaving a deep breath, he stepped outside.

In that instant,


The surrounding scenery changed with a breeze. As Pierce left the shack with Tempestas, the scenery of the memory had changed along with it.


Roan let out a low mutter.

‘It’s hell.’

The scenery before them resembled hell. A black sky replaced a blue sky, red blood replaced the clear rivers and instead of green mountains, countless corpses had been built up.

“Die! You devils!”

Several soldiers and knights swung their weapons with shouts.

‘Are they the Defenders of the Middle World…’

Roan shook his head with a pitying expression. They were like candles swaying before a gust of wind.


Screams of pain sprouted forth from several places and,


Soon, silence had filled the area. Standing next to Pierce, Roan stared at the surroundings and found no-one.

Absolutely no-one.

The only surviving person was Pierce, keeping his spot rigidly on his two feet. A hot, disgusting gust went past, as the only survivor, Pierce broke the silence.

“You think this is the end?”

He opened his two eyes wide and towards the hot wind rushing towards him, he made a shout.

“No way! We are only just starting!”

Pierce clenched hard.

“To use the power of Tempestas to revive Roan, I need to pour in all of my mana as well as my life.”

Suddenly, he thought of Roan who had died a long time ago. His eyes flashed in nostalgia and Roan who had been nearby caught those signs.


A low voice called his name.

“Pierce. I am here.”

Roan replied in a large voice unconsciously but unfortunately, Pierce could not hear those words.


“I can still remember the days I fought with you.”
“Me too! And I’m still fighting with you through those battlefields!”

Roan continued shouting from the side as Pierce’s two eyes sparkled.

“After you died, I went around the battlefields alone.”

A bitter smile hung on his lips.

“Those were boring, and lonely battles.”

Deep remorse was evident from his voice.


Roan let out a long mutter while Pierce forced a smile on his face.

“Although the me here cannot see you nor fight with you…”

He pushed forth the Grand Commander’s Baton.

“The me there will be able to go through the battlefields with you once again.”

All the mana in his entire started flowing into the baton, and more specifically towards the Tempestas.


Light started to flow out from Tempestas.

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  1. Nicolas Gauthier

    I admit greediness. I want more more… Good job to the author and translator. I will try to exercice patience. Even if it’s again my true intention and wish.

  2. Code name GNetNe

    Roan de Amaranth? How did Katy know that Roan was the supposedly unifier of the continent In this timeline? Did she return to the past too?

    Thank you for your hard work.

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