I Am the Monarch – Chapter 297 – A Bloody Battle (1)

The Gates of the Boundary, Demon World and demons… things they had never thought about filled and confused their brain.

“If this was to continue, despite the sacrifices of the dragons, the Gates of the Boundary will be opened.”

If they were to be opened, it was obvious that demons would come pouring out.

‘Demons. Those horrible beings are showing in groups!’

Their faces crumpled. Sometimes, demons did appear in this world. When the gaps between the Middle World and the Demon World collided, some of the demons would come across by mistake. Of course, they could show themselves through the summons of the black magicians and sorcerers who had now hidden themselves.

‘One or two demons could destroy three to four knight orders.’

That was how strong those existences called demons were.

‘If the gates were to open…’

Tens, hundreds, thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of those demons would pour out at the same time.

‘Over! It’ll be over!’

Their faces turned rotten as despair filled their gaze.

‘As expected, this is the reaction.’

Kalian who had been watching over made a bitter smile. If this was the response after just hearing the story, he couldn’t expect too much from them.

‘It has to be a small number of elites.’

He thought that if he could take a few skilled ones out from each country, they could be quite useful. It was then that the people that had been in despair all raised their heads to look at Roan.

Naturally, just like how water would flow from high above to below, they stared and Roan met their gazes calmly. He didn’t show overconfidence and just reflected the same expression and attitude. At once, the faces that had been filled with despair were replaced with bright colours and the eyes that had been coloured with helplessness had changed to a bold light.

‘Right. Even against those demons, if we’re with His Majesty…’
‘The roads we’ve walked with His Majesty so far were not easy either!’
‘If it’s him, if we’re with him, we can definitely make it happen!’

Their hearts were filled up. Seeing Roan who protected them from the front with the same wide shoulders, they found their confidence back. Roan made a faint smile in response as he too had discovered the changes in his subordinates.

“There won’t be a need to ask,”

His smile was made more apparent.

“Whether you’ll be fighting with me or not.”

They lowered their heads silently in response and gave off a bold aura.


Even Kalian couldn’t hold back his admiration but the target of his feelings was Roan.


He had pulled up the declining morale in one go. He didn’t show off a heartwarming speech or his strength and his existence itself was a target of faith, and a source of relief and great hope.

It was then,

“But how did Your Majesty find out about all these things?”

The Minister of Argens, Chris asked with a surprised expression. Argens which was the greatest intelligence group in the continent didn’t even know about it so he was extremely curious about the source.

Roan stared at Kalian.

“This is all thanks to Kalian.”

Since they decided to hide his identity, Roan had no way but to treat him casually. Kalian made an awkward smile as he lowered his head slightly.

“He is…”

Roan’s introduction continued.

“A representative sent by the dragons.”

They gave off exclamations immediately.

“That’s why he had such amazing magic skills.”

Swift who had seen Kalian’s teleportation magic before shook his head and clicked his tongue while Aily and Pierce who knew about Kalian’s real identity made awkward smiles. Roan quickly gave off several orders to change the topic.

“First off, each Provincial Army should focus on searching for the altars in their region.”

He gave orders to the Central Army, Special Corps, the Defense Army as well as the Knight Orders on top of that. Also, the Administrator and the Legislator were told to look out and prepare for the horrible war that may happen shortly while backing up the armies in their search.

“Yes sir! We have received the command.”

They lowered their heads after a short salute and Roan breathed in deeply.

“First, I am planning on heading over to the Devesis Church to discuss this.”

It was an extremely dangerous decision but was also something that had to be done once.

‘It’s better to get the hard things done first.’

It was then,

“Your Majesty. I have something to report regarding the Devesis Church.”

Swift walked forward and carefully started talking.

“I didn’t know where you were so I sent messengers all around the Kingdom but…”

He took out a letter from his inner pocket.

“It’s a letter sent by Duke Voisa. Please do read it personally.”
“Duke Voisa?”

With a frown, Roan carefully opened and read the letter. It was a fairly long letter but not a single word could be skimmed through.


The contents of the letter were outrageous. Roan folded the letter again neatly before returning it to Swift.

“It seems I must visit Duke Voisa before the Church.”

Others couldn’t understand it but Swift nodded his head without saying a word. It was then,

“Your Majesty. We also have something we must report.”

Ian and Chris walked forward and spoke with urgent expressions to which Roan responded with a slight tilt of his head.

“What’s wrong?”

Ian stared at Chris in the face of the light question and Chris quickly gave the report in one breath.

“A mishap has happened in the Persion Kingdom.”
“The Persion Kingdom?”

Roan asked back with slight surprise and Chris gave a nod.

“The First Prince, Reitas Persion who had been sent on exile to Teloi Island had escaped…”

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