I Am the Monarch – Chapter 295 – The Past (5)

“When the Aimas Union was about to reunite and form the Claude Kingdom again, another crusade had been gathered. Although the scale was smaller than before, it had once again caused ruin on the lands of the Aimas Union, right?”

Roan nodded his head in response. It was something that had happened when he was young but Roan knew clearly about the atrocities that had happened back then through the several books he read.

“From the perspective of the Tallian Church, it was a vicious war when their saviour called Latio was still in the process of growing.”

He stared at the skies.

“The crusaders once again massacred without regard to the gender and age of the citizens. During that process, Latio’s friends and parents had all died and thanks to the priests protecting him with their own lives on the line, only Latio had been able to survive.”
“His hatred which had already been great must have been fired up.”

With a frown, Kalian shook his head. He could finally understand where the vicious madness of Latio was coming from.

“After that, I had appeared and through several hardships, I managed to unify the continent but Latio’s hatred grew day by day.”

Within the memories of Tempestas, there were scenes of Latio using the believers of the Tallian Church to put a stop to Roan’s actions before ultimately failing. Unfortunately, there were no clear details on how and when such things had happened.

However, there was one event that had been recorded clearly.

“Around the time when the continent was about to be unified, Latio had gathered the believers around him for a strange ritual.”

Kalian made a faint smile in response.

“I also saw that through the memories of Tempestas.”

Roan gave a nod.

“Yes. That guy used the believers as a sacrifice to try to open the gates of the boundary.”
“But he failed.”

Kalian quickly finished the sentence as his finger pointed at Roan.

“You and your knights attacked the altar.”
“Right. Thanks to the reports of the countless informants placed across the empire, we made it in time and had attacked the altar but we had lost track of the most important Latio.”

Roan heaved out a large breath.

“After gathering the believers once again, Latio began another ritual.”

That was the ritual to awaken the hidden powers and abilities of Tempestas.

“He realised that he could never beat you in that world and had returned to the past.”

Hearing about everything from the first life, Kalian shook his head. Although he found out why Latio had called the world hell, and why he was trying to destroy the Middle World, that didn’t mean that he could be forgiven.

“What are those humans that sacrifice their own lives for that crazy bastard?”

Kalian shook his head, unable to comprehend. Roan made a bitter smile.

“At the start, it was at most the believers of the Aimas Union who had believed in the Tallian Church for generations since their family, friends and relatives had all fallen before the blade of the crusaders. But…”

Thinking back on the memories of Tempestas, he let out a deep sigh.

“After that, throughout the Great Warring Period, the people that lost their precious ones all gathered under Latio. The only thing they could rely on was the Tallian Church and that guy.”

Roan did put a stop to the Great Warring Period, unified the continent and gain fame as the First Emperor, but to the people that had lost their precious ones in the war, he was just another person that caused another war.

However, they couldn’t find rest through the Devesis Church. The Devesis Church had been corrupt and after Roan came into power, they all threw away their positions and ran away. In the end, the only person the scarred people could find was another scarred person like Latio.

“Using the sorrow and pain of the people. He’s the worst of the worst.”

Kalian made a frown. Although he was a dragon, he had involved himself deeply in the human world so he did understand quite a lot about human emotions.

“Then what about the second life?”

Shaking his head, Kalian asked carefully and Roan replied with a bitter smile.

“A mess. It was a total mess.”

Remembering the memories of Tempestas, Roan let out a short sigh. It really was a mess. After coming back to the past, Latio relied on the memories of the future to increase his power and authority.

At the same time, he sent loyal believers to several nations of the continent and didn’t hold back on supporting them. Thanks to that, the several believers were able to hold important positions of the kingdoms and empires and worked as shadows of Latio.

In that process, Latio moved the believers to put a stop on Roan’s works and Roan repeated relegations and demotions until becoming stuck as a lowly spearman. And naturally, Latio forcibly stopped him from going to the Grain Mountain Range as part of the raid squad.

“And he himself searched everywhere to gain that fateful encounter himself but he didn’t gain anything out of it.”

In the end, the fateful encounter which Roan got in the first life ended up in a labyrinth of mystery. Kalian who had been listening in made a frown.

“But why did that guy have to do it in such a difficult manner after returning to the past? Didn’t he just have to kill you?”

Indeed, he was right. Roan nodded his head in response.

“I found that strange as well. If he went to the past, why didn’t he kill me? If I was that much of an obstacle, shouldn’t he have taken care of me first?”

A strange smile appeared on his lips.

“Although I can’t be too sure, according to the memories of Tempestas, I guessed that…”
“You guessed that…”

Kalian repeated the words for no reason and pointed his ears out. The smile hanging on Roan’s lips became deeper.

“That guy returned to a period much later than what he was expecting.”

<The Past (5)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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