I Am the Monarch – Chapter 294 – The Past (4)

He turned his head and gazed outside.

“Lots of citizens helped the knights and soldiers’ search but due to things becoming complicated, we had been slowed out overall.”

Roan gave a short nod as everything became clear.

“I understand what has happened.”

The theft of the baton, or rather Tempestas was definitely something carried under Latio’s orders.

‘In the first place, he must have accepted my offer into coming to the Capital of Mediasis for Tempestas.’

All that polite and modest expression and attitude were all fake.


Roan made a faint smile.

‘He didn’t know that the Grand Commander’s Baton was a fake.’

Was it coincidence or a destiny after three lives? Kalian had taken the Grand Commander’s Baton away and while doing that, he had placed the fake he made inside. It was a measure taken so that the palace that knew nothing about it would not fall into a panicky situation.

Swift, who knew nothing about it, had presented the fake Grand Commander’s Baton and Latio who had no way of knowing that he had stolen the fake baton. Making a bitter smile, Roan stared towards Swift.

“Archbishop Latio and the people of the temple?”
“They’re all out searching. Ever since a few days ago, they started personally looking around the areas surrounding the capital.”

Feeling grateful, Swift replied with a smile but Roan heaved a short sigh before staring at Kalian.

“As expected huh.”

It was an awkward use of casual language, and Kalian made a smile before lowering his head.

“It is indeed, Your Majesty.”

He too replied with an awkward polite speech as they had talked and decided to hide the real identity of Kalian for the time being. Looking into each others’ eyes, they moved their lips without making a single sound.

[Is there tracking magic on the fake baton?]
[Of course.]

After another grin, Kalian lowered his head and breathing in deeply, Roan stared at Swift.

“Swift. Stop the search and return to your normal tasks.”
“Sorry? But the Grand Commander’s Baton is…”

When he was about to shake his head with befuddlement,

“I’ll find it myself. Others are not aware but there’s tracking magic placed on the baton.”

It was a believable lie.


The various soldiers, knights and Swift had no way of knowing that and after a short mutter, they lowered their heads.

“Then we will stop the search now.”

It was a fast decision and judgment as expected of Swift. Due to the search of the baton, body-checks and border control, the normal tasks of the administration, the knights and the Defense Army had all been paralysed. Besides, due to the citizens throwing away their work and indulging in the searches due to Latio’s request, the entire economy of the kingdom was starting to freeze up.

‘It is better in various ways to just leave the baton to His Majesty.’

After thinking of multiple things in that short amount of time, Swift quickly made a decision. Roan approached him with a few steps and whispered,

“There will be more surprising things happening.”

Swift asked back with a clueless expression and Roan continued with a calm voice and expression.

“I’ll tell you the details when everyone is gathered.”

He was planning to divulge the necessary facts when Aily, the commanders, generals and nobles were all gathered.

“Until then, commit to your tasks to the best of your ability.”

His gentle voice etched into the eardrums.

“Yes. I will take it to heart.”

Wearing a rigid expression, Swift lowered his head. Making a content smile, Roan walked back until he was right next to Kalian, and when their eyes met,


A white pillar of light rose up to the skies. It was teleportation once again.


The time he had spent within the memories of the Tempestas was long.

‘The time spent inside and outside were different.’

Roan had read and felt the fragmented memories of Tempestas with his own body but it had only felt like he had spent around half a day. However, when he had left the memories back to the real world, it had already been more than 20 days.

“That can’t be helped. We wouldn’t have been able to do things without you having read the memories of Tempestas.”

Kalian patted Roan’s back and Roan nodded in response with a bitter smile. Just like Kalian had said, there was nothing he could do about it. Kneeling down on the ground on one knee, he got rid of a few rocks and when those stones and rocks disappeared, pieces of the broken baton had shown itself.

“He broke them as expected.”

Roan heaved a short sigh while Kalian nodded with a grin.

“If it’s him, he would’ve found out straight after stealing, that the baton he had stolen was a fake…”

The baton that was in pieces in Roan’s hands – that was the fake Grand Commander’s Baton which was presumed to have been stolen by Latio.


Roan stood up while dusting away the pieces of the baton.

“Is there any way to further chase him?”

A low voice came out but Kalian shook his head in response.

“None. If there were, I would’ve gone looking for him immediately.”

Roan made a faint smile in response.

“There’s no meaning even if you do. Dragons…”

His eyes reflected light.

“Cannot kill the followers of the gods.”

Kalian nodded his head.

“Right. That is one of the dragons’ laws after all. Damn.”

He swore without being able to hold it back. Roan made a bitter smile.

“Because of that law, the Middle World was almost completely ruined.”

His voice seemed to criticise even.

“I know. But dragons that don’t keep the laws are destroyed immediately”

It was different from the laws of humans, and their promises. Death awaited them if they didn’t follow the laws – those were the laws of the dragons.

“What about you Roan, any thoughts? As to where Latio that crazy bastard might’ve gone to…”

In response, Roan faced towards the East.

“He perhaps is headed to the Aimas Union since that was where he was supposed to start…”

Kalian made a frown and after a while, he asked carefully.

“But would that guy know that you had come back to the past?”

It was a serious problem. Meeting that gaze, Roan shook his head.

“I’m not too sure, but judging from the actions he took…”

A faint smile appeared on his lips.

“He shouldn’t know yet. If he did, he wouldn’t have shown himself carelessly.”
“Right. You’re right.”

Giving a pout, Kalian nodded his head before suddenly making a strange expression.

“Right, on that note…”

A bright smile appeared on his face.

“What happened between you and Latio? Tell me in detail. Although I did look into the memories of Tempestas as well, the memories were saved without regard to the flow of time so it was all in a mess…”

When his words reached that point,


Roan gave a nod.

“I’ll tell you about Latio and myself. It would be better to know of it in preparation for the things that may happen from now on.”

He heaved out a sigh and on Kalian’s face surfaced an undisguisable expectation.

“Where should I start the story… mhmm… I guess…”

Roan’s voice was soft but powerful.

“It would be better to start talking from the first life.”

The story thus began.

<The Past (4)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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