I Am the Monarch – Chapter 296 – The Past (6)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 296: The Past (6)

Of course, he couldn’t be certain about anything. From the memories of Tempestas, the time of Latio’s travel back in time had never been mentioned specifically and was only an assumption after taking several situations and stories into account.

“The difference in my first and second life was when I was placed in the Southern Army after a repetition of relegations.”

Both in the first and second life, Roan had been relegated due to having a bad relationship with Benjamin Doyle, the Supreme Commander of the Eastern Armies. In the end, he had been placed in the smallest provincial army, the Southern Army.

“In the first life, I had also been played around by several
Supreme Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders there before being relegated to the Grain Mountain Range raid team, but in the second life…”
“You had been sent to a place other than the Grain Mountain Range.”

Kalian interjected with a faint smile.

“Yes. For some reason, I had been sent back to the Eastern Army before being sent to the boundaries of the Eastern and the Northern Armies.”
“That’s when Latio came in right?”
“According to my thoughts at least, yes.”

Roan nodded his head.

“I’m guessing that he started working on things personally around that point and had returned to the past some time before that.”

Straight after returning to the past, he wouldn’t have been able to have much influence. At that time, Latio had been the successor of a fallen religion and was running away to avoid the eyes of the Devesis Church. It probably would’ve been difficult for Latio who had been in the Aimas Union to come over to the Rinse Kingdom and do something to Roan who was a spearman under the Kingdom.

He first would’ve relied on his memories of the future to increase his power and influence as fast as possible.

‘Of course, even then, it is certain that he had returned to a period much later than he had been expecting.”

In the first place, there was no reason to return to such an ambiguous period of time. If he had gone back to before the attack of the crusaders, he could have avoided the raid and would’ve been able to increase his influence a lot faster.

‘It didn’t go according to his wishes.’

There were several possible reasons for that.

‘Although he sacrificed countless believers, even that had not been enough.’

Or perhaps it could’ve been because of the lives and mana of many people intertwining and affecting the balance of power. But,

“Although he returned to a period much later than he thought, it wouldn’t have been that difficult to ruin my life.”

Roan back then really was no different from a normal person after all. Hearing up to there, Kalian tilted his head.

“But why did he keep you alive without killing you after that?”

He couldn’t understand. Even if he wasn’t able to lay his hands on Roan because of the initial lack of his power and influence, there was no reason for him to keep Roan alive after gaining power and it would’ve been better on his conscience to get rid of potential problems as soon as possible.

Roan made a strange smile.

“That was perhaps because…”

There was a reason he could guess.

“He aimed for the fateful encounter I had gained in my first life.”

Although Latio had searched the Grain Mountain Range himself for that fateful encounter, he couldn’t find anything. He perhaps thought that if there was a thing called fate, then it would once again get close to Roan in some manner.

“After the force under him grew, in other words, when he was able to observe me from a close distance, he would’ve decided to watch me instead of killing.”
“If you got close to that fateful encounter again, he would take it immediately before… huh…”

Kalian smiled bitterly and shook his head. He couldn’t help but be at awe of Latio’s ambition and greed, but at the same time, he could understand that a fateful encounter that could make Roan from a low spearman into an emperor would be indeed worth longing for.

Roan too made a bitter smile.

“I believe you’ve seen it as well but I died at a battlefield as the lowest-grade spearman while Latio became the personification of revenge as he destroyed the Middle World.”
“While playing dead as well.”

Kalian shook his head and Roan let out a deep breath. Latio who was believed to have died during the Holy War was actually not dead and he had in fact hid himself behind the curtains while spreading rumours about his death.

What was more shocking was,

‘The countless battles that had happened after that, and especially the more intense ones were all intentionally created by Latio.’

Roan clenched his teeth.

‘Creating altars all around the continent was not enough for him and he made the entire continent into a form of an altar.’

All the nations within the continent had waged wars on top of the altar made by Latio.

‘Latio. From that guy’s perspective, he was able to easily supply the altar with sacrifices.’

As wars got more intense, mountains of corpses filled the ground and blood formed rivers. Latio probably would’ve welcomed it with his both thumbs up as the cruel plan he had set up was easily being carried through.

His evil deeds had gotten worse after Roan’s death. Due to that, the Great Warring Period in the first and the second lives were similar yet different. Unlike the first life where the Great Warring Period slowly started getting fiercer, the second life’s one was a lot more vicious and continued endlessly.

And ultimately,

‘The Gates of Boundary had been broken.’

Those were all things that happened after Roan’s death. Breathing in deeply, Roan stared directly at Kalian.

“That guy probably doesn’t know that I’ve come back in time. He most likely just thinks that himself coming back in time had changed the future a little.”

The first time he came back in time, he probably would’ve been very puzzled as Roan who should’ve been struggling as a mere spearman was famous with victories under his name.

“After somewhat gathering up the forces, he must’ve gathered and analysed information on me before intentionally appearing before me with the assassins of the Black Moon Guild.”
“He was planning to have something fall onto his lap without doing anything.”

Kalian shook his head with a grin and Roan nodded his head.

“Right. If I died to the assassins of the Black Moon Guild, that would’ve been good and even if I didn’t he was probably planning to continue the connection somehow.”
“To take Tempestas?”

Roan once again gave a nod to Kalian’s words.

“Yes. Because the previous me and the current me were way too different, he most likely wanted to steal the Tempestas earlier on and go back in time once again.”

Hearing that, Kalian pushed his chest out in pride.

“If it wasn’t for me, everything would’ve gone according to his will.”

If not for Kalian swapping the real and the fake Tempestas, they would’ve been running around on top of Latio’s palm again. Roan lowered his head with a bitter smile.

“It was thanks to you that we have gone over this predicament. Thank you.”

Turning his head, Roan faced towards the east.

“Latio is probably heading towards the Aimas Union. That is where most of the memories of the future he remembers are related to after all.”
“It would be easier to do things at a place where he remembers clearly after all.”

With a grin Kalian nodded his head. He too turned towards the east.

“Then do we head to the Aimas Union as well?”

Roan shook his head.

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7 Replies to “I Am the Monarch – Chapter 296 – The Past (6)”

  1. wakoko79

    Thanks for the Chapter!
    Can anyone explain? I’m confused.
    In the 1st timeline, Talian used tempestas.
    In 2nd timeline, Pierce used tempestas on Roan, but did Talian also used it on 2nd timeline? Is that how there are 2 “returners” in the 3rd timeline?

    1. NaoSou

      First Timeline – Natural timeline, no time travelers exist. Latios uses the Tempestas to go back.
      Second Timeline – Latios arrives (From the First Timeline), takes over the continent and ruins Roan’s life. Pierce uses his life to send Roan back to the past
      Third Timeline – Roan arrives (From Second Timeline), events of the novel so far happen, Latios arrives (From the first timeline)

      So, basically. The third timeline is a variation of the second timeline, where Roan was sent to the past and arrived before Latios arrived from the first timeline.

      – Roan arrives from the second timeline
      – Becomes King
      – Latios arrives from the first timeline
      – Here we are

  2. Nicolas Gauthier

    I think Kalian may have been Roan fortunate encounter in the first life. Dragons were in the Grain Mountain Range after all.

    For wakoko79 :

    Let me assume you mean “Latio” used Tempestas in the first life and Pierce in the 2nd one. The first to have used Tempestas would have been Latio. According to Roan, he would have come much later than expected. Pierce sent Roan back to the very beginning of his journey. Roan had memories of his 2nd life events and intervened in his 3rd life before Latio could get involves with him because he wasn’t there yet.

    By changing the future that Latio knew about, Roan would have shielded himself and forged a different path to the Throne. It’s the butterfly effect if you will. At some point in Roan return, he stopped having knowledge of the future and started “winging it”. Granted that he was prepared and surrounded at that point by Ian Phillips, Aily, Pierce, Chris, etc.

    1. wakoko79

      LOL yeah, what the hell, Tallian isn’t even a character, I meant Latio.

      Still confused. I assume that Latio was the reason for the bad ending in timeline 2, am I right?
      I also assumed that It ended like that since Latio had the knowledge of timeline 1 where he came from, right? This is why current Roan remembers Latio to be supposedly (but not really) dead in the 2nd timeline. Latio from 2nd timeline was just scheming things from the shadows and using his knowledge from timeline 1.

      So at the end of timeline 2, Pierce sent Roan back in time. Now Roan is in timeline 3 with some knowledge of timeline 2, but how did Latio went to timeline 3? The current Latio is clearly a returner, or is he?
      If he was a returner, then at what point in timeline 2 he used tempestas?
      I remember some lines saying that Latio stole tempestas, but I believe that act was done on timeline 1.

      Or wait, is it possible that we are not talking about different timelines here? There are just 2, the present and the past. I’m so confused..

      1. artix003

        there are three timelines.
        1. Roan was an emperor. Latio came from here.
        2.Pierce somehow got info that Roan was the emperor later on but somehow changed here in this timeline so he changed it. Current Roan came from here.
        3.Roan came back much earlier while latio came back after Roan has already become the monarch. Roan watched what happened in timeline 2 after his death up to the altar that made latio come to timeline 3

        im just using a simple summary here read previous chapters for more details

  3. dozymoe

    I think it’s their both second times, first Latio went back into the past, then Pierce countered that by sending Roan into the past.
    Now it’s both of their first time into the past.

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