I Am the Monarch – Chapter 297 – A Bloody Battle (1)

He then quickly talked about the recent happenings of the Persion Kingdom.

“Then the current whereabouts of Prince Manus?”

Roan understood the situation in a blink and asked the key question. Chris took out a letter and handed it over.

“It’s a report we had just received.”

Rapidly Roan received the letter. When he opened it, a cluster of dense words greeted him.


After reading through the whole thing, Roan shook his head with a frown. After some contemplation, he turned his head towards Swift.

“Administrator. I think you and Kalian should go to Duke Voisa.”

It wasn’t an easy decision.

“Sorry? But then Your Majesty…?”

Swift asked back with a surprised expression while Roan turned his head once again to look at Kalian.

“I must go to the Persion Kingdom.”

Restlessness was evident from his gaze. Meeting those eyes, Kalian nodded his head slightly.

‘He wants to be teleported huh.’

After reading his thoughts, Kalian walked towards Roan.

“Where should I send you to sir?”

His calm voice shook the conference room.

“Persion Kingdom’s Eviance district.”

A short reply came back and Kalian made a strange smile.

“Quite far.”
“But I still must go.”

Roan breathed in deeply and Kalian nodded without saying anything else.


Roan grabbed onto the two hands of Aily who suppressed her boiling emotions to make a faint smile.

“Have a safe trip. Leave this place to us.”
“Thanks always.”

After some short words, Roan gave a kiss. It created a beautiful scene that made one forget the atrocities of reality even for a short moment.

“It is ready.”

Kalian’s voice entered his ears. Roan let go of Aily’s hands and took a step back.

“All of you…”

Staring at Austin, Swift and a lot of others, Roan spoke with a clear voice.

“I’m counting on you.”

His eyes were clear and honest.

“Do not worry.”

The people lowered their heads and,


A white pillar of light enveloped Roan as it reached into the skies. It was the teleportation magic and when the pillar disappeared, Roan could no longer be seen.

But then,

“Oh no!”

Kalian gave a clap with a surprised expression. He then scratched the back of his neck and heaved out a short sigh. The eyes of others were gathered on him but Kalian did not seem to care a single bit.

‘I forgot the gift of Europas.’

Since there were too many things happening at once, he had forgotten the last gift which Europas had left for Roan.

‘Do I go after him?’

He thought but soon shook his head.

‘Even if he got it now, it would be useless…’

It wasn’t an excuse and was the truth.

‘First off, let’s head over to Duke Voisa as Roan had ordered.’

Kalian turned his head to stare at Swift.

“Let us go as well.”

A short, curt sentence left his mouth and it was definitely not a tone one should use towards the Administrator of a nation. However, including Swift and even Austin and Semi who had fierce personalities, no-one showed any reaction in response. Instead it seemed more like that they were making a somewhat polite and mannered expression.

“Yes, I understand.”

Swift even lowered his head slightly as he grabbed onto Kalian’s hand. And then,


A pillar of light reached to the skies once again. It was another teleportation magic.

<A Bloody Battle (1)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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