I Am the Monarch – Chapter 292 – The Past (2)


His voice started to get louder and along with it, the dirty and disgusting hot wind got fiercer.


Roan reached out his hands, but as he had no shape or form, none of his body parts could be seen and neither could he touch Pierce. Then, the black skies roared and the red gust flew towards Pierce.


Vicious cries touched the ears. With his eyes wide-open, Pierce glared at the red scorchy gust, as his body trembled.

“Do not fear Pierce. I am with you.”

Roan stepped in front of Pierce and made a fist. He knew it was impossible to protect him but even then, he wanted to. Was it a coincidence?

“I am not scared. I’m not scared of death.”

Pierce’s voice fell behind Roan’s back.

“Because you will save the world.”

As if Roan was right before him, Pierce let out those words. The red gust reached up to his nose and raising the Grand Commander’s Baton high up above the head, Pierce shouted.

“Roan! Wake up from your eternal dreams!”

At the same time,


Golden light flowed out from Tempestas. Devouring the red gust, the golden light coloured the entire world in its bright colours.


Due to the strange sense of comfort, Roan closed his eyes. When he reopened them, the scenery had changed.


“The preparations are ready.”

Men in brown uniforms politely lowered their heads. A middle-aged man in the middle of all their greetings was in deep contemplation. His face appeared somewhat familiar.

Roan quickly glanced around.

‘Is this also within the memories of Tempestas?’

The room was quite big, or rather, very big.

‘It appears like a cave…’

Oddly-shaped rocks aligned the ceiling.

‘If this is within the memories of Tempestas, the Grand Commander’s Baton should be nearby…’

Roan looked around one more time to find the baton, and then, his eyes stopped at a place.

‘An altar?’

He frowned. In the very centre of the large room was an altar made by accumulating solid chiseled rocks. The problem was that the altar appeared very familiar.

‘Is that, the broken altar from the Blackburn area?’

The altar he found on the Grain Mountain Range in the Blackburn area had been broken into pieces and was hard to identify, but Roan clearly remembered the confusing patterns engraved on the rocks.

‘Why’s that altar here?’

Roan made a frown but there was something that made him more confused.

‘Why is the Tempestas stuck in the middle of the altar?’

The Grand Commander’s Baton was stuck straight into the middle of the altar. Despite the darkness, Tempestas attached to the end of the baton shone bright in gold. Slowly moving his body, Roan stood on top of the altar, and after getting closer to Tempestas, he could see the surroundings clearer.

“Finally, I’ve laid my hands on Tempestas.”

The middle-aged man with a somewhat familiar face moved his steps and stood on the altar. With a thankful expression, he stared at the men standing next to the altar.

“Thanks for the hard work.”

In response to the low appreciative tone, the men quivered their bodies before kneeling down.

“It is our honour to be able to serve you like this.”
“If it’s for the Church, this one life is nothing worthy of keeping.”

Even their voices trembled, and at the same time, the last man lowered their head and shouted in a large voice.

“Your Holiness Latio! Please start the ritual!”

In that instant,


Roan opened his eyes wide and let out a shout. The middle-aged man that appeared familiar indeed had several matching parts with the younger version of Latio, the one he had met only a few days ago.

‘Then the one destroying the Middle World is indeed Latio?’

Cold aura flowed behind his back and his heart thumped rapidly. Then, a doubt appeared in his head.

“When we met, had Latio also travelled back in time?”

And if he was,

“Why did he let me live?”

The doubts continued without an end.

Author’s note: The stories of the past are continuing on through the Tempestas and I think it will come to an end in the next chapter. For those that are still not too sure, the next chapter and the one after that should be of help. ^^;;

PS. To the dear readers that have continued on this far… you might remember that in the beginning parts of [I am the Monarch], there were countless comments saying that they couldn’t understand why Roan had died as the lowest spearman. ^^;;

His friend was a duke and after spending 20 years on one field, he was a low spearman which would mean that he really had no talent… and yet after travelling back he had been performing well which many of you had commented on.

At the time I had mentioned that there was a reason for that but… that reason is only starting to come out now… I also didn’t know it would take this long. T.T

<The Past (2)> End.

PR Note: The plot thickens…

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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  1. Nicolas Gauthier

    I admit greediness. I want more more… Good job to the author and translator. I will try to exercice patience. Even if it’s again my true intention and wish.

  2. Code name GNetNe

    Roan de Amaranth? How did Katy know that Roan was the supposedly unifier of the continent In this timeline? Did she return to the past too?

    Thank you for your hard work.

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