I Am the Monarch – Chapter 298 – A Bloody Battle (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 298: A Bloody Battle (2)

“Damn! Do not get forced back!”

The young general, Romils Hotten slashed at the orcs running in at him and screamed, but


In front of the rush of countless orcs, the ferocious knights and soldiers started collapsing one by one.


Romils turned his head and swung the longsword which flickered as it reflected light.


The heads of several orcs were cut off but,

“Die! You stupid humans!”

Their numbers were just too great. There were so many that their legs would trip others while their backs would be pushed by others. Even if there were orcs that didn’t want to fight, they would’ve been forced into attacking by their allies.


“We’d be sad if you forgot about us.”

There was a race that danced through the dense number of orcs while swinging their swords. Each swing of their sword cut off a normal soldier’s limbs and while saving the soldiers that could lose their heads with one mistake, Romils shouted.

“Why are the dark elves fighting with the orcs!”

His scolding voice echoed away in the battlefield. The race that had been dancing with their thin longswords was none other than dark elves. Romils clenched his teeth as disbelief filled his gaze.

‘Both elves and dark elves should hate orcs tremendously though.’

They were existences that couldn’t stand together and yet here they were, attacking them with their forces added together.

“That’s how the world is isn’t it? The enemy of yesterday becomes the friend today and vice versa, no?”

One of the dark elves tilted his head with a cruel grin and it was apparent that he was sneering.


At the same time, cries could be heard from the surrounding soldiers.


Romils clenched his teeth.

‘There’s no way to run anyways.’

It was impossible to run and besides,

‘I must find Prince Manus.’

In the midst of countless messy battles, he had lost sight of Manus Persion who had volunteered to be in the lead. Just as how they were in trouble, it was obvious that Manus was in a desperate situation.

‘Even if we die, we must let our Prince live.’

It was a body and life dedicated for Prince Manus in the first place.

‘There’s no turning back.’

Romils breathed in deeply.

‘Charge forth with life on the line!’

After cutting the orcs in front of him, Romils raised his longsword up.

“Make the charging formation!”

When he gave the order, the knights and soldiers that had been struggling to fight back formed the shape of a needle. The tip of the needle was where Romils was in.

“Break through!”

Clenching his teeth, Romils bellowed.

“Yes sir!”

The knights and soldiers replied with resolute expressions.

“Stupid humans.”

With scoffs, the dark elves held the slender longswords out. When they did that, the bulky orcs swung their clubs and greatswords as they walked forward.

“We will trample on them.”
“Leave it to us.”

They seemed to be in greed of the military merit and were following their instincts. Around Romils Hotten and his troop that had resolved themselves for death, a cold aura surrounded the orcs and the dark elves. It was to the point where it wouldn’t be strange for them to break into a fight immediately but it was then,


A white pillar of light appeared out of nowhere.


The humans, orcs and dark elves all took steps back in surprise.


The pillar soon disappeared and the eyes of everyone were gathered to the spot where the pillar had appeared but they found out that nothing had changed.


When they were all about to tilt their heads


A black pillar, or rather, a steel stick came stabbing down towards the ground from the skies.


Bits and pieces of rocks splattered around.

“What in the…?”
“What’s going on?”

All the races raised their heads following the end of the black rod with puzzlement. Their gazes ended up towards the skies and,


Together with a sharp sound, something black started falling towards the ground as the steel rod that reached into the skies reduced in length at a quick rate.



The black object landed on the ground with a heavy sound.

“What? What is it?!”

The humans, orcs and dark elves all made surprised expressions and widened their eyes. Surprisingly, the identity of the black object that had dropped down from the skies was a human – a masculine youth. With his right knee bent on the ground, his right hand was holding onto the shortened stick but his head was lowered so it was hard to see his appearance.


They had nervous expressions as it was difficult to tell whether he was an ally or an enemy. It was then,

“Huu, that was close. To think I was teleported to the sky.”

The low, deep voice destroyed the silence of the battlefield. The youth raised his head with a faint smile and…


Romils who had been at the very front let out a low mutter. It was an extremely familiar face and seeing that, he widened his eyes and made a startled expression.

“Y, your Majesty Roan Lancephil?”

The youth was Roan Lancephil who had been teleported to the area around the Eviance district of the Persion Kingdom thanks to Kalian’s help. He stared at Romils and nodded his head lightly.

“Been a while.”

As soon as his words ended, Romils understood his rudeness and deeply lowered his head but Roan breathed in deeply and said in response.

“Let’s have the proper greetings done later. First…”

His head turned and his eyes faced the ones standing behind him.

“I must take care of these guys.”

Orcs and dark elves filled his vision.

“R, Roan?”
“The God of War?”

They had also heard of Roan from the rumours and within their eyes was befuddlement. Pulling the rod, Trivias Spear in his hands towards his chest, Roan made a strange expression and the breathtaking pressure left his body at once.

“T, t, this bastard!!!”

The orcs and dark elves let out sounds hysterically and raised their weapons. They thought that even the God of War Roan wouldn’t be able to overcome the overwhelming difference in numbers.

However, that was a complete misjudgment. They were like fools rushing in where angels feared to tread as they ran in towards Roan.


With a light scoff, Roan kicked off the ground.


Black flames scorched up along the Trivias Spear as the spearhead dissected the dimension before slamming the ground.


Pieces of rocks splattered alongside the embers. At the same time, the tough ground had a deep hole as the orcs that had run in vigorously all ended up as red ashes.


The orcs that had been caught up by the flames to the side screamed as they rolled on the ground. At once, a road was paved in front of Roan as he whispered in a low voice without even turning to stare at Romils and his troops.

“Just follow me from behind.”

Hearing the assuring, trustworthy words that they couldn’t help but trust, the soldiers and Romils grasped their weapons tightly before sticking closer towards Roan’s back.


As if he had been waiting, Roan ran at the lead and swung the Trivias Spear to the sides.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaaaaang!

Every time he did that, grounds erupted as roars filled the area. Orcs and dark elves either became ashes or caught flame and rolled on the ground.

“Damn it! Block it!”
“Block with your body or something!”

They clenched their teeth since they would die anyways if they were to fall back.

‘That being shows no mercy or forgiveness.’
‘He does not allow failure.’

In the end, they had no choice but to fight to the bitter end. They fought back with their lives on the line but,


Roan lightly moved his feet with cold words.


A heavy sound resonated through the battlefield. At once, a semicircle-shaped wave appeared with exception to the place where Romils and his soldiers were in.


Feeling the ominous and vicious aura embracing their bodies, the dark elves and orcs stopped their feet and it was then.


Reddish-black flames erupted out from the ground.

“R, run!”

Without even being able to dodge the flames that came erupting out from their feet, the dark elves and orcs received the flames head on.


Those flames resembled hellfires. Soon, the flames that had been blazing away disappeared as if they had been an illusion, but the orcs and dark elves that had blocked the way had disappeared along with it.

They had all turned into red ashes.

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