I Am the Monarch – Chapter 293 – The Past (3)

Rushing up, Roan ran towards Latio, but that too, was meaningless. It was then,


From the patterns engraved on the altar, the ground and the ceiling, black light started spewing out. The puddles of blood followed the light and flowed straight into the centre of the altar.


Latio finally threw away his pretense and broke out into a strange laughter while showing his teeth.

“Foolish. Truly foolish.”

He laughed heavily with his hand on his stomach. Flowing past his feet, the blood that had been painted black spread towards the centre of the altar, towards Tempestas.

“With this much, I wouldn’t have to spend my mana or my life right?”

His gaze turned towards Tempestas. From his eyes appeared restlessness when he saw Tempestas without a single change even after the massive flow of black light and the rivers of blood.

“Did I need more sacrifices…”

The loyal believers were no more than mere sacrifices for him.

“If it’s like this, even my life and all my mana would’ve failed. It was a good thing that I interchanged it with a sacrifice.”

Latio wasn’t someone who would risk himself in things that were uncertain.

“To give more sacrifices, it would require a larger place than this.”

He murmured in an extremely calm tone, and that made it even more cruel, evil and disgusting. Roan, who had been nearby, was enraged.

“Crazy bastard! Sacrificing humans for Tempestas! This…”

When his words reached that point,


Golden light started to overflow out from Tempestas.

“Kukukukuku! So it wasn’t a fail? Kuhahaha! You have woken up, Tempestas!”

Latio let out a strange laughter and he quickly grabbed onto the Grand Commander’s Baton.

“Now! The object of the gods; the gift of the dragons! Bestow me with another chance!”

Hugging it into his chest, Latio closed his eyes.


Roan shouted from the side and threw a fist but it was pointless. Soon, the golden light from Tempestas filled the space.


Feeling a strange sense of comfort Roan once again closed his eyes and when he reopened his eyes, the scenery before him had changed but he was still within the memories of Tempestas. The memories climbed up the passing of time without an end, and the awful times passed boringly.

Until finally,

“You’ve returned.”

A familiar voice reached into his ears and carefully opening his eyes, the familiar scenery was revealed before him.

“How was it? Looking at the memories of Tempestas that is.”

The owner of the voice was Kalian. Feeling the intense headache, Roan made a frown as his thoughts were jumbled in a mess. However, now was not the time to be carefree.

“Sir Kalian.”

A low voice.


Kalian made a faint smile in response. Bringing a step forward, Roan whispered in a soft voice.

“Can you please teleport me to the Capital Mediasi…”

When his words reached that point,


A white pillar of light enveloped Roan and Kalian’s body as it reached into the skies.


The bright pillar of light soon vanished without leaving anything behind, and Roan and Kalian were included. It was teleportation magic once again.

<The Past (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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4 Replies to “I Am the Monarch – Chapter 293 – The Past (3)”

  1. Code name GNetNe

    Wait… so this timeline is when after Katy told Pierce to use the Baton to awaken Roan de Amaranth to save the continent, hence Roan’s first time being a Monarch? But how did Katy know that Roan is a supposedly a unifier of the continent in the first place? Need more information.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Deathwing Post author

      So this is what I believe, first timeline, Roan being so successful becomes the Emperor (Roan de Amaranth) – Somehow Lutio finds the Grand Commander’s Baton and goes back in time, thus, creating the second timeline. Roan is being pushed away from taking any worth positions etc. Pierce, when he becomes the Grand Commander in the second timeline, learns about all this (and potentially, tells Katy) so when Roan dies in the battle, Pierce uses the Grand Commander’s Baton and creates the third timeline, the one we’ve been reading.

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