I Am the Monarch – Chapter 293 – The Past (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 293: The Past (3)

His thoughts were in a mess.

‘Besides, Latio had died before me didn’t he? He had died suddenly during the Holy War…”

From his memories, Latio had died at the young age of 28, and after meeting Latio a few days ago, who had been running away from the Black Moon Guild, Roan had been sure of his theory that he had been assassinated in his previous life.

‘Don’t tell me, was he pretending to be dead?’

Roan’s body trembled. Of course it was impossible to find out what the truth was for now, but if that really was true, then it meant that everyone had been in the palm of Latio’s hands.

‘But why…?’

The questions continued after another, but then, Latio stood in front of Tempestas and threw his arms wide open.

“We will now start the ritual.”

A soft, powerful voice echoed away.

“Oohh! Finally!”
“It’s finally beginning!”

As soon as those words ended, the men that had been kneeling on the ground began to bow down. And at the same time,

“Uuuuu. Uuu. Uuuuu.”
“Uuuuu. Uuu. Uuuuu.”

Along with a strange song without any lyrics, people showed themselves from the surroundings. They all wore old brown attires.

‘They’re believers of the Tallian Church.’

Collecting his breath, Roan gazed around the surroundings. The believers all made their lips round and sang a mysterious note.

“Uuuuu! Uuu! Uuuuu!”

The song became louder and louder – there was no way it wouldn’t. Before anyone could realise, the large space which one couldn’t see the ends of was filled with people. Let alone the old and the young, there were humans, elves and beastmen mixed within.

On top of that, there were even dwarves which Roan had never seen before. They put the altar to the centre and after gathering around it, some let out tears while some broke into bright smiles of excitement.


Roan unconsciously turned a little tense. The strange atmosphere being given off by the people threatened to paralyse his rationality. Then, the people surrounding the altar all got down to their knees before lowering their heads. Latio was the only person remaining standing in that place and he still had his arms wide open.


When they all got down, the strange song came to an end. Staring at their backs and the back of their heads, Latio asked in a low yet powerful voice.

“Where is hell?”


“This world.”

The accumulated voices of everyone added into one and filled up the large space. Latio gave a nod.

“The hell is not deep down in the earths, nor in the depths of the demon world. The world we are living in itself is hell and by abiding by the will of the god, I have tried to bring this world to salvation with the enlightened ones.”

It was nonsense but,

“Oooohh! Sir Latio!”
“Your Holiness!”

The ones on the ground were moved and shed tears. Seeing that, Latio made a faint smile and continued.

“But because of the immoral, ignorant one, the hope of salvation had been broken.”

As soon as he ended, the ones that had been on the ground first raised their heads in a flash and screamed.

“The ignorant First Emperor!”
“The one who should be covered in the flames of hell, First Emperor!”
“The First Emperor Roan de Amaranth! I click my tongue in front of your ignorance!”

Screams continued on. The others in that place did not raise their heads but still spewed out profanities towards the First Emperor, Roan.

‘What in the world…’

Even from the memories of Tempestas, Roan could feel the cold killing intent coming in. With a faint smile, Latio gave a nod.

“Right. The obstructor is the First Emperor; the ignorant one is the First Emperor; and the guardian of hell, is the First Emperor. The First Emperor, Roan de Amaranth had trampled countless times on our will. By destroying the countless altars placed throughout the continent and capturing our brothers, he had obstructed the salvation and cleansing of the world.”
“Uhuk. Uhuk. Uhuk.”

The believers couldn’t hold their frustrations back and broke out into tears. After being enthusiastic in happiness, they soon spewed out profanities and were now shedding tears of frustration.

Roan clenched his teeth.

‘They’re fanatics.’

Goosebumps appeared throughout his entire body but without regard to his emotions, the memories of Tempestas flowed without a stop.

“The world had gone into the hands of the First Emperor. We could no longer spread our wish for salvation or cleansing and must watch this world, ths hell without doing anything.”

A wretched voice scratched the hearts of the believers.

“We cannot let it be!”
“We cannot leave this hell like this!”
“Cleanse! It must be cleansed!”

As if they had been possessed, they let out shouts. Roan made a frown.

‘What in the world had made them into such fanatics!’

There must’ve been an agent, a reason for that and Roan wanted to find it out. However, the flowing scenery and scenes weren’t enough to give him the answer he wanted. In the midst of all that, Latio’s story continued.

“Everyone had given up – even I had. It was then, that the aide of Duke Pierce Newman, and the general of the Empire, Viscount Gailard Baman had sent a letter.”

He shed tears with a thankful expression.

“Our treasured brother who had to hide his identity to live, the lonely believer, Viscount Gailard Baman had put his life on the line to steal the Grand Commander’s Baton which was in the hands of Duke Pierce Newman.”

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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait… so this timeline is when after Katy told Pierce to use the Baton to awaken Roan de Amaranth to save the continent, hence Roan’s first time being a Monarch? But how did Katy know that Roan is a supposedly a unifier of the continent in the first place? Need more information.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Deathwing Post author

      So this is what I believe, first timeline, Roan being so successful becomes the Emperor (Roan de Amaranth) – Somehow Lutio finds the Grand Commander’s Baton and goes back in time, thus, creating the second timeline. Roan is being pushed away from taking any worth positions etc. Pierce, when he becomes the Grand Commander in the second timeline, learns about all this (and potentially, tells Katy) so when Roan dies in the battle, Pierce uses the Grand Commander’s Baton and creates the third timeline, the one we’ve been reading.

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