I Am the Monarch – Chapter 293 – The Past (3)

Strange murmurs left their mouths. Those were moans with slight sorrow.

‘Mhmm. Duke Pierce Newman.’

Roan let out a mutter for something different.

‘The life which I don’t remember. When I was the First Emperor who had unified the continent, Pierce was the Duke of Newman with the Grand Commander’s Baton in his hands.’

It was definitely a different life but there were strangely similar aspects to it. Latio’s words continued.

“To retrieve the baton taken by Viscount Gailard Baman, no, Believer Gailard, countless priests and monks of the Tallian Church had sacrificed their lives. Thanks to their noble deaths to save and cleanse the world…”

He walked to the left and pointed at the Grand Commander’s Baton stabbed into the middle of the altar.

“Finally, we were able to put the Grand Commander’s Baton onto the altar!”

The people once again let out mutters. The tears of sorrow and sadness were quickly replaced with tears filled with joy and excitement. They were showing dramatic changes to every single action and word of Latio.

“This baton, or rather the gem at the end…”

His finger pointed at Tempestas.

“Tempestas has amazing powers and abilities resting within.”

He pulled his hands and rested them before his chest. It was a very polite, devoted posture.

“If we could awaken that power, we will be able to save and cleanse this world.”

The believers all laid flat on the ground with only their heads raised up. Within their eyes was flaming passion but Latio suddenly made a pained expression.

“But to awaken those powers and abilities, noble and holy sacrifices are needed.”

As soon as his words ended,

“I’ll give my life!”
“We’ll give our lives!”
“I will offer my and my son’s lives!”

Opening their eyes wide, the believers bellowed. They were worried to have this honourable chance taken away by other believers – it was truly the appearance of a fanatic.

Latio covered his face with his two hands.

“Huuk. Huuk. Huuk.”

Killing his sound, he shed tears.


They who had been screaming raised their right hands with murmurs. Without daring to approach, they only reached out their hands towards Latio.

“Please do not cry.”
“Your Holiness. Do not cry.”
“It’s our fault.”

He couldn’t understand what their fault was. Roan received an intense headache from this insane scenery and a continuous retch left his lips.

Then Latio calmed himself before throwing his arms wide open.

“Enlightened ones.”

Roan couldn’t understand how they would ever be considered enlightened.

“I can only thank you for your honourable hearts and courage.”

He was still shedding tears.

“I will follow the wishes of you all.”

Power was etched into his words.

“Please give me your lives.”

That was a permission as well as a command.

“In your name, I will save and cleanse the world.”

As soon as he finished,


The believers let out cheers and threw their arms into the air. Seeing that, Latio reached his hand out and touched the centre of the altar slightly. And then,


The patterns engraved at the centre of the altar spread through the place like strands of light, like waves of water. They filled the ground where the believers were sitting on and the ceilings which covered them. It gave off a dark, disgusting aura, but,

“Uuuuu. Uuu. Uuuuu.”
“Uuuuu. Uuu. Uuuuu.”

The believers cheered on and sang a strange song. Seeing that scene, Latio shed warm tears and as if he couldn’t stop it anymore, he blocked his face with his two arms. It appeared like he was holding back the overflowing emotions of sadness and regret forcibly, but,

“Kuk. A bunch of idiots.”

A small, soft voice left Latio’s lips. Although the believers grasped in madness couldn’t hear it, Roan who had been nearby was able to clearly hear it. On top of that,

‘A smile?’

A cruel grin appeared on the lips that were being covered by the arms.

‘It was all a fake.’

Roan clenched his teeth as rage roared up. The salvation and cleansing of the world, the regretful heart towards the believers and the tears of sorrow… all of that had been fake. The only thing apparent within Latio’s eyes were the dirty and disgusting greed and ambition.

“Kuk! Uhum!”

After making another smile, Latio forcibly settled his expression. Then he raised his two arms and closed his eyes and that was the signal.


Along with strange shouts, the believers took our short blades from their clothes. Sharpened blades, crude blades, longswords and daggers… people that couldn’t prepare any of those took out sharp steel pieces.

“Your Holiness!”
“Save and cleanse the world!”
“Wake up from your dreams, Tempestas!”

Loud bellows filled the place and at the same time, they swung their blades at each other.

Slash! Slash!

Sharp blades and steel pierced their throats.

“N, No!”

Roan, who had been watching, bellowed and jumped down from the altar.

“These crazy people!”

Roan swore and swung his hands but those formless hands couldn’t stop the believers.

“My son, my daughter. Let’s go together.”

Right before him, a middle-aged woman pierced the necks of a boy and a girl who was yet to reach 10 from their appearance.


In front of such a horrible scene, Roan kneeled – he collapsed onto his knees. Oblivious to his wishes, the memories of Tempestas clearly showed the past that had once occurred.


The voices filled with insanity reduced one by one, and it didn’t take long for them to end their own lives.


Moans of pain filled the entire place

“How could such a thing…”

Roan couldn’t find any words to continue. Everyone had lost their lives with only Latio standing alive.

“T, t, t, this crazy bastard!!!”

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  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait… so this timeline is when after Katy told Pierce to use the Baton to awaken Roan de Amaranth to save the continent, hence Roan’s first time being a Monarch? But how did Katy know that Roan is a supposedly a unifier of the continent in the first place? Need more information.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Deathwing Post author

      So this is what I believe, first timeline, Roan being so successful becomes the Emperor (Roan de Amaranth) – Somehow Lutio finds the Grand Commander’s Baton and goes back in time, thus, creating the second timeline. Roan is being pushed away from taking any worth positions etc. Pierce, when he becomes the Grand Commander in the second timeline, learns about all this (and potentially, tells Katy) so when Roan dies in the battle, Pierce uses the Grand Commander’s Baton and creates the third timeline, the one we’ve been reading.

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