I Am the Monarch – Chapter 298 – A Bloody Battle (2)

A breeze touched the battlefield as silence befell the area.


Let alone the orcs and dark elves further beyond, the soldiers coming from behind all gulped in nervousness but Roan still wore the same faint smile.

“Let’s go.”

He once again kicked off the ground.

“Ah, yes!”

Romils and his soldiers came to things and immediately chased after his back. The orcs and dark elves that had barely saved themselves thanks to being further away from Roan could not run it fearlessly anymore.

Instead, when Roan approached, they avoided him and opened a path before him. Feeling a strange lump in their throats, Romils and his soldiers glared at them.


The orcs and the dark elves quickly averted their gazes and lowered their heads as fear filled their eyes.

‘Ah! This is the power of the God of War, Roan Lancephil.’

Romils was moved and it was the same for the soldiers and knights of his troop. Watching Roan run one step before them, they felt a sense of deep relief but then,


A pillar of dirt erupted out over the hill along with a loud deafening roar. It was a massive pillar of dirt which they had never seen before.


“It has really been a while since I’ve come to Regium.”

Looking around, Kalian made a bright smile. As the capital city of the Estia Empire, Regium was the biggest and the most flourishing city of the continent. There were countless tall, fancy buildings to the sides but Swift Clock who was right next to him had no leisure to see all that as he retched on with his back bent.


It was the side effect of teleportation magic. Since even a skilled military official Pierce had shown dizziness after it, Swift who was a government official down to his bones was obviously having a hard time from it.

“Your body’s quite weak.”

Kalian tapped on Swift’s back. Following his palm, a red light flowed faintly as he secretly sent in mana for Swift who had been in agony.

“Huu. I feel a bit better now.”

Perhaps it had been effective as Swift wiped his lips with his sleeves while making an awkward smile. Seemingly embarrassed, he quickly changed to the main topic.

“This is the capital, Regium huh. Then shall we find Duke Voisa’s house first?”

In response, Kalian grinned and pointed at the mansion in front of him.

“We’ve found it.”

His voice and tone seemed like he was having fun as Swift’s awkward smile deepened.


Without even being able to find words to say, he only nodded his head but inwardly Swift was very surprised.

‘Just the fact that he can use teleportation magic is amazing and yet he can select the destination accurately to move…’

Although he didn’t know much about magic, he could tell roughly how hard and seemingly impossible that was.

‘Indeed, not just anyone can become the representative of the dragons.’

Surprise was evident from his gaze.

“Shall we go in?”

Kalian pointed towards the mansion with his head but Swift hesitated in confusion.

“But the gates are locked tight.”

Just like he had said, the entrance of Duke Voisa’s mansion was sealed tight. On top of that, the walls built around it were all extremely tall, making it impossible for people to jump over it unless they were knights skilled in the laws of mana.

‘They’re very strict with the security.’

Staring at the blades that pointed up from the walls that could pierce through anything at any given time, Swift let out a sigh.

‘Well indeed, if the content of the letter is all true, there’s no way they’re not strict with the security.’

Thinking back on the contents of the letter he had received from Duke Voisa, he nodded his head. It was then that Kalian who had been wandering in front of the front gates gently pushed his right palm forward.


As soon as his palm touched the gate.


The extremely large and heavy main gates collapsed like it was a joke.


In front of the sudden development, Swift dropped his chin but Kalian shrugged his shoulders with a bright smile.

“The hinges must’ve rusted.”

After saying things that made no sense, he walked towards the mansion in large strides.

“Uh, uh, uh. Go together!”

Swift quickly came to himself and followed from behind but their feet were forced to a stop soon. When they had passed the gates and had entered the wide gardens of the mansion,

“Who is it!”
“An intruder!”
“The gates have been broken!”
“Are you bastards from the Church!”

Heavily armed soldiers and knights of the Duke family showed themselves in a bunch and the numbers were so great that the wide garden had been filled at once. They pointed their sharp killing intents towards Kalian and Swift.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

Swift quickly stepped forward and waved his hands.

“We came because of the letter sent by Duke Voi…”

When he was about to say more,

“There’s no need to talk on and on like that.”

Kalian stepped forward again and pushed his left hand out. The knights and soldiers gave frowns when they saw the bold and nonchalant attitude of Kalian. Then a faint smile appeared on his lips as,

“All of you, go to sleep.”

A soft voice left through his lips and,

Tak. Tadak.

The soldiers and knights that had been shooting fierce gazes at them with heavy armours all collapsed at once. As the people filling the garden densely all collapsed, a cold breeze touched their cheeks.


Swift gasped with a greatly surprised expression but on the other hand, Kalian still wore a nonchalant expression with his left hand reaching out.

“Zzz. Zzz.”

The snoring voices of the fainted soldiers and knights filled their ears and only then did Kalian retrieve his hand before turning towards Swift.

“They must’ve had it rough guarding the mansion so let’s have them get some rest.”

A calm voice left his lips as he continued on by waving his right hand.


The entrance gates that had been fallen on the ground returned to its original spot and showed off its greatness.


Seeing the scene before him, Swift swallowed in empty air. On the other hand, Kalian seemed to be on a picnic as he jumped through the gaps between the collapsed soldiers and knights as he headed off deeper into the mansion.


Swift came to himself and rushed to chase after him. The two soon arrived at a fancy building located in the innermost region of the mansion but the gates were, as expected, sealed tight.

“Shall we go in?”

Kalian asked with a little smile. Swift did not mention that the gates were locked as he had seen clearly what had happened before with his two eyes. But instead, there was something else he wanted to ask.

“Excuse me um…”

He had an extremely careful and polite attitude. Kalian tilted his head with a bright smile gesturing to him to ask anything he wanted. After some hesitation, Swift continued with a voice more careful and polite than before.

“You are the representative of the dragons right?”

His eyeballs quivered slightly.

“A representative right?”

He asked once again as goosebumps filled his body.

‘Is he a drag… no, no, no haha no way. There’s no way.’

Swift forcibly deleted the hypothesis that appeared inside his head. Whether he was oblivious or not to those thoughts, Kalian smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Who knows? Huhuhu.”

The strange smile continued on as it left behind some room for thought.


With a low mutter, Swift staggered. It felt like his thoughts had been on the mark.


The gates that had been sealed tight were pushed open and


Betraying all expectations, a polite voice was heard. The owner of the voice was a man entering the elder years of his life.

<A Bloody Battle (2)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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