I Am the Monarch – Chapter 296 – The Past (6)

“No, even if we head to the Aimas Union, we won’t be able to find Latio after all. And besides, this time, just finding Latio won’t end things.”
“What does that mean?”

Kalian made a frown. Standing on the same spot, Roan turned around to look at every direction.


A short word escaped his lips as his face turned rigid.

“It is already installed throughout the continent.”

A low voice filled the area.

‘The fact that it was in the Blackburn area would mean that most of the work had already proceeded.’

Going through the memories of Tempestas, it was safe to say that it was the most certain assumption.

“We must break all that, but before that…”

Roan stopped turning around and standing still, he stared directly at Kalian. His deeply sunk eyes reflected light.

“I must meet the pope.”


“I don’t know if it’s okay for us to leave like this without a word.”
“They cared greatly for us…”
“Is there a reason you’re leaving the Amaranth Kingdom back to the Aimas Union?”

The people wearing brown attires heaved out sighs with worried expressions. Their gaze gathered towards one place, at the youth that was leading the group from the front. Despite the baggy brown clothes he was wearing, he appeared very feeble and his white skin was eye-catching. Turning his head, the youth faced several people with a warm smile hanging on his lips.

“You are all very worried.”

His deep eyes flickered in light. The youth that was glancing over the group of people with a kind expression was none other than Latio.

“The reason why I’m leaving the Amaranth Kingdom that gives rest to my body back to the Aimas Union is because my heart is uncomfortable.”

The people asked back with surprised expressions in response.

“You felt uncomfortable?”
“Did the Amaranth Kingdom side do something?”
“We didn’t feel anything though.”

Urgent words left and Latio waved his hands with a bright smile.

“That’s not what I mean. I wasn’t uncomfortable because of the treatment from the Amaranth Kingdom but…”

His gaze pointed towards the east.

“Thinking back on the believers that had been left behind in the Aimas Kingdom made my heart ache of sorrow.”

In that instant, many of them let out low murmurs before soon lowering their heads in depression. In the Aimas Union, there were a lot of believers of the Tallian Church. However, they had to avoid the strict investigations and eyes of the Devesis Church and their believers as they survived day by day while hiding themselves.

“The brothers in Aimas are under intense hardships even now. Keeping their faith and to keep their faith, they are living whilst standing on the edge of a cliff.”

His voice turned heated in emotion as he wiped his eyes with his long sleeves. He appeared to be wiping away his tears.

“Thinking of those believers, I couldn’t live with only me being at rest.”
“Ah… Sir…”

The people bowed with moved expressions but it was then.

“But even then, wouldn’t it have been better to talk to the Amaranth Kingdom at least? They helped us quite a lot and…”

One of the men opened their mouth carefully and Latio responded with a nod and a faint smile.

“Of course, those are natural manners considering that we were the helped ones. However, I couldn’t bring myself to doing that.”

A regretful look appeared in his eyes.

“If we said we were going to leave, they wouldn’t have just let us go empty handed. They would’ve tried to give us perhaps a Lebbis carriage or at least a few magic carriages.”

Latio shook his head.

“I couldn’t receive such hospitality yet again.”

The men let out mutters and Latio faced a warm smile towards them.

“I have sent a separate letter so please don’t keep that in mind.”
“We just follow the will of Sir Archbishop.”

They lowered their heads once again but the believer that had been worried about the Amaranth Kingdom did not have a good expression to the end. Latio still faced a kind smile at him, but,

‘That rotten bastard.”

His innards were black and cold.

‘The moment we go back to Aimas, you’ll become a sacrifice straight away, hmph.’

Profanities filled him up to his throat.

This was his real self. Despite that, he still kept an amiable expression outwardly as he faced towards the east and the feet that had come to a stop started moving again. That scene made the onlookers think of a holy man leaving on a journey filled with holiness and dignity.

However, the eyes of Latio who had his back towards the people were vicious like a snake and cold light was reflected from deep within.

‘Damn. Nothing’s going the way I want them to.’

He wanted to grab anyone and pull their heads out. That was how angry he was.

‘Roan who should’ve been having trouble as a lowly spearman is undefeated; the Tempestas I stole is a fake…’

Latio clenched his teeth.

‘Even dozens of assassins of the Black Moon Guild running in at once couldn’t kill him. If I was to attack now, I might lose my life for it.’

He decided to fall back once.

‘Firstly, while looking for the real Tempestas, the rituals of the altars must proceed. To do that…’

A cruel light filled his eyes.

‘I need a lot of blood.’

On Latio’s lips, a brutal smile hung itself. It wasn’t that difficult to find lots of blood.

‘I need a war, no…’

His smile deepened.

‘A massacre.’

Turning his eyes, they pointed towards the east.

‘There’s a fitting place.’

A beautiful village appeared inside his head.

‘I was planning on using it later on but since the situation calls for it, there’s no other way around it.’

His expression changed slightly. It was a complicated expression that was jumbled up with excitement, joy, and rage.

‘Now, should I begin for real?’

It wasn’t a question seeking for an answer as the answer had already been made. Like that, Latio’s ‘second life’ and Roan’s third life started to get tangled up.

<The Past (6)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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7 Replies to “I Am the Monarch – Chapter 296 – The Past (6)”

  1. wakoko79

    Thanks for the Chapter!
    Can anyone explain? I’m confused.
    In the 1st timeline, Talian used tempestas.
    In 2nd timeline, Pierce used tempestas on Roan, but did Talian also used it on 2nd timeline? Is that how there are 2 “returners” in the 3rd timeline?

    1. NaoSou

      First Timeline – Natural timeline, no time travelers exist. Latios uses the Tempestas to go back.
      Second Timeline – Latios arrives (From the First Timeline), takes over the continent and ruins Roan’s life. Pierce uses his life to send Roan back to the past
      Third Timeline – Roan arrives (From Second Timeline), events of the novel so far happen, Latios arrives (From the first timeline)

      So, basically. The third timeline is a variation of the second timeline, where Roan was sent to the past and arrived before Latios arrived from the first timeline.

      – Roan arrives from the second timeline
      – Becomes King
      – Latios arrives from the first timeline
      – Here we are

  2. Nicolas Gauthier

    I think Kalian may have been Roan fortunate encounter in the first life. Dragons were in the Grain Mountain Range after all.

    For wakoko79 :

    Let me assume you mean “Latio” used Tempestas in the first life and Pierce in the 2nd one. The first to have used Tempestas would have been Latio. According to Roan, he would have come much later than expected. Pierce sent Roan back to the very beginning of his journey. Roan had memories of his 2nd life events and intervened in his 3rd life before Latio could get involves with him because he wasn’t there yet.

    By changing the future that Latio knew about, Roan would have shielded himself and forged a different path to the Throne. It’s the butterfly effect if you will. At some point in Roan return, he stopped having knowledge of the future and started “winging it”. Granted that he was prepared and surrounded at that point by Ian Phillips, Aily, Pierce, Chris, etc.

    1. wakoko79

      LOL yeah, what the hell, Tallian isn’t even a character, I meant Latio.

      Still confused. I assume that Latio was the reason for the bad ending in timeline 2, am I right?
      I also assumed that It ended like that since Latio had the knowledge of timeline 1 where he came from, right? This is why current Roan remembers Latio to be supposedly (but not really) dead in the 2nd timeline. Latio from 2nd timeline was just scheming things from the shadows and using his knowledge from timeline 1.

      So at the end of timeline 2, Pierce sent Roan back in time. Now Roan is in timeline 3 with some knowledge of timeline 2, but how did Latio went to timeline 3? The current Latio is clearly a returner, or is he?
      If he was a returner, then at what point in timeline 2 he used tempestas?
      I remember some lines saying that Latio stole tempestas, but I believe that act was done on timeline 1.

      Or wait, is it possible that we are not talking about different timelines here? There are just 2, the present and the past. I’m so confused..

      1. artix003

        there are three timelines.
        1. Roan was an emperor. Latio came from here.
        2.Pierce somehow got info that Roan was the emperor later on but somehow changed here in this timeline so he changed it. Current Roan came from here.
        3.Roan came back much earlier while latio came back after Roan has already become the monarch. Roan watched what happened in timeline 2 after his death up to the altar that made latio come to timeline 3

        im just using a simple summary here read previous chapters for more details

  3. dozymoe

    I think it’s their both second times, first Latio went back into the past, then Pierce countered that by sending Roan into the past.
    Now it’s both of their first time into the past.

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